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It's no secret that the vast majority of companies lack specific Harassment Training policies and procedures in place for when or if they become the victim of an act of harassment. Often companies don't even know what to look for or how to deal with a situation if they become the victim of Harassment. This lack of knowledge creates significant risk factors for both employees and management alike. In fact, harassment is one of the leading causes of stress and turnover within companies of all types!

It can be difficult to find an appropriate Harassment Training course, which is why HR Consultants offers comprehensive and timely solutions. Comprehensive, specialized training library to assist not just on-site Harassment Training needs but also in other mission critical compliance initiatives around the company in areas like cyber-security, anti-fraud, ethics, privacy, and several others. Harassment courses are designed to enhance both on-site and off-site employee and employer awareness of best practices to reduce workplace violence and sexual harassment. Additionally, there are specialty courses like women and gender Harassment, religious harassment, physical harassment, and other emerging areas of specialized training. These specialized programs are provided by award winning companies who have put together comprehensive packages to address the unique issues of Harassment.

HR Consultants offer state-of-the-art, easy-to-use online Harassment Training resources that will help your company stay compliant with Federal Laws, State Laws, and Employer Policies. Many States are proactive in addressing online workplace harassment and work force behavior issues, making it important for employers to consider incorporating training into their existing formal policies. Online Harassment Training is offered by award winning companies who understand that most employees have very little training, if any, about proper internet conduct and how to appropriately handle situations that arise. Harassment occurs when someone uses tact, pressure, verbal language, unwanted touching, or physical violence in a workplace environment. Harassment can include, but is not limited to, discrimination, inappropriate touching, sexual innuendo, and other conduct that simply puts other employees off.

When considering the implementation of an employee or employer sexual harassment training program, it's important to remember that the goal is to instruct employees how they can behave appropriately in all circumstances. Employers and/or employees should always treat each other with respect and expect greater courtesy and respect from one another. Harassment behavior can be as simple as offensive jokes or comments, to the more serious issues of offensive emails, phone calls, and physical confrontations. Employers who fail to implement a consistent Harassment Training program may lose their most valuable asset-their employees-and therefore the greatest opportunity to profit from the largest market sector; the Workforce.

Most Harassment Training Programs are designed to last between one and three weeks, depending on the number of employees and the complexity of the assignment. The classes are taught by award winning trainers who understand the dynamics of dealing with difficult and/or controversial situations facing both management and employees. It is important that the harassment training is tailored to suit both the employer and the employee. An easyllama workplace is a special place where relationships are built on trust and understanding, and that is what employers are looking for.

Some companies also want to ensure that the Harassment Training program they choose covers other areas of concern, such as sexual harassment prevention training. Some managers may need additional training in this area due to their personal experiences with employees, or to conform to federal, state or local guidelines. Sexual harassment is a sensitive subject, and managers must always tread carefully to avoid lawsuits, embarrassment, and unwarranted legal action. Companies should also consider the time, resources, and expenses that will be required to train their current employees, as well as the likely increase in available personnel during the implementation of the new Harassment Training program.

In addition to the financial considerations, there is also the concern about the possible loss of potential workers during the implementation of anti-harassment training. It is common for employees to be afraid of the impact that a complaint might have. They may fear losing their jobs, being sued, or even facing physical violence. This could result in a substantial loss to employers. The majority of cases decided in court result in compensation for the employee. Therefore, employers must take the time to carefully consider each situation and the appropriate course of action before deciding to implement anti-harassment guidelines.

Every employer should consider human resources training as part of their overall business strategy. Harassment can create an enormous strain on your work force. It is vital that you take every step necessary to ensure that your workplace is free of any harassment. You can take the initiative to implement anti-harassment policies, or you can hire an experienced harassment attorney to handle the situation. No matter which direction you take, you must commit to anti-harassment policy and to all steps necessary to ensure that your workplace is harassment free.

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