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Horror, Thriller

Madeline Rooks

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Video 001 is set in a dystopian world where the horror genre is banned. It reflects living in a suppressive society paralleling with issues in our system today.

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Mission Statement

This concept was pitched by my co-producer and director Chris Jackson who wanted to make a short film that would encapsulate our love of horror and the parallels they have with society and minorities. That feeling of acting as you should instead of as you are.

The Story

What is Film?

Film is not a job. It is a passion that brings individuals who are enthusiastic about a storyline, about a cause, about a voice, and want to breathe life into that idea. With a love of film, experience within the film industry and a desire to create a captivating story that is reflective of today’s society we thought: why not make a short horror film? 

Chris came to me with this exact question. Why not make a short horror film? We’ve had many nights of watching our classic horror films we love: The Thing, Silence of the Lambs and even delving into psychological and suspenseful thrillers such as No Exit and The Usual Suspects.


(Chris Jackson: Director) 

Our Story

One day he called me up about an idea. What if there was a dystopian world where horror is banned from society which unintentionally creates the world's first serial killer. By suppressing people and forcing them to live in a specific way, society will eventually cause individuals to snap. 

I loved the idea.

I immediately offered to write the script for him. Then I offered to do something I’ve never done in my 6 years in the industry: produce the film. 

I love horror, psychological thrillers and suspenseful dramas. It's seen in the majority of my works. However most of my screenplays were commissioned and not spec. Which means I had little say in how the story could be written.

With Chris’ new idea I could have the opportunity to collaborate with him and together write a story we are passionate about that engulfs our favorite genre. 

Horror is always a reflection of the fears within ourselves and within our world. In our society now more than ever we see how those in power can easily bend or manipulate the perspective of reality. They keep us in line, sensor us and eventually people will break in either a riot or spiral into a madness. Today we are improving our mental health and attempting to reach out to others. However, the decades of suppressing one's beliefs, thoughts, feelings, mental health and ideas has delayed progress. It is difficult to unlearn behaviors. This is an issue Chris and I notice and want to speak on through our film. 

Video 001 is a fresh perspective on this theme of horror. Our main character, Isaiah is so suppressed and has such a love for what is banned. He truly feels alone like he is the black sheep in society. Because he can’t talk about how he feels and what he is experiencing he spirals and becomes the threat of society in order to alter reality, becoming the first serial killer in this world. 

A short film we are both passionate to create and have a script ready to go. 

The only problem is: money. 

Our Goal

Financing a film can be difficult. However, funding a passion is not a hand out. It is an opportunity to see a film you believe in come to life. It is an opportunity to stamp your name on something that will give a voice of reflection in a suppressed world. If you have a love for horror, a passion for storytelling, a desire to create a film and collaborate with others who feel the same, this is the project for you. 

A team with the same goal can achieve anything. Chris and I have already written the script. We have already started filming Video 001 the tape itself that sparks the entire short film and Isaiah’s spiral. We have secured most locations to film. We have film crew members who have already confirmed they will help on set as PA, a Cinematographer and even a film composer, none of whom even questioned if we had money to pay them or not!


Why we need you!

We have a lot already for this greenlit project, so why are we asking for funding?

Because we would love to enhance our props and sets and crew. 

We will utilize the budget to pay our actors, our crew, feed everyone on set days and have a movie premiere. Our hope is to have it in a local theater in Virginia to really thank everyone for their amazing work but that will all depend on your help and our funds. Right now we don’t have the budget to pay anyone and we need money for traveling to locations, some film equipment, props and rental set space still needed for filming. All these we can overcome with our minimum budget. 



So many people have already supported us to help greenlight our project for December to film because they believe in us. We hope you can too! Follow us on our seed&spark - it's free! You can encourage us with support as we continue this journey! You are important as an audience and we will only grow if we build an audience!


Every penny counts! Seriously... every penny. We want to make this production everything it can be so no amount is too small! Every pledge is a huge help to bring our vision to life.


Sound the Alarm!

Spread the word through social media, emails, texts, mail - any way the connects one another and allows our network to grow is crucial to grow in support. Even word of mouth counts! The more we share the campaign the larger we grow! 

Covid Safety

While filming we will be ensuring safety for all cast and crew. We will wear masks and require covid tests prior to being on sets. We will have sanitation areas as well. 

Let's make a great film!

Thank you for being amazing!

Let's make a film! 

Chris and Madeline


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We are creatives first, horror fanatics second and filmmakers always. Our team is composed of diverse voices who want to create challenging plots that entertain our audience. 

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