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40 Interesting Opinion Essay Topics




An essay writer presents their viewpoint on a topic in an opinion essay. It's a form of essay in which the author expresses their opinions on a certain topic. It must represent a point of view, a personal perspective on a topic. The essay, however, provides the opposing viewpoint.




The topic of an opinion essay is the central theme around which the entire essay revolves. You don't have to worry about how I write my essay if you have a decent essay topic. A good essay topic will make the writing process much easier.




You should follow some expert advice while choosing an opinion write my paper for me topic. The following are some pointers to help you with your topic choices.





    • Ideas for a topic should be brainstormed.


    • Keep in mind the other viewpoint.


    • Pick a topic for your essay that interests you.


    • Consult your teacher about the issue and gain their consent.






Follow these guidelines to make the topic-choosing process go smoothly.




Topics for Opinion Essay




For your convenience, we've compiled a list of the best opinion essay themes.





    • Should soft drinks such as Coke or Pepsi be sold in vending machines in schools?


    • A spot where you'd prefer to spend the rest of your life.


    • What would you do if you were the last human on the planet?


    • Is it still necessary to protect the environment?


    • In today's environment, American workers' unions are mostly neglected.


    • Should schoolwork take up all of a college student's leisure time?


    • Is it really necessary to have so much parental supervision?


    • What effect do movies and television have on people's behavior?


    • Is it more important to win a tournament or to just participate?


    • Consider whether or not payment schemes for college athletes should be implemented.


    • Is buying essays online considered academic fraud?


    • We get lonely as a result of technology. Do you agree with this assertion?


    • The significance of the Internet in the creation of online music


    • Should you prosecute those who illegally download music?


    • When people travel to new places, do you believe they go to museums?


    • We should be able to choose our own teachers.


    • Is physical education required in high school?


    • What did you learn from your enemies?


    • Do you believe that additional school lessons should be provided?


    • Are non-traditional schools better at adapting to real-life situations?


    • Countries that are members of the United Nations must address the issue of polluted oceans.


    • Is it appropriate for students to bring tiny pets to school?


    • Is it ethical to do experiments on animals?


    • Explain how education aids in the reduction of redundancy in the workplace.


    • Is it possible to conduct research using online resources?


    • Reasons why you should always be truthful, regardless of the scenario


    • Should exotic animals be allowed to be kept as pets?


    • What are the characteristics of good neighbors who live in our neighborhood?


    • The Internet must be controlled in some areas.


    • Is obligatory possession sentencing beneficial or harmful to society?


    • Limits on domestic rubbish should be imposed by the government.


    • Should those with greater incomes pay higher taxes?


    • Is private education superior to public education in terms of quality?


    • Do you believe actors and athletes deservingly earn such large sums of money?


    • Should computer classes be required at this age and time?


    • Do you prefer to study alone or in a group?


    • The following are some of the reasons why we need to improve our higher education system.


    • Describe the intellectual problems you'd wish to overcome.


    • Do you believe college teachers are too strict when it comes to plagiarism?


    • Modern role models are inapplicable in the real world.



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