What Milo Left

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Drama, Experimental

Ashley Beuhler

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Milo has lost sight of who he dreamed to be as a child. In his early adulthood, he has an experience which gives him the chance to start again, reconnect with his past and find meaning in his life. This film is about regaining dreams that seemed gone forever. It is a story of hope and rebirth.

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Mission Statement

Our crew is a diverse team consisting of a range of ethnicity, nationalities and backgrounds, each providing a unique and invaluable perspective to the craft of film making and storytelling. This film is intended to connect with as many people as possible. Diversity is crucial to this mission.

The Story



Milo has lost the hopes he had for life in his childhood. Facing depression and lack of purpose, he is saved by a transcendent experience which reconnects him with his past and gives him reason to continue living.


As human beings, we all encounter the experience, in some form: having hopes for our lives that seem to be constantly out of reach. We establish dreams and goals for our futures in our youth. At some point, we are forced to confront reality. This is what happens to Milo, a young genius, whose mother's passing during his childhood causes him to have a crisis. His early passion for astronomy and dreams to voyage through space do not provide an antidote to his mother's absence. He loses connection with his hopes for life, lacks self-fulfillment, and enters depression and solitude. In his early adulthood, when Milo loses all strength to continue, a transcendent experience connecting Milo with his past gives him the hope and drive to reconnect with what he left behind, years ago in his childhood, and start again.


Director's Statement

What Milo Left is my response to my experiences with childhood friends losing their lives. My mission is for this film to address life-threatening mental health problems in young adulthood while also providing a message of hope and resilience. These issues must be handled delicately and with respect for those who have struggled with these problems. Rather than attempt to arrive at conclusions or solutions concerning mental health, I want to inspire conversation by allowing for the viewer to connect the dots and read between the lines. There will be poetic subtlety in the delivery of the story, containing layers that will unfold over multiple viewings, hopefully influencing further dialogue. I want the effects of What Milo Left to extend beyond its runtime and do something for the lives of those who watch it.



We need your help to make this film. 


There are countless causes to give your money to. Why should you donate to our film? Film is usually considered to be entertainment, but that is not the goal of our project. The purpose of What Milo Left extends well beyond entertainment value to address mental health problems and bring awareness to the struggles people face dealing with loss and grief. These problems are hard to understand and recognize. I, the director, have watched some of the people closest to me have their lives destroyed by these issues. This film is my response to their stories, dedicated to bringing understanding to what they endured. The first step towards helping someone is to have some level of insight about what the person goes through. While this film could not possibly give a complete look at these issues, it will give a new perspective which can make a huge difference in helping peoples' lives.


Making a film is an expensive project. From paying for locations, to camera equipment and food, any amount you can donate will help us make something great.


We want you to give to our project because you believe in what we are creating. We plan on sending the film to festivals and seek distribution. This stage is the beginning of a journey, and we want you on board.


If you cannot donate, you can still be a part of our film! Please share this page with friends and family, and link to our project on social media. 


Thank you.


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Camera Equipment

Costs $1,000

Camera, lenses, gimbal


Costs $1,100

Snacks and meals for cast and crew

Location Rentals

Costs $2,650

We will be shooting in a forest in Big Bear, California.

Production Design

Costs $1,650

Props and set dressing for four locations.

Transportation and Housing

Costs $1,600

Travel and boarding for cast and crew

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Ernest Evers Pund - Writer & Director | Website



Ernest Evers Pund is based in Los Angeles, California. He is currently earning his bachelor’s degree in film & TV production and philosophy at Loyola Marymount University. As a writer-director, he seeks to inspire conversation, challenge the viewer, and break down stereotypes of  film being thought of primarily as “entertainment.” His first short film, techno-thriller Sarah Sleeps, is about a young woman trapped in a recurring nightmare due to a smartphone sleep app. The film won the Nikon Storyteller’s Award, one of ten scholarships given by the camera company Nikon to aspiring filmmakers around the world. He wrote What Milo Left inspired by his experiences with childhood friends losing their lives to drug abuse and depression. With your help, he will make a film that provides a cathartic exploration of childhood trauma, hope, and existential struggle.


Martin Taube - Director of Photography | Reel



Martin Taube is a passionate filmmaker who goes out of his way to create something unique with every opportunity he gets. He started out at an early age and has throughout the years won multiple awards for everything from writing to directing, and editing to cinematography. Being such a well-rounded visual storyteller, he understands not only the productions aspect of the art, but also the importance of the story and how it all comes together in the end. With the mind of a perfectionist, Martin always makes sure that the visuals of his stories are beyond what’s expected, whilst at the same time understanding the importance of speed on set. With a great attitude, Martin is a pleasure to work with and brings a smile to everyone's face at one point or another while never being anything else but uttermost professional.


Ashley Beuhler - Producer


Ashley Beuhler is a Sophomore Film and Television Production, Finance Dual Degree at Loyola Marymount University. She found her interest in making films in high school, where she joined the Cinema Program of North East School of the Arts in San Antonio, TX. Through internships at local film festivals, she found her knack for logistical planning and bringing people together for a larger goal. Since then, Ashley has worked on numerous projects as an assistant director and producer. She strives to tell captivating, meaningful stories in a nontraditional manner which What Milo Left manages beautifully.


Renna Hidalgo - Production Designer & Wardrobe



Renna Hidalgo's work ranges from set design to fashion and fine art. She has designed a variety of sets from narrative and experimental films to music videos. In 2018 she started her fashion brand Unbothered. She aims to incorporate ideas from fashion design and her love for 90's aesthetic to create Milo's universe. Her plans for lush and detailed production design will ensure that What Milo Left is an immersive experience.


Carson Bennett - 1st Assistant Director



Carson Bennett, a passionate young filmmaker, worked on as many projects as he could during his first semester at LMU's School of Film and TV, accruing over 200 hours of work on set. Most of this time was spent as an assistant director, working on numerous junior, senior, and graduate level films. Having been an assistant director on numerous sets shot by Evers Pund, and after reading his script, Carson was ecstatic to work with him once again. 


Bobby Bushell - Associate Producer



Bobby Bushell is a Sophomore Film and Television Production, Marketing Dual Degree at Loyola Marymount University. Bobby first worked in entertainment production at DDHACOR Media in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona, working with local nonprofits and schools. While interning for the writer and producer of the Poltergeist series, Bobby found a passion in producing, and preparing scripts for shooting. During this time, he has worked on numerous project behind the camera both as a producer and in Lighting & Grip. He prefers projects that subvert standard storytelling boundaries, which is what first encouraged him to work on What Milo Left.

Current Team