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Imagine a mash-up of "Waiting For Guffman" and "The Office" - that's Workplace Comedy podcast! It's an improvised comedy set in a struggling chemical manufacturing company that puts on a podcast to showcase the talents of its employees (and to cover-up a huge PR mess).

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Mission Statement

This podcast is created and produced by women and features women in front and behind the mic. But our goal goes even beyond empowering women - it's to create a warm, delightful comedy show that will bring joy to the world.

The Story


Workplace Comedy is a 30-minute improvised comedy podcast. It pretends to be the “official” podcast of a mid-size chemical manufacturing company called CoChemCo (Colorado Chemical Company).

Here's the premise: CoChemCo is in trouble - a “burn log” dissing employees and customers was recently leaked to the press. An eager administrative assistant Jen and her reluctant cubicle-mate Valentina host a podcast, trying to prove that most of the company’s employees are kind, interesting people, but their optimistic meddling just unearths more scandal.

Structurally it's part interview and part geeky talent show, with a mystery running through the first season: who wrote the burn log - and more important - who leaked it? The tone we're aiming for lives between Waiting for Guffman and The Office.



Workplace Comedy is for fans of comedy podcasts like:

  • Hello From The Magic Tavern
  • Sponteanation
  • The Ron Burgandy Podcast

And, of course, fans of brilliant workplace comedies like:

  • Parks and Rec
  • 30 Rock
  • Cheers! Taxi! 9 to 5! Office Space! There are so many!

According to Edison research, comedy is the most popular genre with podcast listeners, with 36% of consumers tuning in to at least one show in that style in the past week. 

Women are now listening to podcasts more than ever before, making up 48% of the podcast listening audience ( - however, only 1 on 3 of the top podcasts were hosted by women and only 1 in 10 hosts were people of color. This female-hosted, female-produced podcast will target that direly underserved female market, without ever feeling exclusionary in any way.



We are seeking $14,500 to produce the first season of 5-6 episodes. Each episode will run 30 minutes.

A large portion of our money will go to pay our cast and crew. Actors and crew members have been hit hard by Covid19 - this is a small way to help. The jobs that actors depend on are only now starting to come back. There are also questions of safety, especially for actors who are at high-risk. So we will record remotely - the best way to keep our cast safe.

Here's a breakdown of how we will use your support:



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Costs $4,000

During a time when almost all TV/Film/Theater production is on hold, our cast needs our support!


Costs $1,200

This money will go to the tekkies and other assistants.

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Editing/Sound Design

Costs $4,800

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Costs $4,000

'Cause what's the use of making a great show if no one hears it?


Costs $500

Lots o' good stuff in this bucket: online fees, graphic design, music licensing... you get it!

About This Team

Emmy Laybourne - Executive Producer, Director & Cast

Emmy is one serious multihyphenate: writer/director/producer/actress. Her career has had two major phases:

  • Performing in the alternative comedy scene of the late 90’s (which led to her being cast in the cult hit film “Superstar” as the best friend to Molly Shannon’s Catholic Schoolgirl character).
  • Writing 6 critically acclaimed Young Adult novels (the NYT called her debut, Monument 14, “Frighteningly real… riveting.” and she almost fainted from happiness.)

Having written, performed, produced and hosted all manner of stage shows, plays and comedy shows, Emmy has now fallen deeply in love with podcasts. Workplace Comedy Podcast is her first podcast project, and she’s got plans to make quite a few, including adaptations of her novels.

Emmy grew up in an entertainment family. Her mom, Geraldine, brought Nickelodeon to roaring success in the 80s-90s and then went on to found Oxygen Media, with Oprah Winfrey and Marcy Carsey. Kit, her father, is actually a producer on this very podcast, so you can read more about him below! And her brother Sam is a network comedy showrunner – and will be stopping by on this podcast as a guest star!

Emmy’s going to use everything she’s learned so far to make this podcast brilliant and funny – and she would love to have you on the team!

Lauren Dunitz - Producer, Writer

Lauren Dunitz is a writer, actress, and producer who writes everything from comedy to bad comedy. Most recently, she was staffed as a writer on the Facebook Watch series "Smile with Markian," which boasts over three million followers. Her short films have been screened as an Official Selection of the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival.

Lauren's original writing has earned Second Round placement at the Sundance Episodic Storytelling Lab and the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, and was an Official Selection of the WeScreenplay Television Competition. Lauren has appeared in many national network commercials, including spots for IBM, Nissan, and Bud Light and can most frequently be found irritating her dogs.

Kit Laybourne - Producer

Kit Laybourne is a TV producer and educator AND he is also the father of Emmy! (See her bio above!)

Kit was an executive producer of animation, documentary and interactive shows at Oxygen Network. His major production credits include "Eureeka's Castle" and "Gullah Gullah Island" for Nickelodeon, "Liquid Television" for MTV, "Braingames" for HBO, and "Media Probes" for PBS. 

For a dozen years, Kit and partner Eli Noyes ran an independent animation & branding studio in TriBeCa, Noyes & Laybourne. Most of its major works included ID's for MTV and Nickelodeon, shorts for the Children's Television Workshop, and shows for Scholastic and Nick Junior.

Kit was a Core Faculty Member in the MA program in Media Studies at the New School, where he taught both early and late in his career. He created on-going courses about Media Design and The Producer's Craft.


Holley Jacobson - Marketing Strategist

Holley Jacobson is a creator, writer, storyteller, video producer, social media manager, part-time karaoke singer and full-time brunch lover. 

After discovering her passion for acting and singing at an early age, Holley wanted to find a method of incorporating those creatively-driven hobbies into a career founded on strategic communication. With her professional experience working in the corporate healthcare setting, the travel and tourism industry as well as the nonprofit world, Holley has a well-rounded approach to marketing and communications that revolves around the perception and needs of the consumer. 


Our Cast!

Bios will be available soon on our website:, but here's a sneak peek:

Current Team