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Top Rated Long Distance Laser Measure With Green Beam: TACKLIFE S4-60 Review

With a laser distance measure, you can determine the area, volume, distance, and height without facing safety risks at all. For instance, you can appraise a building without accessing hard-to-reach portions. As shown by the name, these tools generate a laser to estimate measurements within a few seconds.

Continue reading this post to get the best laser measuring device available on the market today.

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TACKLIFE S4-60 Green Beam Laser Measurer- Professionals Choice 

Why Did We Choose TACKLIFE S4-60? 

The TACKLIFE S4-60 is an ideal laser distance meter to measure the distances, which are impossible with a tape measure. It is perfect for close jobs like inside the cabinets, drawers, and many more. Furthermore, the green light is easy to see in the bright sunlight. Hence, it is a perfect tool for accomplishing indoor and outdoor applications. The best laser distance measurer also includes all of the advanced functions, including unit conversion and various measurement modes.

One can take measurements from the middle, front, and back of the tool. This handy unit is suitable for experienced professionals to beginner-level weekend warriors.

Benefits of Purchasing TACKLIFE S4-60: 

Below is a concise review of the TACKLIFE S4-60 benefits, which forced us to review it from so many available choices.

Suitable for Indoors & Outdoors: 

The TACKLIFE S4-60 includes a Class II laser with less than 1mW power output. It generates a green laser with a 500-535nm wavelength. Hence, its green beam laser contains more energy and high brightness. Therefore, you will see the layout in the bright sunlight while working on outdoor projects. However, the top rated laser tape measure will also provide you better visibility in lowlight indoor conditions.  

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Accurate Measurements with Angle Sensor: 

For more accurate measurement outcomes, it features an electronic angle sensor. This system can sense the angle error up to 0.1-degree to ensure users achieve the most precise measurement results. You can use the laser distance meter horizontally or vertically according to the requirement of your project.

Advanced Functions for Complex Tasks: 

It determines the lengths of the other two lines after measuring the hypotenuse of triangles. Furthermore, you can also estimate area, volume, distance, continuous and Pythagoras measurements in a breeze. The mute function is also available on the best cheap laser distance measurer to let the operator turn on or off the beep sound.

You can use it without sound while working in quiet areas, such as the classroom, library, etc. Delay Measurement is another advanced function that will enable you to set the delay settings from three to sixty seconds.

Some Other Beneficial Features: 

TACKLIFE S4-60 offers a built-in memory to store up to 99 historical measurement records. Furthermore, you can also remove unnecessary data after use or saving new entries. Hence, you can work with free hands without holding a pen and paper. It provides a rear or front end to use as a reference point.

Furthermore, various measurement unit choices are also available to meet project needs. You can switch to meters, feet, and inches whenever needed. This long distance laser measure offers a measuring range of up to 196 feet with 1/16-inch accuracy.

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All of these benefits make it a convenient and versatile laser distance meter. We hope you are on the stage to decide whether it would meet your needs or not.

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