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It’s time for a film that reflects unwavering resilience in the face of Covid-19. With a little bit of innovation and a lot-a-bit of safety, our student film will deliver a message of optimism in an era of communal adversity. Together, we can do this!

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Mission Statement

Waiting on Host seeks to give a face to the lives and livelihoods of those affected by Covid-19. Highlighting the resilience of student filmmakers as well, this film reflects the ways we as students have revised, revamped, and revolutionized crafting story in the era of quarantine.

The Story

Life for professional dancer, Jennifer, is turned upside down when Covid-19 forces the world into quarantine. Between daily video chats with her loved ones and practicing for her upcoming Michael Montoya audition, adapting to quarantine seems easy enough. But when both her grandmother and an opportunity of a lifetime are threatened, Jennifer is forced to make a devastating decision - choosing between her family and her future. Facing these new challenges in her life, Jennifer must dig deep to discover how to stay positive in a time of loss and struggle.

Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives, forcing us to reckon with hardships we never could have imagined. Yet in the midst of struggle, we have proven ourselves unwavering in our abilities to overcome. Waiting on Host tells the story of the peoples’ relentlessness, pioneering a message of positivity during an era of affliction. Our story focuses on a piece of modern adversity all can relate to and reflects what we do not often see in ourselves - strength.

Our team, like you, know first hand how difficult adapting to a pandemic defined world can be. Faced with the possibility of having to place our love of filmmaking on hold, we chose instead to reimagine storytelling and revolutionize the way in which we collaborate. With the right safety measures and a dedication to community responsibility, we believe we can tell a story of resilience and positivity.

We can’t do this without your support! Your pledge will provide us with the ability to rent essential equipment and secure a safe working environment for our cast and crew. Together, we can highlight perseverance in this time of darkness.

Waiting on Host is a short film from students in UCSB’s premier production class. Reflective of the communal adaptation to quarantine that inspired us, our film provides new methods of storytelling in response to Covid-19. Waiting on Host is shot in a first person point of view through the use of a hand-crafted student-engineered camera helmet. We hope to not only transport our audience into Jennifer’s shoes, but to remind them of a time and place when they themselves have had to remain resilient during times of tribulation.

Covid-19 has given us a chance to redefine the process of filmmaking and reflect on what it means to us. With your pledge, we can continue forward with our vision of innovation by securing equipment, PPE, and covid safe locations. It’s time to mobilize! With your support and our knowledge of story, we can create a film for all of us! 

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This money will help us supply our crew with PPE and other essentials during filming.

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