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Woke is important to the times we are living. Now, more than ever, artists are free to create masterpieces and have it be seen by the audience of our choice. Woke is a celebration of art, diversity, and determination. A unique place where people of color can see themselves represented on the screen.

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Mission Statement

The show focuses on the lives of people of color living in New York City. Many of the topics explored are based on contemporary social & cultural issues. Diversity is big for us; so it's also important to hire a cast and crew that reflects our mission of empowerment.

The Story



About the Series 

A racially mixed, outspoken actress in New York City constantly being told "no" and offering herself a "yes."


Growing up in two different (but not so different) cultures, our main character (Glenís) tries to navigate her day to day struggles, big and small. She faces identity issues, constant career rejection, loss of power, and social oppression all while attempting to find her own voice. With the help of two amazing parents, one who is the typical Dominican mother and a sarcastic activist Black father; there isn’t any challenge she can’t take on. The main characters are smart, witty and relatable.  Join us in exploring the many layers that make us human. 


Our Goal

To create content that celebrates diversity, educates people on social issues and inspires our audience to seek out what they're really passionate about.


          Meet Some of the Charcaters 


Bisa Dawes- Vanessa 


Gloribell Mercado - Karla




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It takes a village to get this done! These people work insanely hard!!

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Without them this can't happen!

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This is the most important thing on a set! We want to properly feed our cast and crew during the day

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We have numerous locations to shoot at. (Poetry lounge, Restaurants, Rehearsal studios, etc)

Post Production

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Someone with A LOT of patience has to put all the pieces together and make a pilot!

Permits and Insurance

Costs $800

Shooting in public places requires permits and insurance is a must on a professional film set.

About This Team

                              Our team is great!

              We are motivated and inspiraed to raise the consiousness of soceity one project at a time.

                We all come from different walks of life and bring our own seasoning to the mix! 

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