Hey, I'm Dodez!

Victoria, British Columbia

I have always been a great fan of old time stories

Poetry is the best way of expression, whenever there is something in life that baffles humans they always put it into poetry. it brings out our deepest emotions.

Every night I struggle with this thought saying unto myself, let me just write one last sentence, one more paragraph before going to sleep, I end up staying awake till late into the night hoping to find that one last sentence to take down. When you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night just to finish an article you have started, with fairy tales coming as sweet dreams & horror stories scare you like nightmares, it depends on the genre picked by the article contributor, all come to you in one unison and all you have to do is to simply put them down in ink and paper.

Get Some Soul Soothing Poetry Today.


Words to elate is a collection of  Poetic essays that covers virtually every known topic on the planet. Its content is relevant to a wide global audience as its derived content stories are relatable to peoples of nearly all ages, genders, cultures and religions, the essays surely have something for everyone. The book is neither a poem, nor a song(comforting rhythms nor folk tales)  or the common short stories our juniors like, but a wholesome buffet of the these elements of literary art.

The book is partitioned into different categories or titles referred to as agendas, each one has its own different issue to address, the only thing that matters most, or as we would rather say assimilates across the titles is the tone, mood and atmosphere, though the titles have labelled agenda numbers there is no particular order in which the titles are arranged, a reader can begin anywhere, be it from the beginning, from the end, the middle or close their eyes as they pick the titles at random. The author highly recommends that any potential reader picks only one title that interests them the most and leave out the others if needs be. nevertheless your are welcome to peruse the pages of all the titles that are on offer. the choice is yours.

It is by no doubt that storytelling has been there since the human inception. Up to this point billions and countless stories more have been told that do feature so many aspects of our modern lives. When playing the left fiddle, you should never have to assume anything. You got to take things seriously so that you don’t have to suffer at all while trying your way out.


For those that like digging up the past, history is on your side, do not give up digging because it’s through uncovering our past experiences that we manage to handle the hardships we go through today. Well documented history can become a great tool to be used as a guide that will help the modern day humans overcome the challenges they are facing at present. Prepare for the future but never forget about the past” is the common phrase motivational speakers bombard us every single day.


Politics is a dirty game. We all know this catchy phrase, but people still go into politics to build a career despite these bad reputations they have for ruining people’s public image. The political arena is not a simple thing that someone can joke about despite their home-grown career training, you need to be extravagant in your moves because the world is watching you and one single misstep could bring your downfall.

Social Issues

Every society in the world has its own sets of social issues that should be properly addressed in a timely manner, if not then social cohesion that kept the community peaceful and happily living with one another completely shatters, there needs to be openness in the society so that people are freely able to express themselves and talk about their personal problems.

Business & Economics

Our today world is run by advanced commerce. From the way people bought things through barter trade in the ancient past to the high-speed ecommerce platforms of today, we can honestly say that we have come a very long way. Every teen today has some knowledge of business and economics, because that’s what they do every day without them noticing it. We are in the richest period in humanity’s history right from the emergence of our first civilizations to our modern day technologically advanced world.


We cannot honestly advance our lives in the modern world without a little dose of motivation, the hardships we face are so heartbreaking and so difficult that a little dose of encouragement from family, friends or complete strangers is enough to push us on. We have to keep moving forward however harsh the challenges may be ahead of us. motivation is the food for the mind and soul.


Modern day science has become some sort of religion. It’s hard for people to believe in any concept until they see scientifically proven. centuries ago, scientists were greatly frowned upon, and science itself was regarded as unethical, now things have turned upside down. Its science that has taken the number one podium while everything else follows it. Scientists of the old are hailed as heroes by the modern day academics. Science is cool.


Our modern-day technology has advanced very rapidly, right from the invention of the wheel thousands of years ago to the way we live our today lifestyles is an incredible transformation. Technology that was very cool a few decades ago is classified as obsolete right now, from travel, communication, learning, smart homes, working and everything else is greatly advanced.


The human life is fraught with danger. Life is frail and risky wherever we go. It is up to every individual to be cautious with their steps so that they do not put themselves or others in danger. Motorists should be careful with their driving so that they don’t put themselves or other road users in grave danger. We all should work hard to get our brethren out of harm’s way


Our planet is extremely large with a diameter of 500k miles across. Its covered mostly with water and the remaining part being habitable land. Very early explorers tried to circumnavigate the globe so as to properly map it. Many unfortunately ended up paying with their own lives. When they failed to reach their destinations, they were still hailed as heroes by the academic world.


From the time our ancestors were engraving paintings in the rocks of the mountains to our present moment whereby we send messages through electronic means, so much has changed for the society though much of the message remains the same. Humans need to be constantly communicating with one another in order to survive the harsh environment on the planet, so our early ancestors built efficient communication tools to aide them in their day today activities.

Self Help

At some point in life, we feel so low and worthless to the point where no kind of motivation can be of any help to us. So, we therefore try to comfort ourselves in whatever way we can. What motivation can be more peaceful than the one that comes from within oneself? You don’t need to read lots of books or listen to motivational speakers but instead look deep into oneself and reflect on your life, this is probably the best thing in your life you can even do so go for it.


When people travel abroad, they often face culture shocks, sometimes people discover that things which are totally normal in their own culture are completely frowned upon in other cultures. It takes a while to adjust to the new culture that you move in any time you make it work. All cultures are different and we need to accept this reality of things.


The mainstream media gained its popularity at dawn of the last century. The invention of radio, television and printing press allowed people to instantly receive news of things that were happening around the globe. For decades now, it has been the only source of information to many households across the globe. It is trusted by the majority to provide reliable news information.


Our planet is the home to more than six thousand religions, the most prominent being Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. A lot of innocent people have lost their lives in the worldwide wars of religious cleansing. Each religion claims to be more superior than all the others. Some countries have multiple religions within their borders while others do not tolerate other religions that are not approved by the state.


Many people think that those people who study psychology are mind readers, well that may be the case to some extent, but that is not being called a psychic. Psychology is a very broad subject covering not just human way of thinking but also behavior. It is the holistic approach to the mind of things, whether you just think it up or act on it, is the same thing.



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