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UI and Add-ons Naturally, WoW is the winner here. Here are the steps you have to take to get yourself duplicated quest items. This might take a bit to find, but usually you can share the 2nd part of the starting areas quests (for example, Sinjin village quests, Kharanos quests, Goldshire quests, etc.) In this example, I am using the quest Breaking the Chain, found in Sinjin Village. Make sure both characters can accept and share the quest. 2) Once you have attached to the first WoW client we need to find a quest that we can share between two people. Likewise, you can select Rouge or Paladin to get quick gold. As well, I dont think its a good idea to incentivize your strong players to start gold farming in earnest. Hey there guys, I wanted to show you how to make tons of gold by duplicating quest items on the Pandashan 5.0.5 private server. This is also not just focused on the quest items in this guide, there are lots of possibilities and exploits that can come from this, you just have to know where to look and start. This quest can be accepted at level 1 however, so it is simple to just create a level 1 and duplicate on that player. 3) When you have a quest to share to the player thats duplicating the quest items, go ahead and click share. You can find the ID of almost any quest. It can be interesting to know that these web sites are acting as matchmaking sites for all people addicted to this particular game. Unfortunately they will never be as awesome as mages, but what can ya do? The way totems work changed with the Mists of Pandaria patch today, so I will not go into depth until I learn the changes, so that I dont confuse any new players on this. If you havent been keeping up on the latest World of Warcraft news, you might not be aware that World of Warcraft Patch 5.2: Throne of Thunder is on the horizon. This method works on other servers as well, and with any patch. This is an teleport hack for Molten- WoW s 4.3.4 servers. This is an teleport hack for Molten-WoWs 4.3.4 servers. Then click the Servers button from the Start menu. Once you have logged into both accounts fire up Cheat Engine and open the processes menu. This duplication trick requires some basic knowledge of Cheat Engine. 4) If you have successfully done it, upon accepting the quest that was being shared to the duplication player, you should get the quest Darkmoon Crane Deck, and the item should appear in your bags. The bold is the ID of the quest Breaking the Chain. In this example, the quest ID of Breaking the Chain is 25167. How did I find that? The address to Wowhead is Darkmoon Crane Deck - Quest - World of Warcraft, meaning we need to change the ID of Breaking the Chain (25167) to 30449, the Darkmoon Crane Decks quest ID. This is the one that will be duplicating the quest item. Thats one of the biggest things. There are a few things you will need to get started. If there are multiple green addresses, choose them all and edit them all. Be sure that you select the green address, or it will not work. Maybe either of the first two options might work for anyone else having this problem since they seemed to work for quite a few others but only the third worked for me. Having become a house husband and professional golfer (!!) I got angry. As many of you may know there currently isnt any way to look up caged battle pet pricing on auction house data sites like The Undermine Journal and WoWuction. I still log into World of Warcraft most days, but havent done much besides daily Garrison tasks, bi-weekly auction house sales and periodically making sure my in game mails dont expire. 1) Log in with the Pandashan Launcher twice, so it opens two World of Warcraft clients. Once you have done that, make two accounts on the Pandashan private server, or your desired private server you are playing on. We had two significant changes in the MMO area over the last two weeks, both involving large companies who no longer want to play in that space.

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