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A sample persuasive essay on the gun control debate for college learners



What will be more persuasive to say that to persuade someone is not everybody's cup of tea? Yet people do convince others in their routine conversations and dealings. It may be over an idea or concept or business dealing. Humans have been blessed with this unique ability of persuasion that other creatures lack. It never came to my knowledge that a cat was convincing another cat to add more chicken to their dinner menu.  However, persuasion is not an easy task and requires particular skills to convince others.


In academic writing, students write various kinds of essays throughout their academic careers. A persuasive essay is one of them. It is a kind of essay in which the primary objective of the writer is to convince others to a particular idea with the help of arguments and evidence. The sounder the arguments, the more effective the essay would be. Therefore, in this kind of essay, one of the key elements is sound arguments. However, it is not all as, without writing skills, one may not be able to present the arguments effectively.


To get higher grades from professors, students not only need to demonstrate knowledge about the topic but must also demonstrate proficiency in writing. I can say to any free essay writers to write my essay as it is against ethics.







However, still, many students do not care for any ethics and get their work done by hook or by crook.  For instance, asking free essay writer online to write my paper for me does not make sense unless I have a genuine reason to do so.


Following is a sample persuasive essay on the gun control debate. I hope it will give you an idea of writing this kind of essay.


Violence remains constant in American history. Wars such as civil war, revolutionary war, the war of independence, war on terrorism, etc. have been the hallmark of American society. However, now things have turned ugly as an increasing number of incidents of violence have been carried out by individuals for their gratification or due to any mental abnormality. Killing school children or attacking people for having different religious views has been prevalent in America at least in the last decade.  The basic reason behind this pervasive violence is free to access to guns. Under the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, American citizens can own and carry arms. However, this has been proving counterproductive as it has been causing an increasing number of cases of gun violence in the US. To save our children and citizens from stray bullets, guns need to be controlled and should be allowed only to those who have a legitimate reason to own and carry them.




  If people carry guns to protect themselves, then what is the purpose of law enforcement agencies? Billions of dollars are paid to the police and paramilitary forces annually to protect the US citizens from potential threats both from within and without. However, if people have to protect themselves by themselves, putting money in the pockets of law enforcement is a futile activity. Yet, this is not the case as the police and other such security agencies have been doing their job perfectly. Thus to say that people need guns to protect themselves is flawed reasoning. The proposed gun control laws never face the light of the day due to various reasons, and one among them is the lack of will of the government to enact those laws and implement them. Pro-gun lobbies are so strong in the US that they always find reasons to delay such regulation laws.




According to essay writer online free one of the main objectives of any government is to protect its citizens' life, property, and freedom. The US government is efficient in protecting freedom and property but at the expense of its citizens’ lives. Gun violence has increased manifold in the US. For instance, according to the statistics, in 2020 alone, around 19,223 people lost their lives due to gun violence that is 25 per cent higher than the previous count. Besides, from 2008 to 2018, the number of children who died due to gun violence reached 100,000.  These are disturbing figures as people have lost lives only because some people were allowed to exercise their right to carry guns.




In short, guns need to be controlled in the US as they have been the leading cause of violence and loss of precious lives. To avoid unnecessary deaths of our loved ones, only people with legitimate causes should be allowed to carry guns.   


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