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Toledo, Ohio

This keeps me hunting for things to blog about like the old artwork and games (I dont know how folks like James Gurney keep it up daily!!). We talked about the departure of the auto industry and how Michigan needs to move on and find other industries or revenue to welcome into the void left by the auto-evacuation (that is not to say I dont value the still producing auto jobs here, but it is unrealistic to think that the auto industry will ever boom here again like it did in the first half of the 20th century). I was chatting with fellow-ASP creator A. Dave Lewis the other day about Michigan and our current state of affairs. Autumn was a rescue from the west side of Michigan near Muskegon. And the only breeder in MI is near there, so we wondered how she ended up at a rescue. James and I have e-mailed back and forth a few times recently and I was really excited to meet him face to face. Also, while I am not above picking on the current Administration in Washington (and lets face it, it is a target-rich environment), I am more interested in the local levels, which are more comprehensible to me. A more thorough roast would explain the lack of any astringency. And I am proud to be published by a company that boasts the creative works of A.Dave Lewis, Sean Wang, Jon Rea, MATZ, Mark Smylie, Nick Tapalansky, Alex Shiekman, Jeremy Bastian, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Grant Bond, and many many more. Jeremy Bastian, his girlfriend Emily, and I shared a hotel room, which was lovely. Most people would have been delighted to live in a beautiful house, surrounded by lovely bush, on a beach in the Bay of Islands. It was also fun to catch up with Runner artist/writer Sean Wang and his lovely wife Peggy. It was a really fun and exhausting show. I have work for Mouse Guard I cant show due to spoilers, and I have non-Mouse Guard work (Muppets, Star Wars, & a few other delights) that I cant show yet either. I met Sean a few years ago and read his first self-published collection of Runners on the plane ride home. We are entering my favorite time of year, Fall (any wonder the first Mouse Guard book takes place in that season?). Some I look at wistfully (like The Mediterrenean and the Mediterrenean World in the Age of King Phillip II, for example, or Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil), and wonder if I shall ever return. 4) Set aside your wreath for the moment and print and cut out the oak leaf templates provided (alternatively you can collect your own oak leaves to use as templates, or use other leaves that grown in your part of the world). Happily, she agreed with my basic argument, that since what we know of the world depends on our measurements of the world, we can never be sure that we arrived at a final explanation: as tools advance, there is always room for new discoveries. I once had a thick blue Nancy Drew book with glossy internal illustrations and a nice dust jacket get damaged because it arrived on a rainy day and the seller had not used plastic. When I arrived in NYC on Thursday I was whisked off to Burning Wheel Headquarters where Luke Crane had me playtest the Mouse Guard role playing game. Kenzie would stay with the Guard only visiting his town, Saxon wanting a large statue in his, and Rand retiring to become mayor of his city. Speaking of which, as I mentioned on my blog before, Jesse Glenn (the real life Kenzie) not only wrote the music for me to scribe a ballad, but once I was done, he recorded a version of it with him singing three-part-harmony! This is my favorite issue to-date, has my favorite cover, and features Mouse Guard music! As you can guess 98% of that idea doesnt jive with where Mouse Guard is today, but I plan on extracting the 2%, twisting it a bit and using it to pepper the future storylines. Using digital data management computing software provides organizations with a better means of centralized data storage infrastructure using digital applications. You can pick between two leading forms of blogging software. Most of the software solution providers and even enterprises do not want to take the risk and opt for proprietary technology that has limited options to choose from. But overall, the USA reduces inequality a lot less than most other countries, because the other thing that you need to take into account is what taxes get spent on. A lot of my previous blogs in the design tag dive deeper into related subjects. The bronze mouse made me think of one of the gifts I gave Julia for Christmas. Im a pretty big Star Wars fan (there have been a few SW references in Mouse Guard so far) and I was pretty geeked to get this opportunity.

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