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Also, maybe Im missing something, but wouldnt it be an obvious move to have the same keybinds as WoW whenever possible? 4. Tanks move from threat to active mitigation. When the druid innervates make sure your priest dispells it, its critical. Yikes, lots of fear and damage potential, keep dispelling dots, LOS around pillars and keep a priest viper stung, once one is drained kill it, shouldnt be too hard to wreck these guys. CC the warrior as much as possible, heres a HUGE tip that I got from hunter forums, mark the warrior, bait him into a freeze trap and spam hunters mark on him so the paladin dispells that instead of freeze trap, itll waste the paladins mana dispelling and it puts the paladin LOS so your priest can mana burn him. The priest is crucial in helping keep the druid in combat since the pet is unreliable due to sleep/roots, and it puts the druid in a bad position when he has to heal with my priest in his face ready to mana burn. Im not ready for tier eleven to become obsolete yet though. I played one, kill the enemy hunters pet, and make sure your pet stays alive, try to burn down as much of the hunters mana as fast as possible, keep your pet on the druid, it is imperative you kill that pet before the druid realizes whats going on so your priest can get OOC and drink, your going to really need it in this combo due to the lack of cleanse. They can easily bring your priest from 100% mana to 0% really fast so your priest has to play smart and you have to be clutch on stopping casts and slowing the other guys, I recommend using frost trap. If youre using your super productive people to teach the new folks incoming, then that 20% hit might actually be closer to 40% because not every employee is equal. Be smart, you MIGHT have to use scatter shot on the druid but you should be able too if your priest has enough room. On occasion you will have to wing clip the rogue, Scatter shot him, and drop a freeze trap on him so your priest can get enough range to drink or kite more. Use Scatter Shots on the rogue to give your priest as much room as possible, silence the druid everytime he pops out to try and cast cyclone and/or heal. When its a shaman warrior, make a macro that /target Windfury and kill the windfury totem as much as possible, use frost traps and have your priest kite around the pole while you drain the shaman, its an extremely defensive fight since that warrior is beating the cow dung out of your priest. Destroy totems as often as possible, keep viper sting on the shaman and whenever your priest can safely mana burn the warlock down DO IT. When you and your priest develop a strong synergy you will be able to still slow the rogue down while keeping the druid in combat as much as possible. Cube.js will generate a data schema which is a high-level description of the data in the database. Doing so WASTES a TON of the druids mana, and eventually you will wear the druid OOM, keep your pet on the druid and keep an eye on your pet, the druid will try to root/sleep your pet so he can go drink do not let him get OOC. After the hunter is near oom, focus on DPSing the hunter to make the druid pop out of bear form and heal so he can attempt to be mana burned, keep the enemy hunter wing clipped every possible second so your priest can LOS as much of the hunters viper stings as possible. The best thing to do against this combo is to keep VIPER sting on the mage until hes OOM, then focus on getting his healer mana burned. ON blades edge its a good tip to mind control the warrior off the bridge to give your healer some time. Im really not sure that introducing a mount that can be legitimately purchased for $1200 is a good idea. If you prepare well and solo properly, it can be very lucrative playing solo. I also had a three month gap between September and November when I went from looking for a new game to play to deciding that it was too difficult to start a new MMO and that I would go back to playing World of Warcraft. Start off keybinding 3 of your favorite spells, play around with it for a day, next day add one more spell, then the next day at another spell, then the day after that add another spell, in less than a month youll have everything important keybound and youll be tearing it up. Seize the day, take action. The good news is that with very little experience and reading around you can take measures to protect yourself from being ambushed in Hi-Sec.

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