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The most stressful job in America is teaching. Everyone of us has an educator that made an impact in our lives. Yet the entire profession is being asked to do too much with too little. Our film explores the emotional trauma of both students and educators in the modern high school classroom.

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Mission Statement

World's Lamest Teacher is an urgent film, crafted by a collection of diverse filmmakers based in Central Arkansas. The story comes from the personal experiences of the director, but the sentiment of the film is held by both cast and crew: that teaching is nuanced, difficult, and to be celebrated.

The Story

LOGLINE: A young high school teacher begins to question his career choice after a day filled with fistfights, drugs, and a student's self harm.

I feel guilty everyday that I’m not in a highschool classroom. I was making a difference in student’s lives and in my community. I felt like the work I was doing was important, and that I was good at it. But there were enough reasons that made it impossible for me to stay. Reasons that feel universal within the teaching profession that never get talked about or highlighted. This is what my film is about. Everyone has an educator that made a massive impact on their lives. Someone who inspired them or was there for them when no one else was. It is a shared experience that our lives are better for having some of the teachers we had.

Yet the profession is held in a contradictory esteem. The pay is criminally low. The hours and workload are grueling. The job is entirely thankless. The highest praise or admission of respect for teachers that I often heard was, “I could never be a teacher. Must be incredibly difficult. Kids are so bad these days. I could never keep 30 kids in line and behaving all day.” To think that the most difficult part of the job is getting kids to behave is incredibly reductive. “But teachers get summers off, so they shouldn't be complaining.” Roughly half of all teachers quit within their first five years of teaching. Summers off obviously aren’t enough to keep teachers around. There are a myriad of reasons teachers get pushed away, and the difficulties of the profession shown in movies are usually surface level ones. 

The film I aim to make looks to illuminate the reasons that I walked away. Potentially deeper and darker reasons. That micro morality decisions are constantly being made in the classroom. That doing what's best for a student overall can be incredibly nuanced and difficult. That monitoring your students' mental health is a much bigger part of the job than anyone wants to talk about.

This is a small film, about the occurrences of just one day, and the relationships that exist within it. There are both warm moments and chilling ones within the experiences of a few characters. But I hope that it reflects the isolation and weight that can be placed on the profession. That a culture of burnout is constantly at war with the desperate need to be there and care for students. 

Darren Ford, a high school teacher in a lower income school, edges ever closer to complete burnout. Desperate to educate and inspire his students, he must navigate the normal hurdles of the profession, as well as the more intricate ones his students Lucianna and Dylan throw at him, all while keeping a watchful eye on their physical and mental well being. 

Darren Ford: A media teacher in his mid 20's. He has great relationships with his students and works tirelessly to make his class enjoyable. Sometimes his morale compass doesn't align with that of his school and can lead to tough decisions. He teachs with a deep empathy that can also work against his own mental health. 

Lucianna Ortega: A 15 year old sophmore in Mr. Ford's class. She's beyond sarcastic and has a razor sharp wit. Her home life is difficult and she has a history of self harm. 

Dylan Johnston: A 14 year old freshman in Mr. Ford's class. He's a soundcloud rapper. Very intelligent, but very stubborn. He finds it difficult to see the point in many of the things he's learning and doesn't have an issue questioning them.

Angie Evans: A high school counselor. Will fight you in the parking lot for her students. She works hard to make sure the teachers on her staff feel valued. 

The script is locked and we are in the casting process. We are aiming to shoot in mid to late August, with post production going throughout the end of the the year. Upon completion, we plan to submit to dozens of film festivals around the world. 

We're raising $10,000 to fund the production of World's Lamest Teacher. 
Here is a brief breakdown of what the funds will cover. 

    • Compensation, lodging, transportation.
    • Upwards of 30 student extras will be needed.
    • Expenses related to renting a school for production. 
    • These expenses can rack up quickly and includes costuming, hair, and makeup as well. 
    • Everybody needs to eat!
    • We can't make any of this happen without production insurance!



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Safety is very important to us. We will be taking precautions needed to keep everyone in our cast and crew safe.
All of our cast and crew will be vaccinated. Testing will be made available for everyone along with the needed care.


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A High School Location

Costs $1,500

We need a High School location to film, and have quoted $1500 from a local school,

Post Production

Costs $2,500

Editing, sound design, color correction and more are all needed to finish the film.


Costs $2,500

Paying actors and their transportation and housing costs.


Costs $3,500

Paying and feeding the fantastic crew.

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About This Team

Director: Casey Floyd is a filmmaker from Galveston, Texas. A former news journalist, corporate video producer, and high school teacher, he now spends his time studying and making films he finds emotionally compelling. He's in the final year of the Film MFA program of the University of Central Arkansas, and this will will serve as his thesis project. Casey has directed TV news specials, helmed video productions for GE, IBM, and FedEx, as well as directed commercials, music videos and most recently, his short film Kind Eyes, which is currently on the festival circuit. 

Producer: Paula Blanco Pérez is a Spanish filmmaker that has been making movies in Arkansas for 5 years. She has a degree in digital filmmaking from the University of Central Arkansas, where she is now working towards getting her graduate degree in film production. She is a strong passionate young filmmaker full of energy and ideas. She is ambitious and motivated to help the Arkansas film community grow by making films in the state and supporting one another. She worked as the Director of Education at Fayetteville Public TV and won a Telly Award for the “Cinematic Rig FPTV Promo” she directed. She has also directed and produced several short films like “Be Here Now” which was semi-finalist for Best Director at Madrid Film Awards 2020 (Spain) and finalist for Best Director at The Continental Film Festival 2020, “Dust” which won the Technical Achievement Award at the UCA Film Festival 2020, and “Dandelion” that just started the festival run. 

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