Walking with Me

New Hyde Park, New York | Film Short

Drama, Romance

Jordan Skyler Sarf

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Why are we scared of love? The situation, the distance, the person? Love is powerful and we feel that we don't want to mess it up. This film shows audiences why we should take a chance on love regardless of the circumstances. Love is the best thing we can have and give and we shouldn't hide from it.

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Mission Statement

It is important that the younger generation learns that the world is always changing. With a team of young filmmakers and talent from all cultural backgrounds, this film teaches adolescents to learn to adapt to those changes, as hard as they may be.

The Story

As I, the director, graduated from Binghamton Unversity, I was troubled with the question of whether or not I should continue dating my girlfriend. While I live in Long Island, she lives in Albany. She's my first girlfriend and we've dated for almost a year and a half. I love her. She loves me.


One night before I graduated, we sat outside on a breezy spring night and talked about staying together. We decided that we couldn't be without each other and want to make it work. The thing that we both said was most important through this is love. I love her. She loves me.


After I graduated, we've kept in touch and seen each other numerous times. Coming from a divorced family, I was hesitant to start dating in the first place. I've been on dates before and met girls, but this girl was different. I knew in my heart that I really liked her and that she was the best. Once I took that chance to ask her to be my girlfriend, I haven't looked back since. My family gets concerned sometimes that she's far away, but it doesn't matter to me. If you love someone, there's no distance that can separate you from them. 


My goal with this film is to give hope to those nervous to date or continue dating someone. If you truly love someone, nothing can break that apart. The film follows a conversation that a couple has before graduation, which masks at what my girlfriend and I spoke about that spring night. What we're trying to challenge with this film is the fear couples face every day when conflict arises. A relationship isn't always smooth sailing like it's portrayed in many films. Whether there's a fight or a new change, couples have to constantly adjust in order to be successful and happy. 


If the love is true, then nothing will take that away from you.






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About This Team

Everyone working on the crew for this project is a Binghamton University Alumni. We all met taking classes together and have worked on several projects together. This project, being the third, is something a lot of us on the crew can relate to. Many of the crew members know me outside of the film world and know the situation I am living right now, which makes it easier to help me and the project succeed! As a group, we are currently sending another one of our projects to film festivals. So far, we have been selected to the Miami International Film Festival for our film "The Two of Us".


The demographics of the cast and crew is primarily college graduates. Sometimes, a job isn't going to come your way the second you graduate and there is time for recent graduates to create great films before entering the workforce. We love working on creating beautiful stories and want to continue doing so as a group. 

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