Woman And The Woods

Fairfield, Connecticut | Film Short

Drama, Fantasy

Ube Films

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A woman sets off to save her husband when he falls gravely ill. After exhausting all other options, she goes to the town's ostracized Healer and receives advice with unexpected consequences. Set in CT, c.1750, this tale of bravery and desperation mixes reality and illusion, blessing and curse.

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Mission Statement

With the support of a diverse crew, we recreated clothing, props, and set pieces from the period as meticulously as our budget allowed. Our team ranged in age from 5 to 69, bringing in generational diversity. This is the story of a woman, in need, tackling obstacles with the aid of other women.

The Story


For far too long, the stories of our mothers have been shoved into the corners and brushed under the rug, deemed to be women’s stories and not worthy of our attention. The canon, by and large, weaves the stories of fathers and sons, brothers, men and their relationships with other men. Those stories are important, but so are the stories of mothers and daughters, sisters, women in communion with other women. This is one such story. We present it to you as one of thousands. 



Woman and the Woods tells the story of woman’s connection to nature, herself, and her fellow women. 

It is a story exploring how our mothers' choices shape and influence our lives—of how they become our burdens or blessings. 

Our mothers are etched into our our habits, our beliefs. They are our heritage. 



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Camera rental

Costs $650

Camera rental fee.

Festival Fees

Costs $1,000

Varying submission costs for festivals.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $700

Colonial-era household items, fabrics, clothespins, candles, tools, etc

Location fees

Costs $900

Fees for renting colonial-authentic locations.

Sound eqiupment

Costs $200

Mics, recording storage, batteries.


Costs $500

Because it's set in colonial New England, we had to rent costumes.

Production Design

Costs $1,250

Colonial furniture, furnishings, and set pieces (bedroom, 2 yard/laundry lines, healer kitchen).


Costs $800

A lot of our crew and equipment came in from NYC or around CT. Gas, van rentals, and tolls.


Costs $750

For the editor.

Data Storage

Costs $150

Storage for footage

About This Team

Our Production Team: the brains behind the operation!


Evan Seide (Director/Production Designer)

With 15 years in the industry as a Production Designer, Evan was ready to try his hand at directing the vision behind the scenes. With a talent for making things look  beautiful, he breathed life into the world of the script--blending the scripts fantastical elements with historical authenticity. You can see his PD work @eastseidedesignllc and his art @ev_ny


Tina Parziale (Writer/Producer)

The idea for this short came to Tina while she was wondering about the origin of a curse she wrote into another script. So while she was procrastinating the editing of that piece, she wrote the very rough draft of "Woman and the Woods". Then she set out to find the locations, costumes, and talent to bring it all to life. @trparz


Chris Ungco (Director of Photography/Producer)

Ungco didn't quite know what he was signing up for when he had his first meeting with Tina and Evan. A period piece short, chock-full of Steadi-Cam chasing sequences, natural lighting, and outdoor elements to contend with. He brought a gentle artistry and keen eye to the piece (in addition to some first rate ACs). Check out more of his work at www.filmsbyube.com @ubefilms


Francis DiNoto (1st Assistant Director)

After producing for Jerry Springer for many years, Francis dove into this project with gusto. He brought a level of behind the scenes support and professional organization to this project that was much appreciated! When not working behind the scenes, he can be found on stage drumming with They Are Dancer @theyaredancer 


Daniel Mecca (Producer)

Dan has been creating his own films for years when not producing one commercial or another. He graciously decided to join the team and lend insight, advice, and equipment (thanks, Suite Spot!) whenever it was needed. Check his work out at filmfreeway.com/DanielMecca 


Dina Addorisio (Production Coordinator)

Fresh from Portland, OR, Dina moved back to CT and found herself immersed in this project. She filled in any position we needed her to (from slating and script supervising to handling prop resets and costume malfunctions.) Even though this was her first film, she comes from a strong theatrical background--making her ready for anything. 


Amy Petrucci (Hair and Make Up Artist)

A passionate animal-lover, Amy exclusively uses cruelty-free products. Although make up started as a hobby for her, it is becoming substantial side gig. Check out her work on IG @compassionatechic 



Our One-Day-Warriors: the ones who hopped in (a day or two!) when we needed them most!


Camera Operator- Dada Shikako


Assistant Camera- Gerald King, Alejandro "Bear" Lazare


Sound- Brendan Ryan, Jason Felbar, Gwen Mileti


Gaffer- Huttemberg Nassar 


Make Up Assistant- Shannon Denihan, Emily Creighton


Greensman- Natalie Collette 



Our Post-Team: the ones who made it look pretty and polished! 


Editor- Nathaniel Vidal

Nathaniel initially came on to prep the edit file, but was hooked by the mesmerizing beauty of the scenic shots and captivating performances. A commercial editor by trade, he jumped at the opportunity to help shape this eery yet compelling narrative.


Sound Editor/Foley- Tim O'Donnell


Colorist- Stevie Rappa


Composer- Alex Hennessey 


Distribution- Selin Kilic



Woman- Tina Parziale 

Man- Ryan Wantroba

Healer- Marydell Merrill

Figure- Isabel Carrington

Anne- Emily Creighton

Elizabeth- Grace Denihan



Special Thanks to:

Suite Spot LLC
Mike Dominguez
Seide Family
Parziale Family


Aspetuck Land Trust 

Weston Historical Society 

Alison Ford & Family


Renee Purdy & Warner Theatre Costume Shop

Christa Galitello 

Mary Brannan



Current Team