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Operation Wolf Patrol is a documentary that tells the story of eco-activist Rod Coronado and his attempt to end wolf hunting in the USA. When the Wolf Patrol is met with a tightening of hunter harassment laws, Coronado has to ask himself if he is willing to go to prison for his activism.

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Mission Statement

Wolf Patrol is a conservation movement founded on the principles of biocentricity, and indigenous cultural preservation. Wolf Patrol believes in supporting the recovery of gray wolves in the USA and encouraging a greater understanding and tolerance for cultural world views that promote coexistence.

The Story



Operation Wolf Patrol is a character driven documentary that tells the story of eco-activist Rod Coronado as he emerges from prison and recommits himself to the protection of wild animals. The film follows Rod and his group of volunteer “wolf patrollers” as they attempt to end wolf hunting in the United States. Over the course of three years we watch Rod work to redefine his activism in an era– post 9/11, where some have called him an “ecoterrorist.” Rod’s current efforts are set against his 30-year involvement in radical environmental action. The film comes to a climax when Coronado's "Wolf Patrol" is met with a tightening of "hunter harassment laws" in Wisconsin, and renewed attempts to send Coronado back to prison. Now, Coronado must ask himself, if he is not willing to go back to prison for "eco-sabotage," is he willing to go back to fight a law that some are calling "unconstitutional"?

The Wolf Patrol crew in northern Wisconsin's Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.


Operation Wolf Patrol is a film that takes on the abuse of wildlife. The film will have three main impacts. 1st, the film will expose unsporting hunting practices related to wolf hunting. Issues such as the use of leg-hold traps, hound hunting, poaching, and the use of poison to kill wolves, will all be examined. The secondary, but connected issues of bear baiting and bear hounding are also interrogated throughout the documentary. Learn more about the issues at the following links: Wolfpatrolfilm.com & WolfPatrol.org2nd, the film will serve as a media campaign challenging Wisconsin's new "Ag Gag" style "Hunter Harassment" law that prohibits photographing hunters on public lands. Wisconsin passed a law in April of 2016 that specifically targeted the Wolf Patrol's citizen monitoring efforts by criminalizing photography on public lands. Operation Wolf Patrol Director– Joe Brown, is currently working with the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) to challenge the constitutionality of this law in federal court. 3rd, the film will establish itself as the first feature-length documentary on Rod Coronado's 30 years of environmental activism. Upon its completion, Operation Wolf Patrol will become part of the growing canon of environmental films such as, The CoveIf a Tree FallsPickAxe, and Who Bombed Judi Bari


Multiple short films related to the work Wolf Patrol has done in the field over the last 3 years are available on the Wolf Patrol YouTube Channel. Director, Joe Brown's recent short, "Operation Wolf Patrol: Wisconsin Wildlife Issues" has screened at 10+ film festivals across the country and is now available to view for free, online. Although "Operation Wolf Patrol: The Rod Coronado Story" will take a different approach than the films currently available on YouTube, the positive reception these previously produced videos have received is proof that the Wolf Patrol story is ready to be told in a feature documentary format. 



Wolf Patrol & Joe Brown– Director of Operation Wolf Patrol, have received favorable media coverage. 

9/7/2017: Wisconsin Gazette article about Wisconsin wildlife issues and Operation Wolf Patrol film.​

7/17/2017: Operation Wolf Patrol director Joe Brown and the Animal Legal Defense Fund file suit to challenge Wisconsin's potentially unconstitutional Hunter Harassment Law. Read the press release and recent media coverage about the lawsuit. 

2/23/2017: Lansing State Journal publishes article on Rod Coronado and the Wolf Patrol; features director Joe Brown's photos and documentary work.  

Additional media coverage

Rod Coronado looks for wolves in Yellowstone National Park.


Filmmaking is an expensive endeavor and those who produce films have to be very resourceful. Soliciting support via a community of contributors willing to help out via a crowdfunding initiative is one important way films gets made. The Operation Wolf Patrol documentary is already very close to the finish line. Funds from private donors, granting organizations, and community partners have already enabled Joe and his team to complete 95% of principal photography. Additional funds from Milwaukee Film's "Brico Forward Fund" will be utilized to complete some of the technical finishing process related to film production, such as sound mixing and sweetening. 


Still, more money is needed:


Our fundraising goal is: $8,000.

– $5,000 will be used for expenses related to color correction and video finishing processes. 

– $3,000 will be used for the licensing of archival materials / videos important to both the issue of wolf hunting and Rod Coronado's life.


Money raised via Seed & Spark will be managed with the utmost care. By contributing to the finishing stage of this film you are helping to ensure that the film reaches a broad audience by looking and sounding as "Hollywood" as it possibly can (production value matters). 



Joe Brown and his team are experienced and committed filmmakers, but creating a film is challenging, so it's fair to ask, "What if you don't reach your goal?" 

The Seed & Spark platrform requires us to make 80% of our goal or we recceive no money and you are not charged. That means we need at least $6,400 to make this campaign a success, but we think we can hit the $8,000 mark, if not more!

If we don’t reach our $8,000 fundraising goal, we will put the funds raised where they are needed most and continue to recruit supporters and donors. Director, Joe Brown is also pursing additional funds via grant making organizations geared towards filmmakers and academics.  


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The Wolf Patrol crew relaxes by a campfire.


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Doc Filmmaker. Environmentalist. Activist.

Joe Brown is a filmmaker and educator currently based at the University of Denver. His documentary work has screened at: The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, The Wild & Scenic Film Festival; New Filmmakers, NY; the Birmingham Sidewalk Festival; the Dallas International Film Festival, the MKE Film Festival, and many more venues. Brown also sits on the board of the University Film & Video Association. See the Operation Wolf Patrol website at: www.wolfpatrolfilm.com

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