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It is somewhat ironic, but you might not actually know that the person sitting next to you is writing a blog you read frequently. I have read in popular science books that the bosons are the force carriers. For example the photon carries the electromagnetic force, the gluon, the strong force, etc. How come we never hear of a force that the Higgs boson carries? Keep in mind that since I have comment moderation on, it might take some while for your comment to appear when I am traveling. Step 2 - Keep it simple. But before I could do that, I had to work out the height of the deck at that point because the foot of the tabernacle is tapered and has to be a very precise fit in its step. Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi) were a step closer today. Then I got a mini-grant from FQXi that allowed me to coax the two young men into putting up with me, and five months later I stood in the hail, in a sleeveless white dress, on a beach in Crete, trying to impersonate electromagnetic radiation. But youre not allowed to buy food with it. And to thank you for organizing the meeting you dont yourself get paid - that wouldnt be an allowed use of funds. So yes, dont be scared already. Because, you must know, real scientists dont eat. For all these Earthlings know, there are lots of black holes throughout the universe and their current hypersurface hence isnt complete. Space-like hypersurfaces after the entire evaporation of black holes violate this assumption. That quantum field theories are unitary depends on certain assumptions about space-time, notably that space-like hypersurfaces - a generalized version of moments of equal time - are complete. In the meantime I have edited another book, this one on Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity which you can now preoder on amazon. You see me in the role of light (I am part of the master plan), standing in for nature more generally, and Timo as the theorist trying to understand natures working while barely taking notice of it (I can hear her talk to me at night). Timo Alho is one of the serendipitous encounters Ive made on this blog. Second, I spent the last few months of last year finishing the third edition of one my books, The Dark Side of Valuation, the first edition of which was born at the peak of the dot com boom, about valuing difficult-to-value companies from start-ups to banks. A few weeks later, Mark and Phil on Icebreaker took a photo of us sailing near Waiheke Island, and I could see what the new paint job looked like. Does it matter? Any comments except good job on slamming the audio of your own game? And then you have to come up with a dynamical process for ridding your galaxies of normal matter to get the right ratio. I know that this is not a completely fair comparison, but the important point here is that when we look at these two images, it feels pretty clear which of these two designs ought to have the best gameplay. Here is the problem. The real problem with black hole information is that nobody knows what happens with it. It is not information that you readily find in the papers, which is odd enough. My attempts to find out just how many parameters the computer simulations use were not very successful. 3 - Why did the computer interpretation call a STEMI with IVCD? Apparently it works. As someone who has nothing to do with the computer simulations for galaxy structures, the codes are black boxes to me. One person I contacted referred me to someone else who referred me to a paper which didnt contain the list I was looking for. Maudlins paper is just reiterating all the options that physicists have been chewing on forever: Accept unitarity violation, store information in remnants, or finally get it out. So whats new about Maudlins paper? And finally - this is by no means an exhaustive list. It also preserves probabilities which, taken together (assuming linearity), means the time-evolution is unitary. You should have an idea of what you want to write in your blog or website, because it will play a role in web design and domain choice. I thus think anonymous peer review will remain essential to scientific publishing.

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