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Shannon Sons

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With The Daisies is ultimately about escapism, finding a sense of belonging, and the struggle to heal from one’s own trauma - how one must work to survive when faced with it first hand.

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Mission Statement

As aspiring film-based artists, this project will act as the stepping stone for us - taking us from students to artists in our craft. This film is so important to us because it acts as a vessel to convey the importance of mental health, to show what many silently go through on a day to day basis.

The Story

Planting the seed...


Since its conception the film has acted as a vessel for escapism, with hopes of helping us all find ways to manage the issues that are always looming around us in our everyday lives. However, film is not only designed as a visual getaway, but also as a form of communication - different ideas, emotions, and themes valuable to our everyday lives shines through the content we consume, whether it be intentionally in our face or through subliminal messaging. Simply put, the films we watch can influence us, inspire us, or engage us in real world issues which we may have never seen before.


Our film follows Matt, watching him grow from childhood to his teenage years. After the loss of his father at an early age, he comes to cope with his grief through the use of drugs. After a tragic event, he decides to make the change to turn his life around by consulting Dr. West who aims to guide Matt through his struggles with the use of art, battling his grief with beauty rather than destruction.

With The Daisies was conceived out of one singular concept so integral to the human condition, loss. As human beings, we all at one point or another come to face the tragic feeling that comes along with it - be it sadness, frustration, anger, or confusion. How we process it, however, is different for everyone. Today, there are thankfully a plethora of resources available to help us decipher these feelings - resources to healthily facilitate the human process of grief. However, though many have access to these valuable resources, there is a large majority who, through their grief, find it difficult to reach out and be heard.

Ultimately, our film is designed to shine a light on those who struggle in the dark, those who feel like they must cope without a voice. Though it is easy to feel captured by one’s own personal trauma, the truth is that through loss and the grief that accompanies it something beautiful can grow - be it a rainbow above or a flower from below. In the end, only the darkest of nights can guide us to the brightest tomorrow.

Why now?

Trauma and loss have been emotional barriers for all since the beginning of time. Our reason for sharing this story now is so that we can open discussions that may have never been had - to shine a light on the dark truth we so easily forget exists. Especially now, in a time when many feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel, we are here to help guide and enforce the idea that we all have the power to get through it and to grow into a more hopeful and brighter future.

Helping a flower bloom.


Your contributions are not designed to simply allow us to create a short film or tell a single story. Your support will mean the beginning of something more meaningful for us all - our Capstone film marks not only the end of our time at Arizona State University but also the beginning of our professional careers and ventures in the film industry. With your support, we hope to take With The Daisies far past the finish line that is our graduation and conclusion of our college career by entering it in various festivals, and hope that you’ll come along with us for the ride.

Who are we?

Our group consists of several students who have studied filmmaking in the New American Film School for multiple years, taking all that we have learned and coming together to create something amazing and worth sharing. We all have a unique voice, background, and story to tell. Whether our work is in pre production or post production, we all have studied hard to make it where we are today in order to gear up to make this very special film and whatever is ahead of us.


In regards to Covid-19:  

With the ongoing global pandemic, we understand that the state of the world impacts how we will come together to create this important film in a safe and responsible way. 

Thanks to the many resources and guidelines set by the New American Film School here at Arizona State University, we are able to confidently say that we are prepared to create a piece of art that is whole in nature while also adhering to the safest possible conditions for all those involved on set, in front and behind the camera. 

Our set’s sanitary standards are of utmost importance to us, and we are taking precautions such as testing, sanitizing, and temperature monitoring to ensure the safest set possible in order to produce this very important film.


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Camera rigs, dollys, lighting, etc.

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Film festivals and other places!


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We have to feed the cast & crew!


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Things to make the film look real.

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About This Team

Zachary Youmans

Born in Chicago Illinois, he has had a long interest in editing with a father who worked as a radio editor for live shows and podcasts and an uncle who works as a film editor in Los Angeles. He has experience working on a multitude of different projects from working on capstones for ASU seniors to filming and editing commercial spots for local businesses and artists. 

Ian Grau

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Ian has been passionate about filmmaking since he was only 5 years old. He grew up directing, shooting and editing short films with his friends until he realized his true passion lied behind the camera as a cinematographer. He has since moved to Arizona to attend school at ASU, studying Film Media Production with a focus in Cinematography. Ian has filmed numerous short films with his friends back in Wisconsin and has filmed numerous class projects in Arizona. He has also worked for many clients as a freelance cinematographer doing corporate, or other creative work. He is excited for the future, as he continues to develop his craft, and continues to build his career as a cinematographer. 

DJ Lesher

DJ Lesher is originally from a small town outside of Philadelphia called Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Growing up he was always in awe by the magic that film creates, the moments we can capture, and the endless possibilities in the world of storytelling. He is going into his senior year at ASU, focusing on directing backed by a love for screen writing and design - also, a minor in communication. He hopes to be able to make and tell stories for the world to hear as he ventures outside of his career at ASU.

Nathan Jenson

Nathan Jenson was born and raised into the small town life of Northern Minnesota. His fascination with the production of films and television inspired him to look into making them and creating stories starting at a young age. He quickly headed to the west and now goes to ASU as a Film and Media Production Major with a focus on producing. He intends to move out to Los Angeles after graduation to pursue a career in the industry with plans to share his stories.

David Lin

David Lin first got into filmmaking after watching several episodes of Disney's House of Mouse and had imaginations in his mind as a result. He then decided to pursue a career in the filmmaking industry after realizing that he had an imaginative mind and had a unique connection with movies and animation. He studied filmmaking at ASU and took a couple of animation courses which was a craft he wanted to learn and master. He plans to start working on animations and films in Los Angeles after he graduates. Although he suffers from anxiety time to time, he wouldn't want to give up easily and he always fights on to move forward.

Shannon Sons

Born and raised in Peoria, AZ, Shannon fell in love with filmmaking while producing short films at her local high school. Since being at Arizona State University, she has served as Associate Producer for Student Creative Services, and served in leadership positions in the dorms for the past two years. She also had the opportunity to do the Disney College Program in the Spring of 2019 and hopes to intern with Disney post-graduation. 

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