Hey, I'm Cordey!

Louisville, Kentucky

Paul Krugman has a fascinating blog post up. How about now? We are told we want it now, we want it cheap, and of course, were told what we want, but thats another blog post. As you are writing a new post think about previous posts and if any of them are relevant to what you are writing. Then, with Tonys help, we went into my pink writing cabin, while Tony held Kate Middleton in his lap, so she wouldnt get out of The Okay Corral. This morning when Tony and I went outside to feed the dogs and clean their pens, it felt like Spring was in the air. While Tony and Rick quickly swept up the trash on the floor, I told Leisa about me shaming Roy on my blog recently and the Bandera County Courier picking up the story and running a funny story about me shaming Roy, in their fabulous newspaper. Our healthy feast was so delicious-we ate all of the shrimp and soup, so while Leisa, Carol and I cleaned up the kitchen, I asked Tony, Would you mind calling Kinky and telling him not to come over, because we ate all of the shrimp and soup and Carol is fixin to go home and all of us want to take naps? Tony did and Kinky thought it was very funny that we ate it all. The grilled shrimp and the sauteed shrimp were mouth-watering delicious and so was my homemade split pea and ham soup, that we had to drink out of coffee mugs, because all four of my bowls were in use. Then Leisa, Carol and I cooked up the four pounds of fresh, two-day-old, Gulf shrimp, that he had brought up from Port Aransas. When we got back home and I walked inside The Cabin, Roy greeted me with kisses, that he normally doesnt do and then I knew why he was being so sweet to me. Because of my temporary bowl shortage, Rick and I used plates to eat the cobbler that was topped off with Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream and we joked about it being difficult to eat the ice cream, as it melted on our plates. Tony was the lucky one and he ate his out of our only bowl, while Leisa put her cobbler and ice cream in a large mug. While we were laughing and talking about our great day, I told her about making a healthy fruit dessert for Tony and me, made with thawed frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries, one banana and a delicious Cutie orange. They loved the pancakes even though I had to cook Arethas pancakes using milk instead of buttermilk, which is the major ingredient for making the pancakes delicious. So, I got excited and called Kinky immediately, even though I didnt know what his exciting news was. Right before we arrived at Carols gate, I jokingly remarked, Rick, you should know this by now. When you come see us it is always BYOB. Bring your own bowl and Blue Bell. Then I jumped out of Buttermilk, so I could open Carols gate. Click here to watch it and please let me know what you think. But before I go, I do want to do a shout out to my dear friends, Kris and Jim, The Mineral Man. Because this past Friday, when they were out here, I was telling them about me getting nervous about having to drive by myself to Boerne, on March 1st, for the Patrick Heath Public Librarys 1st annual Local Author Book Expo, from 10:00 to 2:00, because Tony has to stay, at the rescue ranch between 10:00 to 3:00, for our Saturdays Open House. I have a book review to appear on this blog later today, but after this you wont hear much from me for a week or two. After we heard his incredibly, beautiful song, everyone could not quit talking about how much they loved his song. Late this afternoon, I baked a peach cobbler, because Rick and Tony love it so much. The reason that I was out of buttermilk was because yesterday, Tony not knowing that I was going to need it for the pancakes, drank up all of the buttermilk. And thats about it for now, because last week, after Fourth encouraged me to paint a rocket ship or something cool, on the front of our 2,500 gallon water holding tank, Ive finally decided what I am going to paint on it. Work inwards, holding a leaf back and applying a small dab of glue to the wreath then lightly pressing the outer / top half of the leaf down so it sticks in place.

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