Window Shopping - Try Love on for Size

Jersey City, New Jersey | Film Short

Romantic Comedy, LGBTQ

Russell Kohlmann

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I’m Russell Kohlmann, and I need your help to bring my vision to life. In my film “Window Shopping”, a young, gay man with a lackluster sex life and a vivid imagination imagines a loving relationship with another man in a flash. It asks the question, what harm is there in using your imagination?

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Mission Statement

This project was written by myself, a gay man, and will be directed by myself and the inimitable Jenn Plotzke, an incredible Wonder Woman. The story also revolves around a gay male relationship. Our Director of Photography is also a woman, Kate Montgomery. I am thrilled to be working with them!

The Story

I have spent a long time keeping my voice down - both creatively and emotionally - stifling my personal stories from being told. I am now raising it up high to the heavens, and hope that you'll help me in making my vision come to fruition!


A brief history of my creative work...


Back in 2003, my sister and I created a web show before *anyone* else. The next thing I did, creatively, on film, was a short called "Young at Heart" in 2006, in high school, that was well-received. Since then, I've dabbled in short music video style parodies, collaborating with other artists on their projects, and contributing to making their dream projects come true. 


I've written a script (as of January 2017) and am looking to get it on digital celluloid as soon as possible. I am telling an intimate slice-of-life story that I think most people can relate to. It's got romance, humor, drama, fashion -- plus, it's about a gay relationship! And it's gonna be super fun. I'm producing, directing, acting in, and editing this magical piece of cinema. Sure, it's a lot of work---but it's worthwhile, and brings me so much joy to do so.


Please help fund this baby! "Window Shopping" is the start of something great.


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Cash Pledge

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The Magic Makers

Costs $3,500

CREW FEES! DP, Asst. Dir, Hair/Make-Up, Production Assts, Camera Asst, Gafffer/Grip, Sound Engineer.

The Beautiful People

Costs $1,500

We would love to pay our actors! They are the heart of our story.

Nom Noms

Costs $1,500

To keep our cast and crew happy, we'll be providing snacks and two daily meals.


Costs $500

This film is mostly montage, so we need a compelling score to complete the story.

Festival Fees

Costs $500

We want this little baby soaring to many festivals, so we need the funds to meet the fees!

About This Team

I've assembled a killer crew of folks, from soup to nuts. I'm so thrilled to be surrounding myself with collaborators who enjoy creating unique, new works as much as I do. Our crew is mostly women, especially with my Director of Photography Kate Montgomery and my do-it-all partner Jenn Plotzke (Assoc Producer, Asst Director, Actor). 

Current Team