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Understanding Mattress Density and its Significance

What do you know about mattress density? Find out more about one of the essential elements in a mattress and its significance below. 

Foam density is one of the important factors to consider when looking for a mattress. It directly affects mattress quality, functionality, longevity, and potential benefits. 

One would think density refers to the firmness or the feel of a mattress. It is a common misconception about mattress density. Mattress firmness and the level of comfort have nothing to do with density specs. These elements have no association at all. However, they do influence the mattress’s overall quality.

What is Mattress Density? 

Density influences the mattress’ quality, longevity, and functionality. It is not similar to firmness as some have come to believe. Density is the mass of the mattress per cubic foot. On the other hand, firmness is measured by indentation load deflection (IDL). 

Mattress density is all about durability expectations. A mattress with a higher density level is always preferable compared to options with lower density. A high-density mattress has a longer lifespan, and sturdier compared to a less dense mattress, making them a better investment than the latter.

How is Foam Density Measured? 

As mentioned earlier, density is defined as mass per unit volume. In the foam industry, foam density is measured by the square of material (12’ x 12’ x 12’). 

Many tend to interchange weight and density. Take note that density is not the exact weight of the mattress. For example, 3 lbs. per cubic feet dense mattress do not weigh 3 pounds; it could be higher than that. When a mattress is denser, it means the foam is more compact and durable.

Why Choose a High-Density Foam Mattress? 

A really nice mattress, like high-density foams, offers many benefits. Below are the primary advantages of a high-density foam mattress. 

 #1 Durability and Longevity

High-density foam is more compact. Hence, they are not prone to damage. Dense foam slows down wear and tear, thereby preserving the mattress's lifespan. When you browse online for high-density mattresses, notice that most of them have a lifespan of 12 to 13 years, which is quite long compared to standard foam.


#2 Motion Isolation Feature

A high dense foam has an impressive motion isolation feature. It absorbs the movement of people who toss and turn a lot when sleeping. Hence, it prevents sleep disruption and ensures high-quality sleep. 

Motion isolation makes it difficult to get out of bed. It could be an issue for elders and people with injuries. Thus, elders must evaluate whether a high-dense mattress will suit their body condition or not. 


#3 Pressure Relief

If you suffer from back pain and muscle soreness, high-density foam is the best choice. This type of foam is good for relieving pressure and pain. It provides enough support to the body, which helps ease discomfort and pain. Additionally, it supports the correct alignment of the spine, head, neck, shoulders, and hips.


 #4 Conforms to the Body

High-dense foam has a better conforming feature compared to less dense mattresses. The foam allows the body to settle comfortably without creating too much pressure. Also, the high-dense foam has a lower sinking feeling that is best for heavier bodies.

What are the Cons of High-Dense Foam? 

While high-density mattresses offer several advantages, it also has some downfalls. One disadvantage of this foam is the lack of temperature neutrality. Since a high-density foam is more compact, there is less space for air to move trapping the heat. As a result, it increases core body temperature, making you feel hot and sweaty when sleeping. 

The good news is this; there is high-density foam with cooling technology. Consider these options if you are a hot sleeper or lives in an area with a warmer climate. 

The second is the price of high-density foam. This type of mattress costs higher than traditional foams in the market. However, you can guarantee that high-density foam is a great investment.

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