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Latinos are often given choices which further stereotypes and misconceptions. Men are portrayed as criminals, and women for curves and sex appeal. Waysland tells the story of the other 99% of Latinos living and contributing to life in the US. It's a story of persistence, passion, and hard work.

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Mission Statement

A Brazilian immigrant filmmaker and former housecleaner, and an American production company are teaming up to tell one of the million hidden stories of the motivated immigrants living here. It’s time to demystify and humanize these hardworking people who give so much.

The Story

The story of WAYSLAND begins with Teresa, a feisty undocumented Brazilian woman with an unmatched drive and passion. Working as a dishwasher at a restaurant, she dreams of elevating herself to a hostess position. She struggles with the language and fears that her English is not strong enough to apply. Teresa is encouraged by her friend and roommate, Stella, to take the leap and apply for the job. Much to her surprise and delight, she easily gets the position.

Her moment of triumph is dashed when ICE agents arrive at her house looking for her. Stella lies to the agents about Teresa living there and the agents leave. The women are warned by the neighbor that ICE will likely to return.

Stella and Teresa leave the house in search of a place to stay for a while. Teresa calls her friends, but the request to crash at someone’s house is too risky and no one is able to help her. In a last ditch effort, Teresa seeks out a long time friend, Patricia. Patricia has recently received her initial paper work for her green card and cannot risk being caught with Teresa in the house. If found, Patricia could lose her opportunity to become a legal resident. Devastated that she is unable to help, Patricia offers Teresa cash and a six pack of beer. Teresa refuses the cash, but grabs the beer, leaving Patricia in tears holding the money.

Feeling defeated, Teresa tells Stella that she will drop her at home because she has done enough and this is a problem Teresa needs to solve on her own. Stella refuses to leave her side and tells Teresa that her value is not in her immigration status. In her moment of fear and disbelief, Teresa realizes that her other job cleaning houses can be the temporary solution for her problems. 


TERESA - Brazilian immigrant who came to the United States with a plan to stay for two months. The plan quickly changed after job opportunities kept coming her way. She's a go getter and a leader in the community, she is always helping everyone but herself, until Stella comes along and encourages her to follow her dreams. Unfortunately, with ICE's visit, Teresa is forced to "find a way" to steer away from getting deported.  

STELLA- Stella is a vibrant and sassy young woman who needs a fresh start in life. Her chance to do so comes along when she meets Teresa, but we won't see this until we film the feature version where we see their friendship unfold. The nurturing community will push Stella to go after her own dreams; to play the violin professionally. 

Stella is thrilled that Teresa gets her dream job, but she then gets a taste of what it is to live under the reality of a broken immigration system. Stella is a true friend who will stay by Teresa's side in her worst moment. 


Jack has been doing this job way too long and he knows the drill. He is tired and hopeless, he would much rather be fishing with his buddies rather than chasing hard working people who face a broken immigration system. 


Andrew is an agent fresh from the academy, he wants to make things right and be the "tough" guy. He is still dreaming about getting into the CIA or FBI. 



My debut as a director will start with something close to me: the story of an undocumented Brazilian who migrates to the United States. Why? Because I am one of them! I migrated to the United States in 1996 and have deeply immersed myself into the beautiful US culture. My goal with this movie is to show the beauty that is created when people are supporting others.

There are multifaceted stories behind every immigrant; stories of hope, persistence, friendship, loss, failure, success, and the "onward" attitude when so many give up. My community is not the out-of-sight-out-of-mind type. We are in sight every day; cleaning houses, washing dishes at our favorite restaurants, maintaining enviable manicured yards, processing banking transactions, providing that Brazilian blowout at the local beauty salon, or installing stone walls for houses in that new development down the road. We are adding to society, and we are always ready to extend a helping hand.

Our stories of struggles, self improvement, and triumph deserve to be told!

I start with Teresa Macedo. Although she is a fictional character, there are thousands of Teresas in our midst.  Most of them are working two full-time jobs while raising families. They do the essential tasks that keep this country running. In recent years, the word "undocumented" has become common vernacular. I want this film to put a face on such one story and begin to restore the humanity of a misjudged community. 

My goal with this short film is to gain film market interest and attract investors to finance the feature film. In the feature, we will get to know the characters more deeply and gain an understanding of how they find a way to live undocumented for years, sometimes for decades. I also hope to shed some light on the complexity of immigration laws and show how hopeless and nearly impossible it is to immigrate in through “proper channels.” 

Would you impose on a friend knowing that it could potentially cause them harm?

Would you risk your safety to give shelter to a friend who is running away from law enforcement? 

These are some of the questions Waysland the short film will raise. Are you ready to answer them? 


The funds we collect in this campaign will help with post-production and distribution costs. The breakdown can be seen under wishlist. 

March -We wrapped 7 long days, packed with emotional acting and beatiful story telling.   

March to May - Working on our final cut to send it to the colorist, sound mixing artists and scoring. 

June on- We will be ready to submit to film festivals and hold our first screenings.

You are invited! We'll provide popcorn. 


Make a pledge- Every dollar counts, please support with whatever you can. 

Post about our film. Share the link on your social media, with your friends and family. 
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Text, email and talk to your friends who might be interested in be a part of this project. 

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About This Team

Lyria Garcia 

Writer/ Director/ Executive Producer

Is a Brazilian-American artist who moved to the United States in 1996 at a young age. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Arts with a focus in Film Production. She is a full time photographer who has travelled to four continents on photography assignments.

Waysland is her debut as a director. 


Evan Schneider 

Director of Photography and Co-producer Founder of Hop Top Films with extensive experience behind the camera. Over the last few years, he produced or collaborated on over 50 indie film projects with numerous festival nominations and awards. 

Krisitina Horan - Producer 

Being born and raised in Rhode Island, she continues to play an active role as a Filmmaker and Actor in the local Indie Film scene of Boston, New England as well as New York.Currently, she is working as a Producer/Lead Actor in 2 Feature Films in Boston and is also splitting her time in New York where she is working on the 29 Hour Equity Reading of the new musical DEEP SECRETS




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