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Weapons and other items can be purchased beginning at one wow gold coin and up. I may do a competition similar one day, but there will be a limit to around 5 pieces per person, rather than 15, and, hopefully, some actually really awesome prizes to compensate for the time taken. I fully geared my Hunter, half geared my Warlock, half geared my Druid and began on my Priest, while Ive even sent a few pieces to my Paladin whos too low level to use the items. Wrath was the expansion where they introduced the ability to ride special vehicles for quests and in this one you get to ride an mammoth with Nesingwary aboard and use it to help kill a dragon. Ive got about 50k coins at this point in time, and while Im happy to farm for coins, since that involves doing two quests and changing location a lot hunting for rares etc, and that giving me a chance at other loot in the process, farming rep is far too repetative in too small an area, and given how much trouble Im having bringing them down on my own, and finding a group to do it with (Koruth suggested a faction change but Im not wasting real money on changing to the Alliance just to change back again after a month, plus, from experience, I happen to know that the Alliance on my server are very whiney and childish. 10% of the time, youre a god. I have decided to leave off of farming for Shaohao rep at this time, though. I started this challenge 2 months ago, and have only announced it now because I have built up just enough pieces to cover the posts while I make others. Some of these crafts are expensive, and money, unfortunately, is questionable at this time, which is part of the reason that Im going to be selling some of these pieces. So if you do want to try it out, feel free to make a few different pieces before making any kind of announcement on your blogs. Try to broaden yourself. However, there are some arts that have many subgenres, all of which can be acceptable as different mediums. However, prices are higher than the official Blizzard store, sometimes you pay twice or three times as much. Ever since Blizzard first started offering account services, and then later pets and mounts, for cash it has already amounted to a certain level of double dipping. Some players protested from the outset, especially when pets and mounts became involved. The animated characters of the world of Warcraft present a fascinating atmosphere to the subscribers and the players. The developer of this game Blizzard is continuously adding and updating new material and game choices for the online players which make sure that its world is eternally changing and growing. So my condolences to all those in which it does not work yet, but my personal thanks to Blizzard for a (for me) surprisingly smooth start. Of course, Navi said that I have decided that its when you DONT know that something is going to drop, then it does - Im of the complete same mind, and immediately began thinking thats great, now Ill never, ever see it - BUT I DID! There are a handful of companies that can bridge the worlds, Ive been talking with The Electric Sheep company (Im not affiliated with them, just like them a lot) and with their SLboutique (web / virtual and real world commerce) I think theyre a contender, they certainly have the technical chops - you see, this virtual world reward points idea is approaching now 5 years old, and with this article, I hope will get some conversations going, again. We have a single bank tab. I have yet to find a single Horde group taking down the Celestials on my server. In this case, creative means anything that you have to be creative to achieve. This means if you make something and it goes horribly wrong, youre obligated to show it on your blog as a part of your challenge. In such a case, you may feature the most successful of the two or so attempts as your main submission for that week, but you must show previous attempts that failed at the end, kind of like bloopers. Believe me, I know that, where creativity is concerned, its hard to show things that didnt go well and open yourself to criticism, but there will always be people who think something you think is awesome, is awful, or will tell you something you did was awful, even if it truly was amazing. I didnt know that it was even a drop until one day before hand, when I finally started looking at WoW blogs again, and happened to see it on the Daily Frostwolf. Killing all of the rares may be a challenge since there are one or two Ive not even seen once yet. Of course, taking down rares will be a challenge so I may have to just do my best with rares now and ignore them when I come back.

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