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After miscarrying her baby in prison due to shackling, Pamela Winn becomes an activist, leading millions to support the Dignity Bill. "Winn" exposes the horrifying experience that incarcerated pregnant women endure and documents Pamela’s mission to end shackling and ultimately prison birth.

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Mission Statement

Our team is passionate about telling essential stories that expose injustice and truth. We’ve collectively made films documenting underserved populations (ie. refugees, immigrants, LGBTQ) to create empathy between the audience and the subjects of the film and activate our viewers to make change.

The Story


Winn follows Pamela’s metamorphosis– from prison to the halls of the state Capitol; from incarcerated person to outspoken law-changer; from powerless to empowered. The film will be told using a blend of verite style filmmaking, animation, and compelling first-person interview footage. 

The film opens with Pamela revealing the dramatic events during her incarceration that led to her miscarriage. Pamela is an artist and through the film’s use of animation, her art becomes a way to transport the audience into her experience while she was incarcerated. We experience her transformation into an activist. We follow her relentless work to pass the “Dignity Bill" which outlaws shackling in Georgia and affords other basic and necessary protections to women in prison. Tying these events together is Pamela‘s first person narration where she will share compelling and authentic insight into her experiences. 

Pamela’s story highlights the harsh reality of thousands of women behind bars. Since Pamela's release from federal custody in 2013, she has dedicated her life to fighting for the dignity, rights, and justice of directly impacted women. Today, she is a nationally recognized leader of the anti-shackle movement, sharing her story on behalf of incarcerated women nationwide. Pamela was a key person in the passage of the First Step Act and the "Dignity Bill" in Georgia, which recently outlawed shackling of pregnant and postpartum inmates. Pamela continues her advocacy work as a Soros Justice Fellow, setting her sights on passing legislation to end prison birth nationwide.

Pamela Winn’s Bio: 



The film is shot, and we are currently in Post-Production. We are able to make this film for very little money because we are all filmmakers and passionate about this subject and committed to telling Pamela's story--however, there are a few hard costs that we have to pay for like an editor, Pamela's artwork, animators and the music composition. 

Any additional money raised beyond our ask will go towards the feature film, Counted.  



“Winn” is a companion piece to a feature film, “Counted” currently in production.

Counted follows prison doulas, activists, social workers, an incarcerated pregnant person and a judge as they navigate the political, social and emotional obstacles surrounding pregnant women in prison. The feature reveals the unregulated practices of treatment and exposes Dr. Carolyn Sufrin’s groundbreaking study of incarcerated pregnant women.  Counted takes us on an intimate journey to understand what our criminal justice system currently looks like from the inside and learn how these extraordinary women on the frontline are changing it. Counted reimagines a system with standardized care that provides resources, respect and comfort to mother and child--ultimately putting an end to prison birth in America. 

The feature will tell Pamela’s story as she creates and advocates for Women's CARE Act to end prison birth in the state of Georgia. 


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

B-Camera and Sound

Costs $1,000

For Pamela's long interview, we hired a second camera and sound person to elevate the production.

Pamela's artwork and Animation

Costs $6,000

We are employing highly sought after animators to animate a few scenes using Pamela's artwork.

Post Edit, Sound Mix, Composer, Colorist

Costs $5,000

Editor, sound mixer, composer and colorist is where the magic happens.

About This Team

JOSEPH EAST, Director, Producer, DP & Editor

As a documentary filmmaker, Joseph East has worked nationwide covering subjects as diverse as civil rights, climate change, education, refugee resettlement and the criminal justice system. Joseph has worked with talented teams to capture stories that explore hard truths and seek to connect people in meaningful ways.

Joseph served as the Director, Cinematographer & Editor on the feature documentary, I WILL DANCE, which broadcast on PBS and ran on the National Endowment for the Arts Southern Circuit Tour. Joseph filmed for the Emmy-winning documentary CHASING CORAL’s impact campaign. He worked as Cinematographer for the upcoming feature documentary, CLARKSTON, executive produced by Katie Couric. Joseph also served as the Cinematographer & Editor for YOUR FANTASTIC MIND, a PBS television series which has recently been recognized with five Emmy nominations from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Southeast Chapter. His work has been shown on NBC, ABC, PBS, HuffPost and other outlets.

A father of three, Joseph lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia.


ERICA TANAMACHI, Executive Producer / Producer

An award-winning filmmaker and MFA Cinema graduate of San Francisco State University. Erica recently produced the award-winning feature documentary MOTHERLOAD. She also won “Best Documentary” from The Sonoma Film Festival, Silverlake Film Festival and The Documentary Foundation for her short documentary "Living Poets." She directs, produces and edits documentaries and commercials throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.



A creative producer and writer, Krisi works across many mediums including documentary film, short film, television, social videos and commercial advertising. She believes strongly in the power of story and loves helping directors craft their vision to share stories that impact our world. 

Krisi started her career working as studio support on the documentary THE COVE. She co produced I WILL DANCE, which aired on PBS in 2015 . Her most recent short doc, WINGS, won Most Influential Film at the Horsetooth International Film Festival in 2019. Her most recent narrative short, RESOLUTIONS screened at the Festival De Cannes Short Film Corner in 2020.

She has a BFA in writing for film and television from the University of Colorado and a MFA from the Internationale Filmschule Köln where she studied storytelling for international audiences.



Jaime is an Atlanta-based cinematographer with a wide range of experience shooting narrative, commercial, documentary and music video work.

Jaime graduated from The Savannah College of Art & Design in 2011, majoring in Film & Television with a focus in Cinematography.

Across all of her projects, a few themes she loves to explore are the female perspective, finding beauty in things that are dark, the mysteries of childhood, and the way our memories shape us. 

Jaime's work has been screened at The Savannah Film Festival, The Atlanta Film Festival, the London Fashion Film Festival, 48 HFP Filmapalooza, Dragon Con Independent Film Festival among others.

Most recently Jaime was awarded Best Cinematography at the Atlanta 48 Hr Film Project 2019 (for her short “Grimoire” which won best film).


Mass FX is a motion design and visual effects studio based in Denver, CO. Founded back in 2011 by Matt and Shawna Schultz, Mass FX's roots came from the documentary and non-fiction world of filmmaking, but with a twist: they specialized in animation.

Mass FX Media is grounded in storytelling and committed to spreading positive messages, powerful narratives and promoting inclusion and diversity in both their work and the people they work with and for. They might be most known for their work on Chasing Coral and The Social Dilemma.

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