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Prof. Christopher Rollston of George Washington University also voiced skepticism, writing on his blog that he believed the document was a forgery. The fact that the papyrus itself has been carbon dated to the 7th century BCE certainly does not mean that the writing on the papyrus is ancient, he wrote. Rollston is writing a book on modern forgeries of ancient Biblical-period texts, so he is an expert on forgeries. He enumerates many ways for motivated forgers to use ancient papyri and even to forge ancient inks, thereby invalidating any modern methods of dating texts. The name is Luis and I mainly code the tools we use here at Frictional (also the ones you might have been using for making your own Amnesia custom stories) After the quick introduction, here comes a little editor feature showoff. Contemporary humanitarian racism is something akin to late nineteenth-century imperial racism wherein the American elite, and others of the wealthy and white-skinned persuasion, told themselves that they had a moral obligation to take care of their little brown brothers. They called it white mans burden, Lloyd. I added a little crocheted flower and pearl for my center. If I were a forger, Id choose a more impressive text, he added. There is nothing wrong with asking the Israel Antiquities Authority to be more cautious before publicizing bombshell finds. In fact, it really means nothing. But to people whose critical thinking skills remain intact, the president is saying, Jews are nothing special. This is a president of the United States who, much like Italian princes during the Medieval period, honestly believes that he has every right to tell Jewish people where we may, or may not, be allowed to live. Just as the President throws Israel under the bus but proves his love for the Jews by giving a speech at a place associated with the Jewish State, so too, the UN created a day to prove its empathy for Jewish victims, while thumbing its nose at Israel, by way of ignoring Israels chosen date for this celebration, Yom HaShoah. To those who defend the President, these words mean that he identifies with the plight of Jews and is staunch in the fight against antisemitism. One of the most hysterical aspects of this political moment in the West is the phenomenon of blatant left-leaning racists who self-righteously claim to stand against racism. The western-progressive variety of racism, however, is not the old-timey, outright racism of the early-middle twentieth-century. Toward us his racism is more traditional and what Gerstenfeld refers to as the ugly variety. Toward other groups Obamas racism, like western-left racism, more generally, is of the humanitarian variety. Not only is Barack Obama deeply skeptical of Jewish self-determination and self-defense on historically Jewish land, but he also considers people of color, aside from Jews, to be mere victims of white colonial oppression and, therefore, like small children, not really responsible for their words and behavior. The fact of the matter is that Barack Obama is neither a friend to the Jewish people nor a friend to the Jewish State of Israel. How else does one explain the fact that the Obama administration supported the Muslim Brotherhood economically, militarily, and diplomatically, despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood not only called for the conquest of Jerusalem, but is the parent organization of al-Qaeda, and thus the grandparent of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)? This in fact means that Africans cannot be responsible for their actions. How else to explain the fact that Obama pats the Iranians on the head, while giving them hundreds of billions of dollars, even as their leadership screeches for the death of America and the genocide of the Jews? There is, however, one thing that Obamas racism toward Jews and toward non-Jewish people of color have in common. It is not your grandfathers racism. I would classify as a possible modern forgery. Ultimately, I believe that there is a fair chance that although the papyrus itself is ancient the ink letters are actually modern In short, to those wishing to declare that the letters on this papyrus inscription are ancient, I would say: Not so fast! But Haaretz is simply lying in its headline claiming that the papyrus has already been debunked. Which tells you a lot about Haaretz journalistic integrity. They also often ask for a lot of support when processing the tasks. I could go on and describe the system, the situation, or the details, but instead Ill sum it up with the most important part: I had a lot of fun playing it. For fun (pre-Covid) - my wife and I danced for years (all types of ballroom, Argentine tango) - we enjoy see our 2 grandchildren grow - I love studying foreign languages (Fr,Sp,It,Port,Ger,Heb) - and have started to play piano.

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