Wherefore Art Thou

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In this psychological fairy-tale, an 80-year-old Juliet re-lives the same memory with Romeo stretched across her entire life. Navigating through the eternity of a moment, Romeo and Juliet endlessly pursue each other despite the tides of life pulling them apart.

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Mission Statement

This project began partly out of the frustration of seeing great artists not booking work. Unfortunately, exclusion can be a factor. Out of seven roles, five are played by women (our lead being in her early 80s). Not to mention the women behind the camera such as our director and producer.

The Story

As an actor, I'll often prepare for a role by making things as the character. While working on the 'To be or not to be' speech for an acting class, my imagination began to run crazy. Before I knew it, a short film had taken shape in my mind. While this short film took the speech out of the context of the external conflict of "Hamlet", the soul of the piece remained in tact. Originally, I only wrote this short film to fill out the life of the character, but I soon wondered what other scenes from Shakespeare's catalogue I could adapt this way.



While reading critical essays on "Romeo & Juliet", I came to understand how the lens of astronomy/astrology could be applied to the play in regards to the characters and their fates. On the side, I had been studying physics theories for fun  (as I am a nerd and the idea of infinity fascinated me). In the free-time I had, I was binging through the incredible Netflix original "Bojack Horseman". I was almost done with the series when I saw an episode that put viewers in the perspective of a woman with Alzheimers. I was blown away, I had never seen anything like it before. All these ideas began to mix and meld with the balcony scene in "Romeo & Juliet", creating an exploration of infinity through combigning Shakespeare's text with concepts of memory, astrology and physics. The result was a surrealist/psychological fairy-tale in which the soul of the original text remained in tact.



After completing this, I sent it to my future producer -- Kate Forsatz -- who immediately replied: "I know exactly who I want to send this to." This is how I met Diane Cossa who, after one conversation, I knew that there was no one else who could direct this project better. Instantly, she understood the story inside and out like I couldn't believe. From there, we got to work -- raising money and doing all that needed to be done to collect the resources necessary to make this story come to life. It's been a crazy journey creating this project thus far. We hope that you'll see it through with us!




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"Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what's for lunch." -Orson Welles


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About This Team





Kate Forsatz has over a decade of experience in the film industry, acting, screenwriting, project-development as well as film packaging, financing and distribution. She graduated with honors from William Patterson University, BA in English/writing. She has worked in the fields of education, finance and entertainment, working on both small and large budget projects from development to distribution. With a strong knack for team-building, Kate places the utmost importance on creating a community to get the job done. This proved incredibly successful on her feature-film debut, "Thre3bound", which she wrote, directed, produced and starred in. She also believes cookies should be their own food group...




Shane Nepveu has studied acting since he was five, getting representation at the age of twelve. Getting braces at the age of fourteen seemed like the end of the world, though it only put a hold on his auditions. From thirteen to eighteen, he studied Meisner intensely and became involved in non-profit theater. At eighteen, when the braces came off, he began auditioning again. Since then, he has appeared in three feature films, two TV shows, five short films, three commercials and two radio spots. From a young age, he couldn't stop creating: drawing crappy comics, writing short stories and songs. At seventeen he wrote his first feature-film. Admittedly, he knew it was terrible, but showed immense potential.  With stories to tell and a desire to be self-relient, he learned how to write, creating a TV series to help teach himself the craft. By twenty-one he wrote an entire season of television. At twenty-five, with his writing refined, he began producing his own content. Meanwhile, receiving a BA in English-lit from Kean University. Shane agrees that cookies should be their own food group.



Diane Cossa has been dancing since she was five, eventually majoring in dance at Hunter College. As a member of Hunter College Dance Co.  she performed in and choreographed numerous modern dance/theater pieces. She also studied and performed with Lynn Simonson, and many other wonderful teachers and companies.  "Wherefore Art Thou" has put a strong emphasis on rhythm and it's this rhythm that attracted her to the project to begin with. After college, she studied theater with Marcia Haufrecht, a member of The Actors’ Studio.  As a member of her group she learned how to do sound, stage manage and direct as well as perform in countless plays. She also studied with Larry Moss, and is presently studying with Rob McCaskill, who is also her acting coach. She's acted in various episodic television shows including: L&O, SVU (in which she had a recurring role for a few years), Third Watch, Blue Bloods, Believe, The Education of Max Bickford and others. She's directed several plays at ATA in which she worked with Kate Forsatz. Above all, as a mom, she's grown in ways she never thought was possible. Her son, Tommy, taught her everything there is to know about what is truly important in life. Diane has no known public opinion on whether cookies should be their own food group at this time.





Amelia Sorensen (left), Lynn Cohen (center) and Diane Cossa (right) as Juliet



Rob McCaskill (top) and Pat McCarthy (bottom) as Romeo



Veronica Reyes-How (left) and Molly McCluskey (right) as Juliet's Nurses

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