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"You're Family Now" is a haunting horror short that will have you holding your breath until the final frame. It’s also a film that means a lot to us as brothers. It works as a metaphor for the fears we’ve had about cancer running rampant in our family and this idea of a family “curse."

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Mission Statement

We have crafted a story that is more than just a horror film. It’s one that focuses on processing family tragedy and loss. We will be pulling together an incredibly talented crew from our vast network to truthfully bring this haunting story to life.

The Story

We are really excited to come together to tell a scary story that's close to us but told in a really unique way.  

Having both cut our teeth in the commercial industry, we are able to reach into our vast networks we have built over the years to pull together this incredible film.

During the writing process we pulled from our life experiences helping us craft a truthful yet haunting story.  We hoped to capture and tell these life altering experiences in a symbolic, emotionally driven framework.  With more and more people having to go through events similar to ours, we want them to be able to connect to the fear, helplessness, and strength our characters portray in this film.

We have also factored COVID-19 into our planning and budget.  We will have a trained covid officer on set, a small crew, and will maintain social distancing practices. Everyone participating on-set will be tested before the shoot.

Now here is where you come in!  By joining the family, with your donation, we will be able to pay our incredible cast, crew, and all of the other talented artists involved in bringing this film to life.  Without their hard work and your financial support none of this would be possible.  

We can’t thank you enough for your support, and we look forward to sharing the final film with you and the world.


This story is about Sam, a strong independent woman who has lived in New York City for most of her adult life. She recently married a man named Eli who she fell quickly in love with.  After discovering he had inherited a family home upstate, she pushes them to start a new life together away from the city. 

The film opens with them arriving at Eli's inherited family home for the first time.  Sam quickly discovers she doesn’t really know Eli’s past at all.  That night over drinks Eli shares a haunting childhood story with her.  Sam quickly realizes his family has a dark past that may come back to haunt them both...


The visual style of this film will take a two-tone approach.  Throughout the daylight scenes we will capture the natural texture of our location and the space in which our story is told through clean natural light.  As the story progresses into darkness literally and figuratively we want the space to fall off into blackness and into obscurity.  The unknown is sometimes more frightening than the known and we want to translate that visually into this film. 


We are extremely excited to bring this film to life.  We really hope you will join us by choosing one of our incentives to the right to support us on this journey.

If you aren’t able to contribute at this time, that's ok!  There are other ways you can stay involved and follow along.  At the end of the day we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to watch and enjoy our final film.  

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We look forward to hearing from you, you’re family now! 



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Cast and Crew

Costs $2,000

Our incredibly talented cast and crew are what make this film possible!


Costs $2,000

This helps pay for our incredible location in upstate NY.

Food and Hotels

Costs $2,000

This covers food and hotels for our hard working cast and crew.

Post Production

Costs $2,000

This will cover our talented post production team.

Camera Equipment

Costs $2,000

We can't make the movie without this. :)

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Ryan Mack

Writer/ Director 

Ryan is a writer/director based in Los Angeles, CA.  He went to film school where he focused on film editing.  After graduating he moved to NYC where he cut short films and music videos before falling into commerical producing.  For the next 9 years Ryan cultivated an extreemly suscessful career as a commerical producer working on large campaigns, short films and digital experiences with some of the biggest brands.  Currently Ryan is diving back into his true love of telling stories through film as a writer and director of his own work.  Presently he is writing a feature film, as well as several short films.  He finds his inspiration in his own life experiences and pasions, his favorite genre is Science Fiction/Horror.


Logan Mack


Logan is a freelance cinematographer and drone pilot based in New York City.  He began his career in reality tv in 2011 and was able to diversify his portfolio over the next 9 years.  From working with companies such as Original Penguin and GE to the band Empire of the Sun, each job helped fine tune Logans visual craft and storytelling.  In the past year Logan has begun the process of pivoting from unscripted to narrative work.  With this change, he hopes to challenge himself and his visual style while working on projects he is passionate about. 

Current Team