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A young adult sketch show that wants to push comedic boundaries of the American Millennial and iGen society and the dynamic characters that exist in it to create a brand new world of comedy.

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Mission Statement

A Note From Our Creator: As an African American female comic, I stand to push for diverse voices to be heard. My motivation to create this show is to bring together a myriad of fresh comedians to the forefront, giving them a platform to shine where they haven’t had before.

The Story


"Champagne Poppy"

A little girl's funeral for her cherished, recently deceased pet is interrupted by Champagne Poppy, an exuberant man who always seems to come in popping bottles of champagne at exactly the wrong time.



"Karen Tank"

Young entrepeneurs have the opportunity of a lifetime to present their inventions to a panel of Karens, and they would all like to speak to your manager.


"PSA: Cats"

Is this quarantine making you turn into your cat? Stay tuned to find out.


"How To Not Save A Life"

Some surgical residents just really should not be trusted.


II. What Motivates Us to Tell These Stories

"I made it my life’s motto to, 'provoke thought and make people laugh until their stomachs hurt.'  This meant killing people who wanted to watch me fail with kindness and paving a way for younger people who aspire to walk a similar path. We Are Your Pals is a slice into every aspect of me." -- Devin Johnson (Creator)


"I'm a member of two very unique groups, I'm a black male and I have a disability. What I hope to bring to 'We Are Your Pals' is a creative voice for people of color who often feel unseen and for people that live with hearing loss, who are often not heard." -- Chauncey Johnson (Writer)


"I'm excited to create comedy with fellow 'weird kids' from high school. You CAN sit with us. But we will talk about cat rehab." -- Lauren Winters (Actor)


"I came onto this project because I have a soft spot for sketch comedy that began as a kid watching old "The Amanda Show" and "Key & Peele" episodes. We Are Your Pals takes those traditional sketch shows and pushes the limits further. As a cast member, I hope for us to bring not just enjoyment for viewers, but a completely immersive experience within this world that has possibilities no one even considered yet." -- Jonathan Rush (Actor)

III. The Global Pandemic-Sized Elephant in the Room


As if micro-budget filmmaking isn't hard enough, try it during a pandemic. We are actively monitoring the updates and regulations that are being put in place by Los Angeles County, the PGA, DGA, and SAG-AFTRA as we prepare for production. As of right now, some of the changes we plan to implement on set due to the virus are shortened shoot days (10 hours maximum, per SAG-AFTRA guidelines), full disinfecting of equpiment and set every 2 hours, temperature checks, masks, and maintaining social-distancing of 6 feet at all times. The health and safety of our cast and crew is the most important things to us. In the event that the situaion worsens and we are unable to shoot, we are prepared to fully refund all contributors. Now, more than ever, we need laughs and a way to mentally escape. We Are Your Pals will do that for our audience.



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Costs $1,000

Our iPhone cameras are not equipped for a comedy this size.

Production Design

Costs $500

We have to create a Karen Tank AND an operating room. PD will make them come to life!


Costs $450

An actor's closet tells you a lot about them as people. If only we can do that for our characters...


Costs $250

This show will be EXTREMELY less funny if you can't hear it.

Hair and Makeup

Costs $200

Cosmetics and Prosthetics aren't cheap.

Craft Services

Costs $1,000

Feeding a whole cast and crew 2x a day for 4 days gets pricey REALLY quickly!

Permits and Copyrights

Costs $100

We are rule followers (except when it comes to comedy) and need to obtain permits for filming!

COVID-19 Safety

Costs $1,000

We must meet union by-laws which include: COVID monitors, testing, and sanitation supplies

Festival Fees

Costs $400

In order to get our pilot distributed we need to pay to submit to festivals!


Costs $200

We need to cover gas and fuel expenses to transport all of our equipment to and from set!

Payment Deferred

Costs $900

As a SAG-SIG union project, we must defer payment to actors.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Devin-Taylor Johnson


Devin-Taylor Johnson was born and raised in New York City. Her first show ever created was “The Dumb Dumb Show” staring various guests also known as her fellow elementary school peers. Episode sessions were exclusively recorded on the morning public school yellow cheese bus. Whether it was a video or audio tape rolling, she was determined to deliver a performance. She moved to Long Island at the age of 12 and quickly became "the recognizable voice from down the hall” and “the laugh that everyone knew”. She created a unique world for herself. She memorized MAD tv and Key & Peele sketches and performed them for her friends with such passion that they preferred her rendition better than the original almost every time. After graduating high school in 2016, Devin went on to college at Drexel University where she learned the fundamentals of the entertainment industry. By the end of her freshman year, she realized her ambition couldn’t wait so she took a one-way trip to Los Angeles to pursue her passion as a creator. 


Lauren Winters


Lauren Winters is from Baltimore, MD. She was a presidential scholar in the Arts for Acting at George Washington University. She has starred in theatre productions such as Sarah Ruhl's Dead Man's Cell Phone and original work in local DC theatre. She currently resides in Los Angeles and is a graduate of The Second City Hollywood.


Austin Wolfe


Austin Wolfe is a new actor who is studying at The Second City and knows it's cliche but is a Gryffindor. He made his theatrical debut in 2019 in the Fringe Festival, is pursuing a degree in theater WITH the support of his parents, and is blown away by the fact that "dog" is just "God" backward. He also peels bananas upside down.


Claire Riffle


Claire Riffle is an actress originally from Houston, Texas. She’s studied improv at UCB, Second City Hollywood, and The Groundlings. Claire has done some commercial and film work and spends the rest of her time auditioning to play 12-year-olds. Currently, Claire performs weekly at Second City and other comedy clubs around LA on the long-form improv team, “Strangers”, and her indie team, “Roundhouse”.


Tony Holt


Hi, my name is Tony and I’m a filmmaker working in Los Angeles. Before moving to LA, I was active in my local Boy Scout troop where I completed Eagle Scout rank 2 years early. Upon completing my Eagle rank I wanted to do focus on putting the training I had received in Leadership and problem solving towards something that inspired me and allowed me to work with my creative side more freely. So I joined the Media Arts Program at my High School so that I could do more filmmaking. After graduating from high school, I began attending Columbia College Hollywood, and in September of 2019 I graduated with a BFA in Directing for TV and Cinema.  Living in LA and working on films has been a dream come true for me, but there’s still much more that I want to do. 


Mackenzie Carroll


My name is Mackenzie and I am from Johnston, Rhode Island. I am a writer for Smile Squad which has over 5.5 million subscribers on FaceBook. I write sketch and standup, and do work-study at Second City. I love karaoke, cows, ghosts, and Whitney Houston.

Chauncey Johnson


Chauncey Johnson is an Actor, Writer and Director based in New York City, who has appeared on the NBC television show “Shades of Blue” and Hulu's “Wu Tang: An American Saga.” Originally from Detroit, MI, he got his start in radio broadcasting, and soon found himself studying improv and sketch writing in NYC at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). Chauncey has written the political satire sketch  “CAWG Sketch" followed by the short film “Hope Is Not A Dream.” His most recently completed project is the short film “And Then There Was Damien,” which was inspired by mental health awareness and social injustice.


Anastasia Zavodnick

Executive Producer

Anastasia Zavodnick is a senior at USC double majoring in film and theatre. She has been producing student and short films for 3 years now while also interning for numerous companies in Hollywood including Blumhouse Productions, Intuition Productions, and Clear Talent Group. Anastasia is also the co-founder and executive producer of an all-female, horror-based production company, ONYX Films, so she is very excited to get some comedic relief with We Are Your Pals.


Asly Calix

Unit Production Manager

Asly Calix born and raised in Miami, Florida is a producer and actor. She believes art goes beyond what is seen on a screen or on a stage. Her love for the arts has her consecutively producing short films, foreign films, sketch shows, walking runways, doing commercials, and modeling. She hopes to share her happiness and passion for the arts to the world and help change lives in a positive way. 




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