Hey, I'm Hot Tiktok Girls!

Los Angeles, California

I don't have Tik Tok but I happened to see videos and I have to say yes. Obviously on Tik Tok they are made even more beautiful but those who say that they are all filters are only envious. In real life they are crazy pussies anyway, in the hot TikTok girls' videos they are just perfection. Let's say that if I rate them 9 in the videos in reality I still rate almost all 8, which is a lot. Listen to me, if you are not beautiful, do not watch the Tik Toks that you will never be able to have so many beautiful girls. Every time I look at them by mistake, I get sad and wonder how unfair genetics are.

As a TikTok challenge it is becoming a pervert's paradise

The #silhouettechallenge consists of dancing naked or semi-naked hidden by a red filter. But there are those who download the videos and use a software to remove the filter, revealing the original videos.

In recent weeks, the hashtag #silhouettechallenge has gone viral on TikTok. The trend participants, who are mostly women, stand dressed in front of the camera, and then dance provocatively hidden by a red filter, to a remix of Paul Anka's Put Your Head on My Shoulder.

In theory, the trend started as a sexy tiktok girls challenge and body positive, but was targeted by perverts who use software to remove the red filter and thus reveal women's bodies - whether they are naked, partially undressed or naked. And even if the subreddit on which these edited videos appeared has been banned, there are still dozens of videos on YouTube explaining to the gnete how to remove the red filter from the tiktok in question. According to a study by Media Matters, some of these have hundreds of thousands of views and at least six of them show advertisements, that is, they are monetized. The most popular video has over 230,000 views. The channels that post them are dedicated to tech products and hacking.

Apparently, people are so interested in the thing that the query "how to remove red light in silhouette challenge" automatically pops up on YouTube as an auto-completion of "how to", along with far more normal searches like "how to paint house exterior." "And" how to remove squirrels in your attic ".

The spread of these tutorials has meant that many sexy tiktok girls began to use TikTok to warn women against participating in the challenge in question or at least by warning them to be careful what they wear if they participate. "Be aware of what you are wearing before editing and publishing the video, because anyone could take those images and easily get the original," said a tiktoker in a video that already has nearly 800,000 views.

Hottest Tiktok influencers 2022

On social media, some sexy tiktok girls have already begun to blame the victims, saying that if a person appears in a video naked or semi-naked - even if before publishing the video he edited it in order to hide his body - he must expect to be seen by someone able to cnacellare the filter and republish the original. But Danielle Citro, a law professor at Boston University, disagrees. As she explains to Rolling Stone, anyone who participates in the #SilhouetteChallenge and then sees her downloaded video, edited to obtain the original uncensored and republished, can obviously sue.

Since manipulated images are made public on the internet and are not considered "news," downloading, editing and republishing them constitutes an invasion of privacy because "the person could reasonably expect to be seen hidden by the filter," Citron told Rolling Stone. "Otherwise it would be like saying that when I walk around in a miniskirt, other people are allowed to look under it."

On YouTube, for now, video tutorials don't seem to violate community guidelines against sexually explicit content. Google, which owns YouTube, did not respond to Rolling Stone's requests for comment on these sexy tiktok girls.

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