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LGBTQ, Drama

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Alex is a struggling non binary photographer in a struggling band in New York City. It's about to go down.

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Mission Statement

wild project is a home for diverse performance artists that transcends the traditional definition of theatre venue. A home for a close community of creators, expressing new ideas & honoring the fundamental histories the East Village carries as a neighborhood for innovative theatre & social change.

The Story

The series was born as a collaboration between the creator/writer Grant James Varjas & the wild project theatre as a way to stay creative & employ artists of all kinds during the pandemic.The show was shot in the East Village, whose resilient artistic community inspired the stories & characters.

WAY DOWN wrapped filming in August of 2021, will then hit the festival circuit and will be released soon after. Filming adhered to all New York State Media Covid, SAG & CDC guidelines. 

ALEX is a struggling non binary photographer and the bass player for an even more struggling band in New York City’s East Village, where they live with their girlfriend/bandmate TYLER. The band is constantly on the verge of imploding, mostly due to the drunken exploits of GRAY, the lead singer, as well as the dysfunctional Fleetwood Mac-like relationships between the bandmates.  

Also complicating things is ALEX’S continued relationships with their ex-girlfriend SHERRIE, who has resurfaced a year after the couple’s acrimonious breakup. ALEX is questioning everything: their relationship, the band, their job, their life. Something’s gotta give.

The action takes place in various Lower East Side locations: rehearsal spaces, a theater, bars, restaurants, and the art gallery where ALEX works for AUDREY.

The show is queer, showcasing a varied cast of all genders and ages, much like the East Village itself.

Creator & Writer Grant James Varjas 

Director & Editor Ellie Gravitte

Produced by wild project/Ana Mari de Quesada

Cast: Ezra Menas, Aury Krebs, Alexis Floyd, Jake Austin Robertson, Deon'te Goodman & Monique Vukovic.

Music written by: Nini Camps, Stephen Kellogg, Deon'te Goodman & Kent Coleman





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Post-Production Picture

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About This Team

Ezra Menas as ALEX
Aury Krebs as TYLER
Alexis Floyd as SHERRIE
Jake Austin Robertson as GRAY
Deon'te Goodman as BRI
Monique Vukovic as AUDREY

Creator & Writer:  Grant James Varjas

Director & Editor: Ellie Gravitte

Producer: wild project

Executive Producer: Ana Mari de Quesada

Director of Photography: Alex Petersen

Assistant Director: Kia Rogers

Production Designer: Hutch Hutchinson

Costume Designer: Gina Ruiz

Music written by: Nini Camps, Stephen Kellogg, Deon'te Goodman & Kent Coleman

Current Team