You Look Great

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Comedy, Drama

Justin Andrew Davis

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After secretly struggling with his weight, Peter's body shame pushes him further than ever before, threatening to ruin his every relationship in pursuit of complete control. Using dark comedy, You Look Great is an unflinching, intimate look into our addictions, obsessions, and self-consciousness.

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Mission Statement

You Look Great will show the public that artists and everyday people (particularly men) are ready to talk about these stigmatized issues. Eating disorders and mental health are gender-neutral, and this film aims to normalize open dialogue about them, thereby creating more empathy and understanding.

The Story

My name is Justin Andrew Davis and I suffer from body dysmorphia and binge eating disorder, and I want to talk about them -- and what better place to start than with my filmmaking debut, You Look Great.


Using dark comedy, You Look Great is an unflinching, intimate look into our addictions, obsessions, and self-consciousness. Our narrative follows Peter -- an every day guy struggling with his weight -- over the course of a single day, offering a realistic insight into a strangely unrepresented story: that of a man fighting to hide his unhealthy relationship with his body. 


Through my film, I hope to show the greater public that artists and everyday people are ready to talk about their bodies and these universal yet stigmatized problems. Eating disorders and mental health are gender-neutral issues, and since beginning my journey of translating my experiences to the screen, I've come to realize several things: we all have complicated relationships to our bodies and their place in society, we are all still uncomfortable talking about ourselves, and we all have a specific story beneath it all.


Now, I want to be the person who starts and normalizes this conversation, ultimately helping others out there realize their struggle is a shared one and that they're not alone. That said, I'm confident You Look Great will be the first steps toward creating a more empathetic and understanding culture -- for all of us. 


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Sound Mastering/Design

Costs $500

On top of music, our world has a highly stylized ambiance that will accentuate the visceral nature of the film.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $800

We promise not to eat it all in one day!

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $800

Hear the comedy, hear the drama, hear the start of a very necessary conversation.

Sony FS-7

Costs $700

Dan the DP's favorite toy, ready to catch all the action.


Costs $1,650

The incredible team of actors helping build this complex and nuanced story over the course of 4 days.

Assistant Director

Costs $800

Keeping us on-schedule, advising the director, and coordinating so many little details. Forward momentum is so key!


Costs $800

Our movie is in their hands -- literally.

Prop Food

Costs $250

As a story about body image and eating disorders, food is a key plot device present throughout the film.

Festival Submissions

Costs $600

The conversation starts with us, but we've got to take the message out into the world!


Costs $400

We're going to be lighting a busy office, so that's a lot of rooms to look pretty!

Lighting Package

Costs $600

Lighting up both our faces and these hard-to-talk-about issues.

Misc. Equipment

Costs $600

This will cover everything from dollies to jibs, allowing us nothing but the best most artistic path to telling this story.


Costs $800

The ship needs a captain. Thankfully, Shane looks good in a sailor's uniform.

Production Assistants

Costs $600

The hustlers behind the scenes who handle problems large and small, which is integral to helping keep everyone focused.

SAG Fees and Insurance

Costs $500

This is a professional SAG production, and as such, we're going to need to handle all the necessary fees and insurance.


Costs $600

A soundscape is integral in amplifying the overall mood as well as the comedy and drama of each scene.

Craft Services (Snacks!)

Costs $200

Long days means we're all need a pick-me-up at some point. These healthy snacks are going to fuel our creative fire!

Art Director

Costs $800

Wardrobe to set-dressing, our Art Director covers the nitty gritty of the story. Everything from that half eaten bagel to our work khakis.

About This Team

Justin Andrew Davis, Writer/Director/Producer/Peter
Justin Andrew Davis is a professional NYC-based actor, writer, and sweets-eater. From 2015-16, Justin served as an apprentice at The Barrow Group, where he continues to study and collaborate with like-minded artists (including the newly-minted NOW Collective). He recently wrapped his first feature film as lead character Alex in writer/director Brian DiLorenzo's Myth, which is slated to premiere in 2017. You Look Great is his debut as a filmmaker, and he couldn't be more excited for the incredible team that has rallied behind him. In between performing, writing, auditioning, and working, Justin can be found trying to resist his sweet tooth and wishing he owned a dog.
Ryan Wesen, Joe
Ryan Wesen is a classically trained New York City based actor. He has appeared in numerous feature and short films, most recently “Axcellerator” (2017), “Time To Pay Off Debts” (2016), and “Minor Third” (2016). He was recently awarded Best Actor in a Feature Drama for his film “Before The Snow”. Originally from Las Vegas, he received his B.F.A. from the University of Evansville. Ryan has portrayed a wide array of characters in productions ranging from eccentric Kaufman and Hart comedies, to Shakespeare’s classic tragedies. Ryan’s physical training includes years of competitive martial arts and this athleticism has allowed him to effortlessly perform his own stunts in several of his films.
Peyton Michelle Edwards, Alex
Peyton Michelle Edwards is a New York based actor who has appeared in over 20 projects throughout the independent film scene. Hailing from North Carolina, she holds a BA in dramatic art from UNC Chapel Hill. Most recent credits include lead and supporting roles in She Came from the Woods, Howitz, Anna, and In Memoriam.

Sean T. McGrath, Rick

Sean T. McGrath is New York based actor, writer and producer, with training from London's Rose Bruford College. He has recently been seen on stage in The NOW Collective's Apartment Complex (Peter, writer, producer), The Barrow Group Apprentice Company's In The Pipeline (Sean/Dave), and The Barrow Group's reading of Tracy Scott Wilson's The Good Negro (Rowe). He can soon be seen in The NOW Collective's upcoming reading of the new play Ships in Bottles (Seth, writer, producer). He is excited to work on You Look Great and help deliver the ever important messages the film promises to tackle.


Tessa Byford, Sarah

Tessa, Producer/Sarah

Tessa Byford is a Singer/Dancer/Actor living in New York City.  She has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "A Chorus Line" directed by Jubel Obien. She has also been a Producer under multiple new media companies and currently working on multiple independent projects. She was recently a host for the Non-Governmental Organizations Expo where she led a number of discussions on social impact with various non-profits.


Daniel Rodenhizer, Director of Photography

Dan Rodenhizer is a cinematographer working in the independent film world. When he's not shooting he can be seen crewing on any number of projects including indie films, commercials, music videos, and corporate content. He is the co-founder of Brooklyn Media Loft, and you can find more of his work here: 


Current Team