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Customised courses are tailored to the individual needs of students, covering a range of subjects. They include professional and graduate level classes, as well as shorter programs for those starting out. The advantages of course customisation include the ability to tailor individual learning experiences according to individual student requirements, which allows students to study in the manner that best suits their individual interests. Courses can also be tailor-made for specific client groups, or for particular types of employers or industries. Tailored training packages can even be developed to meet the needs of a business in regard to workforce management.

Most training courses take the form of either web-based or hard copies and are delivered either on site or via the internet. These delivery methods have proven very successful and are available in a range of different formats. Some courses use the bare bones idea of course customisation and deliver complete packages of course materials, while others prefer to produce bespoke packages of key sections of information or include an associate learning guide and preparation and assessment process for each module. Some courses require a greater amount of customization and include everything from the textbook to computer software and the relevant support materials. Those that deliver training material that is bespoke tend to deliver faster and achieve higher levels of completion.

Web-based courses can be delivered using one of the many web-based delivery methods such as emails, instant messages and web conferences. These delivery methods work well for online learning and offer the convenience of a flexible learning environment combined with the full range of features normally found in a live classroom. These courses offer a degree of flexibility not offered by other delivery methods and, as they are delivered online, students can move through the course at their own pace.

Email courses can be customised to include pre-written sections of text, as well as being able to include videos, audios and documents in the course delivery. These features make it possible for the course to be tailored exactly as required for the customer. Audios and videos are a great way to deliver course information to those involved in the course. The audio and video can then be used to reinforce key concepts and reinforce learning so that the end user does not need to have prior knowledge to understand and comprehend what is being discussed.

Online courses can also be delivered by using web based document delivery software. This technology means that documents can be stored on a secure server and delivered via email. This allows for a course to be customised to the customer's specific needs and requirements, rather than the general principles of a course that may be delivered on a traditional learning management system. Using this technology for online courses also ensures that the course is delivered more quickly than if a course was delivered on a traditional learning management system.

Virtual classrooms are now a common feature of most training solutions and this allows training providers the opportunity to customise their course to meet the needs of the customer. Many businesses today want to be able to provide more personalised training and with a VDI solution, they can. By allowing them to control the environment and the way in which the course is delivered, a business can customise how they want to learn. From being able to pause and rewind lessons when necessary to being able to deliver a customised experience through document sharing and PDF creation, virtual classrooms can help trainees to deliver their course at a much more efficient and effective pace.

Customisation of a course also enables the customer to tailor the program to their individual needs. Depending on what the course is to be about, there may be some content that is relevant but will not necessarily be appropriate for a particular audience or situation. For example, a business course on managing public liability could be tailored to the audience it is intended for and how it is undertaken. There are many different ways in which this content can be delivered. Some of these include online sessions, live telephone conferences and even seminars.

Customised courses also give companies the freedom to adapt their course to current market conditions. This is particularly important when it comes to training and development. New threats and trends can emerge any day so by being able to customise training based on the latest trends, companies can ensure that they deliver the most up to date information to their staff. They can also ensure that the training they deliver is relevant to the role they are wishing to fill.

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