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Is a special gel essential for using a facial device? Explaining the difference in effects and more!

In recent years, various types of facial equipment have been sold, such as L&L Skin MIO2 Face Lifting Massager, and some of them are reasonably priced, so they have become a familiar item for women.

In recent years, various types of facial equipment have been sold, and some of them have become more affordable than others.

In many cases, you need to use a gel when using such a facial device.
There are many facial products that are sold with a special gel as well, but some people may want to substitute their favorite beauty gel or a more affordable one.

Prevent skin friction

Facial products are basically used by sliding them across the skin.
If you use it without any product, the friction may irritate your skin.

If you use a beauty gel specially designed for facial equipment, you can rest assured that it has the proper viscosity to prevent friction.

Prevent skin from drying out

Most facial gels are used after cleansing the face, but after cleansing, the skin tends to become dry.
Therefore, it is necessary to use gel to replenish and retain moisture in the skin.

Maximizing the effects of facial equipment

There are many different types and functions of facial equipment.
Among them, ultrasonic waves, radio waves, and EMS are transmitted to the skin through moisture.
This means that they need to keep moisture on the surface of the skin when in use.

In this regard, specialized beauty gels are designed to be resistant to evaporation, so that these stimuli can be delivered to the skin more effectively.

No burden on the skin

Among the functions of facial skincare tools, ion-introduction and poration functions, among others, have the effect of penetrating the serum.

Hence, using gels that contain some preservatives, colorants, fragrances, and other ingredients that are unwanted on the skin can have a negative impact on the skin.

If the gel is specially designed for facial products, the ingredients have been taken into consideration, so it is safe to use.

You can feel the alpha effect.

There are simple gels that specialize in making the skin slippery and keeping moisture on the skin surface, but there are also types that contain a variety of beauty ingredients.

In the case of the latter kind of gel, you will feel a more reliable response from the synergistic effect with the facial device.

Also, in the case of facial equipment that has the function of penetrating beauty ingredients, some ingredients are easier to penetrate than others, so specialized gels are designed to be more effective.

Can I substitute the facial gel with other products?

However, if you have a favorite beauty gel, or if the dedicated beauty gel is expensive, you may want to substitute it with something else.

Can I substitute with over-the-counter products?

Many of you may have wondered if you can substitute the gel you usually use or a petite gel.

As mentioned earlier, beauty gels are used to improve the sliding of facial equipment, maintain moisture on the skin surface, and transmit stimulation from ultrasound, radio waves, and EMS to the skin.

Since that is the case, you can basically substitute any product that has the appropriate viscosity and performs these functions.

However, since ultrasonic waves are hindered by the presence of oil, the gel must be water-soluble, and it must be free of preservatives such as parabens, and ingredients that may irritate the skin such as fragrances and colorants.

Can I make my own?

These days, ingredients for homemade cosmetics are readily available online, so some people may want to make their own gel.

A simple gel that prevents friction and keeps moisture on the skin surface can be made by mixing purified water, xanthan gum, and glycerin.
It is also possible to add beauty ingredients to this mixture, but be aware that the compatibility of the ingredients has not been verified and use is at your own risk.


When using a facial device, it is necessary to use a gel to prevent friction and allow the device to function properly. Many facial gels are specially designed for use with facial equipment, but as long as they are water-soluble and do not contain any ingredients that may irritate the skin, they can be substituted with commercial or homemade products.

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