Vague Sentiments

Chicago, Illinois | Film Short

Horror, LGBTQ

Nick Pospisil

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For as long as we can remember, queer people have escaped with the horror genre to cope with the darker sides of our emotions & stresses of being rejected and 'othered' by society. This story about inner demons & childhood memories takes us through a haunting cage of oppression and repression.

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Mission Statement

This piece will bolster queer art and inclusivity in a primarily straight, male dominated work place. Our team is small, diverse, and most of all passionate! We strive to support working artists. Your contributions will help us compensate our talented crew for their hard work!

The Story

VAGUE SENTIMENTS will bring queer horror into the light and explore the trauma of childhood and its effects on adulthood - Eddie returns to his hometown when he sees his childhood home up for sale. When he meets Roderick, the current resident, Eddie begins to relive the trauma and remembers an important lesson: don't go into a stranger's house.


Eddie returns home after many years to his childhood home. After remembering a traumatic bullying experience, he decides its best to confront them and go up to his house. He then meets Roderick, the current resident, who is a perfect gentlemen. After being enticed inside, Eddie slowly comes to realize that Roderick is not what he seems...

Our team is dedicated to creating and spreading queer art, and we want to take it on ourselves to make what we want to see. With a team comprised of individuals spanning all across the queer spectrum, we know that we can create a film that accurately represents queer trauma in a genre beloved to most in the queer community: horror. For decades, the queer community has identified with horror films due to the feeling of being 'othered' by society and dealing with oppression. We are going to take this feeling and run with it, adding new elements of modern horror into our film. This past year, queer representation was seen only on the big screen relegated to side characters. Our representation needs to be normalized so it can lead to tolerance, and then to acceptance. Queer people deserve to be seen! You are not only pledging to our campaign, you are joining us in our effort to create and spread queer art! Our promise to you is making a horror film that fills the current void of queer film this past year.

"What scared you as a kid? Skeletons in the closet? Monsters under the bed? Growing up I had my fair share of irrational phobias, yet these abstract fears were quickly replaced when I realized I was gay. Suddenly alien abduction didn’t sound so bad compared to being outed to my family or becoming the latest victim of a hate crime. Queer kids are often forced to grow up fast. Vague Sentiments is an exploration of what it means to grow up queer and the very real horrors that we are haunted by. 

With the recent popularity of independent horror has come a new appreciation for the genre; for its campiness, for its artistry and most importantly for its ability to explore deeper themes through metaphors of ghosts and monsters. Yet the implicit queerness of the genre seems to be missing in this new wave of horror cinema. Queerness has been present in horror since the early Universal horror films with queer-coded characters such as The Invisible Man. As people who are often treated as outcasts in society, we relate to these monsters-- sometimes more than the protagonists. Yet rarely is this subtext made explicit. This is why Vague Sentiments is a crucial film in the current moment.

Telling the stories of underrepresented members of society is my goal as a filmmaker. As a queer, Asian-American, the stories important to me are those from my community. There is so much vibrance and variety in our lives that has never been shown on screen and now is the time to do so. Vague Sentiments explores the joys and horrors of life as a queer person; it is a journey of warped nostalgia and the difficulty of coming to terms with one’s past." - Ty Yamamoto

We are in pre-production for this project! Your contributions will help us pay our amazing crew for their efforts and secure our equipment, location, and get us to our filming dates in mid-July of this year. Be sure to follow us on our social media portals for updates on our project and where your contributions are going. Our current goal is the minimum required to get production underway. If we exceed this goal, we can begin to think about post-production and even distribution!

Our current goal is to raise $5000 to pay our crew, secure our location, and get everything together to make Vague Sentiments! This is our first foray into making a small indie film using talented artists.

Principal Photography for our film will span from July 16th-18th. Though our location is TBD, we will be partnering with local queer realtors to sponsor their businesses!



Nick Pospisil (left) and Tyler Lubinus (right), Co-Producer/Editor and Screenwriter, also we're recently engaged!

Ricardo Rangel Jr. - our amazing Co-Producer!

Ty Yamamoto - our fantastic director!

Addie Fahrlander - our fabulous makeup artist!

Johnny Kalita - meet our actor for Roderick!

Joseph Vnuck - our production sound operator!

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Our campaign and crew were assembled through Chicago Filmmakers using mostly Chicago based queer artists and allies. We are partnering with Seed & Spark to raise our funds to help bring queer art center stage!


- Vague Sentiments crew


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Accounting and Legal

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We want to establish a safe, professional, and respectable environment.


Costs $400

We want to make our crew comfortable. This will allow us to do that and maintain COVID safe spaces.


Costs $3,000

Help us pay our film crew! We want to pay for their hard work in making and spreading queer art!

About This Team

Our team:

Nick Pospisil - Editor and Producer, his main focus is trying to produce and spread queer art throughout Chicago. His experience includes trailers, short films, and he is currently editing a documentary short and signed onto a feature for color correction.

Tyler Lubinus - "Eddie" and screenwriter, a theatre teacher in the Chicago suburbs, Tyler is shifting his focus to tell this semi-autobiographical story about the trauma that comes with being gay in a small town. His favorite genre is horror, so much so that he has a whole wall in his house dedicated to women in horror films!

Ricardo Rangel Jr. - Producer, Ricardo is an Iowa City based producer, videographer, and real estate agent. He has worked behind the scenes as cinematographer, production manager, and loves being on set. He serves on the board of directors for Public Space One, an artist-led non-profit, and has a 15 year old cat named Giles.

Ty Yamamoto - Director, Ty Yamamoto is a Chicago-based Japanese translator, origami teacher and filmmaker. As a queer, Asian-American, Ty's work focuses mainly on spotlighting the stories of underrepresented voices of society.

Addie Fahrlander - Makeup Artist, My name is Adelyn Fahrlander and I graduated from KU with a degree in film and media studies. Once I moved to Chicago two years ago, I decided to get serious about makeup and went to Makeup First school of makeup artistry. Since then I have been so enjoying my craft and learning a lot about SFX makeup. I’m so excited to be a part of this short film - the script hooked me right away.

Jas de Guzman - Production Assistant, I’m a non-binary, Filipino, and queer filmmaker with my head in the clouds and a helping hand on projects. Life is short, art is long so keep creating.

Johnny Kalita - "Roderick", is a Chicago trained actor, where he performed in numerous short films, theatre productions, and improv shows over the last 10 years. He started his own company, Black Mamba Theatre Company, where he produced 'The Pillowman' by Martin McDonagh. Johnny is now acting in Phoenix, Arizona and will co-star with an SNL alum in a feature film (NDA) and is writing 2 scripts for teen/kids movie camps with Dearing Acting Studios.

Joseph Vnuck - All my life I have been interested in sound and music. In high school I formed a folk-pop, experimental band where I took on the tasks of recording and mixing our music. It was at DePaul University where I formally studied sound for film as well as music and learned the ropes of Mixing and recording at the next level. My senior year I earned the “Best Sound Mixing” award for my sound design on the animation, Sunup at the Premiere Film festival. Since graduating I have done jobs as the production sound Mixer, Boom Operator, Sound Designer, Composer, and Foley Artist for 53 projects spanning films, animations, documentaries, and games.

Paul Khailo - DP

Current Team