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What if there was an app where you could pay someone to do... anything? Our series helps viewers appreciate the fact that even during the most unimaginable of circumstances, making the most out of your situation is always an option.

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Mission Statement

We are a diverse collective of artists that includes members of the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, and people from widely varying socioeconomic backgrounds. Our goal is to create a compelling comedic series that gives our audience something to connect with no matter what their background may be.

The Story

Would you comb lice for $250? What about pretending to be someone's prom date for $1,000? Would you bury a body without asking questions for $50,000? The Wrecking Crew series is a four episode dark comedy about three friends who create a business where they’ll do anything for cash. As the nature of their work becomes less and less legal, they are put into situations that will test their wit, creativity, and strength. They all quickly realize the differences in their identities and the limits of their friendships.


Search Party | Inspiration


Wrecking Crew is a story of characters making the most of the circumstances that they find themselves in. Cal, Martez, and Jenny are trying to achieve some sense of success and achievement, but they get lost along the way. They each have their own motives, but their path is the same. Our characters are a lot like millennials; a little lost, a little ambitious and sometimes a little selfish. But all hoping to become a little more put together, to have something that is their own and to find ways to be a little more selfless.


Good Girls | Inspiration


Now more than ever, people need entertainment that not only entertains, but also allows for the audience to empathize and question their own intentions and how they would react. Our goal is to film a series that makes you think, "how far will they go?" while hinting at an even more important question, "how far would I go?".  


Breaking Bad | Inspiration


We know that while it is an important time to be creating content, it's more important that it's done safely. While we are filming, we will follow the strictest of health & safety guidelines, including: requiring masks and face shields on set, providing PPE to all cast & crew, requiring multiple COVID negative test results from everyone on set, and taking temperature and symptom checks daily before work. Several of our crew members currently work in Health & Safety departments for TV and have hundreds of hours of experience enforcing COVID safety protocols. We will be strictly enforcing social distancing, mask wearing, and proper sanitation. Your money will help ensure that Wrecking Crew is filmed safely and effectively.


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Personal Protective Equipment

Costs $475

Masks, wipes, face shields... We need it all! Wrecking Crew will be extra safe on set.

Location Fees

Costs $700

We will make sure all of the locations we film in are properly paid for. No rogue filmmaking here!


Costs $1,300

Catering and craft services. We need energy to bury bodi- uhhhh.. I mean to film our series!


Costs $1,000

You know what they say: prepare for the worst, hope for the best!

Crew & Equipment Fees

Costs $1,350

In order to make the production happen, we need to pay a few witnesses (crew) off.

About This Team

Marinna, Sean, and Kenny originally met in a Type and Image for actors class in 2019. It was there that they realized they had a shared set of skills that would be able to easily carry Sean's high school film idea to creation. It wasn't long before others joined the project. Between Marinna's killer writing skills, Kenny's ambition for Production, and Mackenzie's intimate knowledge of "the pitch" - our team has no shortage of talent!

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