You Promise?

Malmö, Sweden | Film Short

Drama, Family

Lin Laurin

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"You Promise?" takes place in Malmö, Sweden in 1988. The story follows Vida, 5, and her brother Alex, 3, when they get a new father figure in the family. It’s an aesthetic, poetic and heartwarming short film about family love, divorce, and fear of change - from a five-year-old’s perspective.

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Mission Statement

This film is predominantly for grown-ups and older kids but from a five-year-olds perspective. We are convinced that this perspective will make the viewers relate to the story and reflect on how their own childhood has influenced them. -No matter their age, gender, nationality or walk of life.

The Story

You Promise? or Lovar du? as we say in Swedish will be a 13-15 minute short drama about Vida, 5,  who is growing up in Malmö, Sweden in 1988. At the beginning of the film, Vida is woken up by a scary nightmare to find out that her parents will split up. Shortly after her mom has a new boyfriend called Peter. At first, Vida and her brother Alex, 3, protest by mocking him, but soon the kids get used to Peter, and in the end - they accept him as a new father figure. 

This film shows tiny moments spread out over about a year that together illustrate a time when everything changes in the kids' lives. It’s an aesthetic, poetic and heartwarming short film about family love, divorce and fear of change from a five-year-old’s perspective. 

We are planning to shoot You Promise? during the first week of October this year in Malmö. We want the film to look like a memory from  Malmö during the late 80s. We will send the film to festivals all over the world as soon as it is done. We are also going to do our best to have it shown on TV and at movie theatres that show short films. We are convinced that this will be a story that people of all ages can relate to and recognize themselves or someone they know in.  

Another thing we would like to mention is that this film production will be; sustainable; packed with original artwork, music, and design; and 100% independent. Thank you for your time. Please share our project with your friends.

The crowdfunding video is shot by Michaelangelo DeSerio and Lin Laurin, edited by Andrea Müller, with stills by Bo Hogrelius and Lin Laurin, music by Anna-Lena Laurin, and artwork by Dain Gordon. 


Violfilm is a feminist, anti-racist, and pro-sustainability production company, which influences every step of our process.


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Props & Costumes

Costs $650

The props and costumes will help create a cohesive and interesting design.

Camera Equipment

Costs $1,350

We want to shoot this project with great equipment so it can be as beautiful as it deserves to be.


Costs $300

We need all our crew and actors to get to all the locations.

Recording Studio

Costs $200

We need a recording studio to record our original music

Lighting Equipment

Costs $300

Sometimes lighting is everything.

Rigging Equipment

Costs $150

In film, time is money, and therefore we will need great rigging equipment.

Sound Equipment

Costs $250

There is no such thing as a great movie with horrible sound.


Costs $50

We will need some styling products for a party scene and some powder for the rest.


Costs $250

We need a small budget for our inexpensive, homecooked, vegetarian, and waste-conscious meals.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Lin Laurin

Lin is a Malmö based filmmaker and performance artist who is very passionate about telling strong original stories. With experience as a production manager, a house manager, a casting director, and as somebody who has directed both film and theatre, Lin is a person who can handle projects of any size or type. In 2011, she directed and produced a feature documentary called Iphigenia, which aired several times on national Swedish television, SVT and was received incredibly well. You Promise? which is partly inspired by childhood memories, will be her second narrative short film. She sees You Promise? as an opportunity to take filmmaking to another level, and is beyond excited to share this film with the world.


Iris Bergcrantz
Co-Producer / Composer

Iris is a jazz/folk singer and composer. She has performed on national TV in Sweden, received a Grammy nomination for best Swedish folk music 2019 and toured all over Europe and the US. Her debut album, Different Universe, received excellent reviews worldwide. 


Ebba Juslin
Co-producer / Costume Stylist

Ebba is a creative chameleon that over the years has worked with vintage-fashion, interior design, and makeup. With a passion for storytelling, she has worked with creating content in many different ways.


Michaelangelo DeSerio

Line Producer

Michaelangelo is a technical theatre artist and adventurer from Brooklyn, NY who has worked as a production manager and technical director for productions of all sizes. Other things worth mentioning is that he has produced theatre festivals and events, written two books, and biked from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. This will be his first narrative short film to work on.


Elma Smajić
Production Designer

Elma has worked on film and TV productions of all sizes over the years, as both a production designer and as a set dresser. 2017 she was the production designer on the Norwegian film, Min søster, which won an Amanda for best short (Norwegian Oscar).


Jonathan Wing
Editor/ Associate Producer/ Composer

Jonathan is a New York-based filmmaker and musician. As an editor, he has worked on both features, shorts, commercials and music videos. As a musician, he has toured all over the US and Europe. 2017 he won a VMA for best editing for Beyonce's music video 7/11.


Dain Gordon
Graphic Design / Original Art Work

Dain has worked as a creative director/art director for brands like MAC, Seed, and Glossier. He has taught graphic design at university level as well as created logos and artwork for dozens of artists. 


Andrea Müller

Pre-production Extraordinary 

Andrea is a filmmaker, designer, and musician based in Stockholm. She has worked on productions of all kinds in Sweden and the UK. 


Sylvia Helena Eliasson 

Sylvia has been working in the performing arts for most of her life. Professionally trained in Meisner technique (Terry Knickerbocker Studio in NYC), she has acted in several short films, one of which was co-written and produced by Academy Award producer Alexander Dinelaris.  She has also designed costumes for various live performance art pieces in New York and in Europe. Fascinated with the human condition and social realism, she continuously strives to learn and develop her artistic skills in film.


Josefine Hallin


Josefine Hallin is 6 years old and will play Vida in You Promise? This is her first film role. 

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