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A South Asian led thriller about a group of friends, one of whom gets murdered at a Halloween party, leaving the rest to scramble and accuse one another in a bloody maze of suspicion and deceit.

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Mission Statement

The mission of our production company, Aikyam Entertainment, is to bring together people of different cultural backgrounds through diverse and dynamic storytelling. Aikyam means oneness in Sanskrit, and that is our ultimate goal for humanity.

The Story

Our History


Writer/Director of Aikyam Entertainment started his production journey by writing, producing, and co-directing the play Radicals. Radicals was a dynamic and entertaining play about the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan. The play was a bollywood style action play that discussed the social issues behind the Muslim ban. Radicals won the Hollywood Fringe Fest scholarship award as well as the encore award and it was nominated for a Valley Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Our Present


Unmasked is the start of Aikyam Entertainment’s filmmaking journey. Unmasked is a South-Asian led thriller about a group of friends, one of whom gets murdered at a Halloween party, leaving the rest to scramble through a bloody maze of tragedy, suspicion and deceit. It’s an engaging and exhilarating feature film that will leave you guessing at every turn in the story. While it’s a bloody fun movie, it also discusses the social issues behind immigrant bashing, racial inclusivity, and the issues of colonialism in India.

Where are we at with Unmasked? 

We have completed principal photography on the movie (meaning we’ve completely finished filming the movie). YAY!!!! 

But we still have A LOT left to do... This crowdfunding campaign is to raise money for post-production to complete the movie, and for the materials we need to help market our movie and to send it to film festivals. So it can be seen by you, and the world.

This making of this movie has been extremely important to us, because our goal as filmmakers is to normalize South-Asians and diversity in cinema. Rarely do you see South-Asians playing roles outside of doctors, IT workers, and nerds in cinema and on TV. And even more rarely do you see South-Asians play lead and supporting roles in Thriller movies.

Our aim in making this movie, and in the future slate of Aikyam Entertainment’s films and TV shows, we have the goal of opening Hollywood to the South-Asian narrative, and create an atmosphere where diversity is fully inclusive in entertainment. And with your support, we can make this dream a reality! As South-Asians, and actors ourselves, with your support, we can help not only open opportunities to South-Asian actors in Hollywood, but we will also create a fully blended world where all cultures are represented and loved equally.

What We Need

Since Unmasked has completed filming, we are raising funds for post-production (editor, sound composition, foley, audio engineering, colorist, VFX), marketing, and film festivals. While we’ve finished the extremely trying, yet immensely rewarding journey of already shooting this movie, we need your help to complete it. We want to raise a minimum of $7,000 to achieve all of this. We need your help to make at least 80% of our goal to qualify this round of crowdfunding, or exceed it :) We guarantee this film is going to be an ENGAGING and RIVETING ride for audiences everywhere!

UNMASKED has a majority of South-Asian cast members, many of whom have been affected by the explosion of the Covid Crisis in India. We want to do our part as artists and fellow human beings, and help however we can, wherever we can. Upon qualifying, the filmmakers (not the production) will be matching a 10% donation from our personal funds to GiveIndia for Covid relief efforts. GiveIndia is India’s largest and most trusted donation platform. More info about the organization can be found at www.giveindia.org.

Please Follow & Share! 

Please follow @unmaskedthefilm on Instagram and Aikyam Entertainment on Facebook. And please share our campaign with your followers! Doing so is tremendously helpful, and it goes a long way to support bringing Unmasked to life!  

And, AS ALWAYS, we really appreciate the love, support and encouragement from all of you to help bring this ambitious film to fruition! 


-The Team of Unmasked


Meet the Main Cast 

 Rishi Jaiswal as Vijay Kumar

Vijay is the protagonist of our story, He is a down on his luck medical student trying to navigate this way through a pandemic torn world. After being kicked out of his apartment, he goes to stay with his cousin Salim, where he hopes to get the support he needs to turn his life around and get back on his feet.

 Sharayu Mahale as Kajal Batra

Sharayu Plays the role of Kajal Batra in Unmasked. Kajal, the emotional spine of our story, is roped into the events of Unmasked because of her inescapable desire to help those in need. A doctor by profession, Kajal is stuck in a loveless, abusive marriage, when she decides to do whatever it takes to reclaim her freedom and protect those she loves… no matter the cost.

 Muneeb Rehman as Salim Mizra

Salim, our protagonist Vijay’s cousin, is heartbroken after his best friend is murdered at their Halloween party, and he pledges to find the person responsible-by any means necessary. But things aren’t quite as they appear.

 Annabelle King as Anna Scott

Anna is Jake’s girlfriend. Jake is Salim’s best friend who’s found murdered after Anna’s birthday Halloween party. Having discovered Jake’s dead body, she is distraught and vows to find out who the killer is, even if it means going behind the back of the homicide detective in charge of the case.

 Sumeet Dang as Tarun Singh

Tarun is Vijay’s supportive best friend who’s always there for him whenever he needs. Having met when Vijay was at his lowest, Tarun does what he can to keep a smile on his friends face to lift his spirits and help pick him back up.

 Paul Alan Dixon as Detective Mitchell

Detective Mitchell is the head of homicide at LAPD as the the officer who’s assigned to the case of finding the suspect for Jake’s death. He’s a hard working detective who’s always putting in overtime on every case he works.

 Taylor Carr as Ashley

Ashley a friend and neighbor of Anna. She is a hardworking and independence ent thinker who wants to be at the top of her career in finance and investment banking. More than anything, she wants to be taken seriously and and be seen as an equal woman at the table in an industry dominated by men.

 Rishi Arya as Akshay Batra 

Akshay is the husband of Kajal Batra. He comes from a very wealthy family background and is very proud of that. He’s also an investment banker with an ego who hates being disgraced or made a fool of, and he won’t let anybody besmirch his family name.

 Michael J. Renda as Jake 

Jake is Salim’s best friend and roommate and Anna’s boyfriend. He’s a very loving and loyal yet sometimes tightly wound boyfriend who will do anything to make his girlfriend's birthday party a night that she’ll always remember, even if it is a party during a pandemic.


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Costs $1,500

We need our editor so we can cut all the amazing footage that we shot into a complete movie!


Costs $1,500

We need the talents of our wonderful composer to give musically give life to the movie.

Film Festivals

Costs $3,000

We need these funds so we can submit this movie to wonderful film festivals.


Costs $1,000

We need this so we can create the Poster and other marketing materials for Unmasked

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About This Team

We'd love to shout out ALL of our amazing cast and crew! We're a small group of dynamic and multi-talented actors and filmmakers, and in for this movie, we had room for ALL of our talents to shine. For many of us, we had to juggle multiple jobs in the making of this movie. A large reason for this was to keep the crew small so we could keep the set safe for everybody who was involved in the project due to the fact that we filmed during Covid times.  

Writer - Director - Producer - Actor

Rishi Jaiswal is the founder of Aikyam Entertainment. An LA based production company focusing on telling of compelling South Asian narratives. He started out professionally as a Dancer on shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Superstars of Dance while in college studying Aerospace Engineering and drama at the University of California Irvine.  After which he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for formal theater training. Since then he has appeared on a variety of feature films, shorts and commercials. He wrote and directed the award winning play Radicals, tackling the subject of Islamophobia and he continues his work towards creating a strong platform for South Asian artists in America. 

Director of Photography - Camera Operator - Actor

Muneeb Rehman is a Pakistani-born American actor from Arlington, TX. Muneeb has worked on several major motion pictures and hit television series. With shows like “Snowfall”, “Dear White People” and “The Last Ship” to movies like “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” Muneeb has certainly been busy in front of the camera. With Unmasked, Muneeb had the opportunity to showcase his abilities behind the camera as well, making his Cinematographers’ debut.

Executive Producer - Set Designer - Sound Technician - Actor

Sumeet Dang was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He's most recently been seen on CBS's "NCIS LA"  and TNT's "Animal Kingom," he is also in the upcoming "Digging to Death," which will be premiering on Netflix in June. It wasn’t until 2018 that he also happened to fall in love with producing and bringing stories to life as well. He particularly has the goal of creating space for diversity both in front of and behind the camera in film and television.

1st Assistant Director - 2nd Unit Director - Camera Operator - Associate Producer

Sreejith Nair is an award-winning actor and film director who received much recognition for his Amazon Prime short film, The Color of Me, an exploration of colorism and racism in America through a fantasy perspective. Sreejith has programmed several South Asian film festivals in Chicago & Los Angeles, and continues to work by writing, directing, and producing films with South Asians in the lead roles. Sreejith’s ultimate goal in the Hollywood film industry is to create more roles for South-Asian actors in science fiction, fantasy, and horror films, hence the reason he co-runs a Facebook group promoting that very topic. 

Director of Photography - Camera Operator

Fernando Salazar is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles , California and travels between Atlanta, Georgia. With 8 years of experience,  Fernando works as a Union Local 600 2nd AC on large productions and freelances as a Focus Puller and Director of Photography. Having his world completely in the film department, his portfolio of work continues to grow from small budget feature Camera Op to 2nd unit DP . Learning to balance both budget  and at times tight scheduling , not to compromise the look in the end .

Editor - Colorist - VFX

Josh Hughes

2nd AD - Special Effects - Set Designer - Actor

Michael J. Renda was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Based in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is a film actor, best known for his work in Crave (2014), The Time (2015), Getting Out (2016), Bit (2018), Fuzz & Malloy (2019), Bet On Ben (2020). He trained at The Second City Detroit, Purple Rose Theatre, Adler Improv LA among others.

Boom Operator - Actor

Paul Dixon is an Actor and Voice Actor from Mobile, Alabama. Paul served in the U.S. Air Force for 6 years. After serving, he started focusing on acting, attending multiple acting classes at The San Francisco Academy of Art, The Art Institute of Las Vegas and studied the techniques of Uta Hagen and Stella Adler at the John Armond Actor Studio. In Los Angeles, he has attended booking classes with Amy Lyndon utilizing the Amy Lyndon Technique, and commercial booking classes with Judy Kain at the Keeping It Real Booking Studio.

Sound technician - Craft Services - Grip - Production Assistant

Lui Alandette AKA "Trew Uno" is a Los Angels native Hip Hop Recording artist of Colombian/Nicraguan decent. When he is not recording music, he is working behind the scenes as craft services, grip, and production asstiant. 

Make-up Artists

Alan J Gonzalez 

Cynthia Piendo

Luna R Imagwa

Remaining Cast Members

Sharayu Mahale is an LA-based actor who found her way into the world of acting through dance drama. From the ages of 6 through 16 she spent countless hours training in Indian classical dance (Bharatnatyam) and learned how an entire character could come to life with the slightest change in posture or body language. Some recent projects of hers include acting in Brat TV’s web series “Attaway General” and “KAROSIN Live” an hour long comedy show for 2 TV Pilots. 

Annabelle King has been acting and performing since childhood. Raised in Sonoma County, she was heavily active in the theater community. She has since trained and performed at A.C.T. and other theaters throughout the Bay Area, eventually moving to Los Angeles where she currently resides. She has been featured on American Horror Story and Lucifer, as well as several short films and an internet series.

Rishi Arya is a Canadian born actor/comedian. He’s toured the country doing stand-up & often performs in Los Angeles.  He’s appeared in Superstore, Jane The Virgin, Grey’s Anatomy, American Housewife, NCIS & many more television shows. He is currently a lead in the HBOMax Romantic Comedy, In Other Words.

Taylor Carr is an actress and entrepreneur in based Los Angeles. Growing up as the grand daughter of the late Tom Bosley (Happy Days) acting, singing and performing was her passion. Though stage is her first love, you can see her in films such as Cafe Society (Woody Allen) and Little Dead Rotting Hood (Jared Cohen). She also stars in the award winning short film Virginia, Forever (Daria Rountree). She is also a hypnotherapist and mindset coach for women.

Our Amazing Supporting Cast

Jason Evans as Max His character is Stevie’s older brother and is just as staunch of a Trump supporter as Stevie. He loves going to Trump rallies with his little brother and has an equal view as Stevie of immigrants and their place in America.

Chris George as Stevie His character is a fervent Trump-supporter who believes that immigrants have no place in America. He’ll tolerate them, but he doesn’t like them. 

Mishka Tarkar as Nurse Namrata Gupta Her character is a nurse who works at the same hospital as Kajal. She’s very caring and compassionate and goes above and beyond for her patients.  

Ernest Cavazos as Macho Man His character is a guest who tries to come in and join the halloween party, but is infuriated when he isn't allowed in.

Eva Shaw as Nurse Pooja Her character works closely with Dr. Batra who always does what's best for her patients.

Ashna Sharan as Raquel Patel Her character is Akshay Batra’s secretary, she’s a hard worker and is fully aware of the kind of guy that her boss is, but she looks past his difficult personality to keep any issues from arising at work.

Special thanks beyond the film's team

Raquel Trifon

Navnoor Kang 

Current Team