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Wallpaper is a true story about women having to constantly face their own mortality. That grey area where no physical harm was inflicted and yet, an emotional scar was left behind. This is a film that every woman in the audience will know, and every man will have their eyes and minds opened.

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Mission Statement

As a woman of mixed cultural heritage, I strive to create art that raises questions, increases awareness and creates opportunities to challenge existing mindsets. In our current world of overstimulation, I seek to give voice to quiet truths, as honestly as I can.

The Story

What is Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a deeply personal film to me (Tanya - writer/director/producer/actor).

This is a photo from the year of the incident - with my Mum and brother :)

It is verbatim, a portrayal of an incident that happened ten years ago with a trusted friend, which I considered to be 'minor' at the time. We never spoke about it because he pulled the I-was-drunk-I-don't-remember card – ladies, you know what I'm talking about.

Ten years later, the memory came back while I was swimming laps and I thought it was bizarre to be thinking about it, so I wrote it. Then a beloved friend told me I needed to make it.



Why is it important and why now?

Making this film not only helped me to process what happened that night but also, brought out so many stories in all of the women around me of a similar nature. Countless incidences where women have feared for their lives... some luckier than others. 

This film strives to, not villainize men, but to hopefully provide insight that will inspire understanding and compassion for how we feel. If we can increase the awareness in men, of how terrifying such simple scenarios can be, perhaps they will take more care and responsibility for their future actions. Even if it's just one better decision made – that can be deemed a success.

At the time when we were finishing post production on Wallpaper, a 32-year-old woman in London, Sarah, was raped and murdered by a police officer while walking home from a friend's house. That same week a friend of mine in Vancouver, Emily, was brutally killed by her long-term partner. This film is dedicated to her. I was just one of the lucky ones.

This film is not a commentary on violence against women, but one that spotlights and increases awareness for the eternal female fear associated with the risk of harm.

Do you need assistance?

If by chance, you are in a situation where you are encountering abuse of any kind, or know someone who is, please do not accept it. Please tell someone, get help and get out. If you are in Vancouver or surrounds, you can contact the Battered Women's Support Services (call or text) on 604-652-1867 or send an email to [email protected]



Why fund Wallpaper?

We need to acknowledge where we still are in 2021 – that is, our fear of mortality, as women, is unending.

If this funding is raised, it will enable festival entry submissions to try and get this film in front of a wide variety of audiences, plus a website that can be attached to the cause.

Wallpaper is a short film that can open the eyes, minds and hearts of many.

It can inspire empathy and bring a means of catharsis to those who know this story in their bones. 

I believe that Wallpaper can inspire change.


Thank you so much for reading.


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About This Team

Tanya Jade 













A Chinese Singaporean-Dutch filmmaker and actor, originally from Australia, now living in Vancouver, Canada. She has been acting professionally since 2015, with recent credits being Showtime's Yellowjackets and Lifetime's Soccer Mom Madam. Travel, language and cultural differences have greatly influenced Tanya's creative perspective. Wallpaper is her first solo written and directed effort.


David Lennon

Born in Edmonton, raised on Vancouver Island, David has been acting professionally since 2010. In addition to Wallpaper, his upcoming projects include the films Little Fish and Hello, Goodbye, as well as the new TV series Kung Fu and Two Sentence Horror Stories. Recent theatre credits include Seminar (2019) and the premier of Pot Kettle Black (2020). He lives in Vancouver.


Tracy C. Kohne
Director of Photography

Tracy C. Kohne loves telling a good story with moving images.  And she believes moving images should be just that - images that have life and breath in a frame, and move an audience.  Tracy learned the language of telling a story in this way as a Dolly Operator, and has recently been honoured by the opportunity to transition to the role Cinematographer through a number of passion projects.  The latest of these is Tanya Jade’s Wallpaper.  With very little scripted dialogue, Tracy sought to create frames that invite the viewer to be a participant in the emotional journey they are witnessing.


Brian Cheung

Brian Cheung is Vancouver based cinematographer with over ten years experience in commercial, corporate, and documentary work. He has worked for such clients as A&W Canada, BC Hydro, Shaw, Tourism Vancouver, and Telus. His passion for cinematography stems from his desire to craft authentic images that effectively tell the story for his projects as well as providing each project with the utmost cinematic technical excellence.


Oswaldo Lopez Dantes

Born and raised in Mexico's lowlands, Oswaldo Lopez Dantes graduated from BCIT, completing the Television and Video Production program at the top of his class.

Since then, he’s assembled music videos of some of the biggest artists in Vancouver. Also, Oswaldo continues to seek opportunities to assemble more independent films produced locally. His serene energy, artistic, and technical background make him a great collaborator in the editing room


Blake Matthew

In the last six years, impactful storyteller, Blake Matthew has scored over 75 films. This Vancouver based composer’s love for films began when he was a youth, but his passion for composing was sparked during his studies in Music Technology at Douglas College in 2014. Blake, who also specializes in electronic music and sound design has scored over 70 short films and has been a part of 5 feature films thus far in his career.


Tye Lesueur
Production Designer

Tye Lesueur is a Vancouver based production designer who, has worked on a variety of projects since her graduation from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Since her graduation, she has worked on several commercials and award nominated shorts as a production designer, her most recent work on the pilot for the dystopian indie Foragers.


Erin Chisholm
Wardrobe Stylist

Erin Chisholm has worked in film in the wardrobe department since 2013. She is also a visual artist who credits her love of design for her success in costuming. She is currently working on independent projects as well as MOW's.

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