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Wilmington, North Carolina

Welcome! We're Kristi Ray and Erika Edwards; Co-Founders and Executive Producers of Honey Head Films.  We run an award-winning, female-led, boutique production company founded in 2016 on inclusivity and positivity.



5 years ago - women accounted for only 14% of creatives in the film industry.  We launched our brand to disrupt this status quo - filling  a need for more desirable roles for women in media and we've been shaking up the scene ever since. 



As a Social Enterprise, we empower female filmmakers and level the playing field for underrepresented stories and minority voices in cinema.  To date: we've produced 13 narrative short films, 5 documentaries15 music videos and countless narrative commercial projects under our brand of authenticity while creating access and exposure to budding filmmakers of all skill levels.



The vast majority of these projects were self-funded through our small-footprint filmmaking model.  Over the past five years we've refined the implimentation of indie grit and strategic frugality without compromising production value.  We're poised and ready to translate this blueprint into a full-length narrative drama.



Honey Head is launching it's first crowd funding campaign to greenlight our inagural feature film

A Song For Imogene. 


This film explores what happens when: sudden death and unexpected pregnancy force an impoverished woman to decide between freeing herself or remaining a relic of her drive-by Southern town. 


Imogene is written for - and will be created by - people in Eastern North Carolina using our refined, small footprint filmmaking model. Last year - in the height of the pandemic - we rallied a tiny, but mighty local crew to shoot and produce this proof-of-concept trailer demonstrating tone and the caliber of creativity we're capable of on a shoe string budget of $1400. 


We've spent the last 10 months consulting, pitching and building a network of support around this project and through valued guidance from seasoned Executive Producers, Capital Investors and Distribution Outlets; we're launching a grassroots campaign to fund the feature.  


Erika Edwards is the screen writer + director and Kristi Ray plays the lead role of Chyenne and is one of three female producers on the project. We plan to use Imogene to kickstart sustainable independent filmmaking in the region and create a positive investor/creator feedback cycle not just for Honey Head Films, but all independent filmmakers in the Carolinas.


You can learn more about the feature at: www.imogenemovie.com or by scanning the QR code below.



Our radically inclusive company culture has opened unconventional doors as we continue to build the region's first female-led independent film studio. With a clear focus on narrative features, we are set to scale while bolstering independent voices and the viable, local creative economy.




We've recieved two capital grants in support of A Song For Imogene this summer: Filmed in NC Grant and the Footcandle Filmmaker Grant.  

The script is a quarter finalist for Narrative Drama in the ScreenCraft Feature Competition.  

Several publications have printed features on Imogene and the Honey Head Studios Model, demonstrating that female-centric stories stemming from our region are both viable and desirable. 



With countless home-grown film screenings at capacity, we've built a loyal fanbase spanning a broad demographic. We’ve optimized our current model, and are prepared to disrupt and innovate what’s next for viable, small-footprint cinema here in the Southeast region.




A Song For Imogene fills a gap in the current market from a streak of strong regional American indies. A raw exploration of an overlooked southern demographic and its complexities, this feature explores its life-bruised characters with a powerful sense of place and an interest in the female bid for independence. With strong notes of hope and a bone-deep identity, the film will quench audience fascination with the South and its landscape, tracking characters with a chilling familiarity who have yet to be seen in mainstream media without the threat of parody.



Offering a clear-eyed, condescension-free portrait of poverty, off-set by the undeniable natural beauty of the region, the film navigates complexities of emotional abuse and pregnancy trauma while championing its female driven plot.


Imogene is a true indie gem produced by those professionals working daily to support and nurture the film community while pacing the heartbeat of the industry's underground creative scene. This is a team of artists and leaders, carving time to birth projects that bring equitable change and pave a way for the female voice in independent cinema.



Honey Head has growth the proverbial "hive" to include a slate of talented, diverse filmmakers from across the country. We're proud to have the support and backing from the community at large as we embark on this inagural feature film and are looking forward to continuing collaboration with this talented team below. 


"With extreme enthusiasm I write on behalf of our partners in filmmaking, Honey Head Films. It would be difficult to even count how many times we have collaborated over the past three years to tell stories through moving imagery. Hiring them to direct, produce, act, edit, and shoot; each time you work with Erika and Kristi Ray, you are reminded of why you got into the film industry. Their energy is fresh, creative, confident and open. They have an unbelievable way of making filmmaking feel organic and systematic at the same time."

-Brad Walker, CEO and Founder - Lighthouse Films

"Her gifts as a young Writer, Director are humbling and a constant source of inspiration. The library of work that Erika has created in the past five years are each gems in their own right."

-Blaire Johnson, Two-time Emmy Nominated Cinematographer


"Cucalorus Film Foundation is proud to have programmed Honey Head's work on several occasions. These are  talented, very promising filmmakers, and we look forward to seeing what they creates next!"

-Dan Brawley, Cheif Instagating Officer, Cucalorus


We believe in Wilmington. We believe in that can't-find-it anywhere else energy pulsing through our city. A place for the movers and shakers, the dreamers and doers. This is about putting our state back on the map as a hub of homegrown above-the-line talent.  Help us make that happen!

Seed & Spark requires at least 80% of the project to be funded in order to get the green light. We have XX days to bring the bees to the hive, or your contributions will revert back to you.

These funds will solely finance a living wage and a warm meal for our cast and crew during our 20 day production schedule.  We have already organized and optimized our production to include donated locations, decond hand wardrobe, picture car and prop lending and so much more.

**Learn more about how we're mitigating risk by keeping overhead low and our set lean + green with a wild, sustainble small-footprint model.**

Please consider sharing in your circles! We are building a community of passionate followers and friends who champion authentic stories and the filmmakers who tell them.  This may be the only time Honey Head looks to crowdfund a film, but it surely won't be the only interesting, inspiring content stemming from our Seed & Spark newsletter.

If you support women in film and want to see this team succeed, please share this Seed & Spark link with your network. 



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