Zorgon the Wonder Horse

Austin, Texas | Film Short

Comedy, Western

Nathaniel Bellasea

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This exciting comedy follows Tommy, a shy little boy who accidentally finds a magic horse that transports him to the Old West. It's cowboys, outlaws, and all the classic Wild West tropes you grew up with, but told through a child's imagination with their knack for silly insults and playground rules.

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Mission Statement

The world is heavy, but it's also fun and hopeful, and this film is a small reminder of that. After my son was born I spent a lot of time looking around through his perspective, and it reminded me of my own childhood. This story is a lighthearted ode to that sense of wonder we all had growing up.

The Story


We have exceeded our initial goal faster than our hero can draw his gun! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign; this has been a fun and fulfilling adventure so far, and I can't thank you enough for being a part of this movie. We've still got 12 days to go so keep spreading the word!

Now that we've been greenlit and surpassed our campaign goal we can continue with our STRETCH GOALS. Any funds received for the remainder of the campaign will go towards the following costs:

Post Production - hiring people to help with various post production needs before the film's release, such as editing, color, sound mixing and sound design, vfx, etc...

Distribution - festival fees and travel cost in support of the fim reaching a larger audience by submitting to more festivals than originally possible.

Crew - hiring more crew for our future shoot days, and paying crew members who would otherwise be working for free.


Again, thanks to all who have contributed and helped spread the word about Zorgon the Wonder Horse. If you're new to the page please read our story below.


It started, like most things, with a prompt... a combination of words that sounded new.

In my case it was a screenwriting teacher off-handedly joking about waiting for someone to write a script called "Zorgon the Wonder Horse".  His joke turned into my goal. That prompt, mixed with the birth of my son, led me down a path of nostalgia where I turned a hypothetical story title into a child-like comedy.

This short film touches on certain universal truths accepted by kids across the globe: Girls have coodies, playground law is to be followed, and I'm rubber, your glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you... while also reminding us that we really can be whatever we imagine ourselves to be. 





The tone of Zorgon the Wonder Horse combines the technical craft and iconic wizardry of "Once Upon A Time in the West" and "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" with the lightheartedness and comedic stylings of "Big", and "The Sandlot."





Liam Dietz as The Cowboy

Jason Johnson as The Outlaw

Kelsey Summers as Saloon Girl

Mallory McKenna as The Barkeep 

Ben Gray as Player One (or your name here!...see perks)

Greg Lynch as Player Two (or your name here!...see perks)

Marcus Cothran as Player Three (or your name here!...see perks)



Your support and contributions will pay for not only our production costs, but also our post production costs, and the festival push we intend on making once the film is finished. The money we raise will go toward feeding and paying our team of artists and technicians, securing quality props, costumes, and locations that are period appropriate, and ultimately bringing this story to life and to audiences around the world. 



As we all know the world came to a screeching halt in 2020 and independent filmmaking was no exception. I watched on in sadness as project after project was downsized, delayed, or fully scrapped. But with the slow down came a huge surge of creativity for me and other filmmakers around me. It was during this phase that I dusted off the script for Zorgon the Wonder Horse; I felt like the world needed a ray of sunshine and hope during such a challenging time. Furthermore, with my wife and I expecting our second child soon, the time is now to really tell this story the way it needs to be told (before the sleep deprivation hits). People need something to be excited about and I really want to give it to them through making this film. I hope you can join me in making this uplifting story available to the world.



I am extremely aware that we are still dealing with this global pandemic and am avid about keeping everyone safe. I am a certified Covid compliance officer, my production manager has her Covid Safe Sets certification, and we are keeping the cast and crew as small as possible. Additionally, we are implementing industry standard safety protocols including vaccines, testing, masks, and sanitization. I have no doubt this movie can be made while keeping the cast and crew safe and healthy. 



1) FOLLOW - It's 100% FREE to follow our campaign as it comes to life through the help of this wonderful filmmaking community! The more followers we have, the more rewards we earn from seed&spark, including festival waivers to help with distribution.

2) PLEDGE- None of these dreams come true without money and we need to reach 80% of our goal to greenlight this film and receive our funds. We have a wide variety of tiers to choose for your pledge, and some really awesome perks you get when you decide to take part in making this movie. No pledge is too small and every dollar counts, so check 'em out pardner!

3) SPREAD THE WORD - Whether you can contribute or not, we won't be able to reach our goal unless you help us expand our network beyond our own immediate circles. If you are excited about this film, then spread the word. Social media, email (definitely the most effective and helpful), carrier pigeon, pony express... however you want to share our story sounds great to us! 


Feel free to copy and paste some of these examples!


1) Filmmakers @nathanielbellasea and @kelsey.summers.acts are making an adorable western comedy called Zorgon the Wonder Horse that I really want to see. If that sounds like something you'd watch then help make it possible on @seedandspark: bit.ly/zorgonthewonderhorse

2) Finally! An old west comedy with real heart. @nathanielbellasea and @kelsey.summers.acts are making a short film called Zorgon the Wonder Horse that looks amazing. I already joined their team and got a custom wanted poster! Go join them and get one for yourself @seedandspark: bit.ly/zorgonthewonderhorse

3) Hey friend,

Some filmmakers I know are making a short comedy about a shy kid who becomes a hero in the wild west. I am really excited to see it and thought you might be too. If you want to check it out and join them in making the movie you can support them at https://seedandspark.com/fund/zorgon-the-wonder-horse#story

Hope to see your wanted poster soon!



I'm excited and thankful for you to take part in this filmmaking journey with myself, and the fantastic team working on this film. It's not only a journey back in time to the Old West, it's a journey back to when we were kids and things seemed larger than life. The world isn't as big as it was when we were younger, but we can still be reminded of that feeling every now and then. That joy we got from just running around and laughing until our sides hurt.

I thank you for your support, and my wish is that this film makes you smile while watching it; I know I'll be smiling while making it.


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $1,000

Filming in an authentic western film lot is necessary to bring this story to life.


Costs $2,350

No one can make a movie alone, and we're hiring a fantastic crew to shoot this film.


Costs $400

Would the great western films be as iconic without Morricone's beautiful score?


Costs $500

After the film is finished its time to take it through the festival circuit.


Costs $850

We're paying our great ensemble cast industry standard rates for their artistic work.


Costs $300

A western requires period specific clothing, and we are making, renting, or buying our wardrobe.


Costs $405

We're on the search for dynamic props that will bring our memorable sets to life.


Costs $500

You can't have a productive day without food energy for the cast and crew. Don't forget the coffee.

Gear Rental

Costs $200

Lens choices will be crucial to tell this story properly, and give it that classic vibe.


Costs $350

Seed & Spark charges 5% to use their awesome platform.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

We've put together a great team of people from all over Texas with various backgrounds to help bring this story to life. Each member of our crew has the experience and the ability to work in multiple roles on our set, which will allow us to move quickly on our shoot days. Additionally, this amazing group of minds will allow us to find unique and creative ways to tell our tale. 

Each of our talented crew also brings their own unique voice and creative storytelling capabilities to this collaborative effort, and together we have a ton of cinematic knowledge, a DIY mindset, and a desire to craft the best film possible.

Current Team