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Creating Shareable Content and Finding Influencers

Earning links back to your site by creating sharable content is something which is vital to SEO, as well as getting your website to rank and at Blueclaw we aim for the same goals for our clients.  

There are a number of elements which have to be considered when coming up with a content piece including:

  • What is the purpose of the piece? For example, is it for brand awareness or lead generation?
  • Do we want to create a one-off piece or something evergreen?
  • Are the ideas relevant to the brand?
  • Are the ideas relevant to the brand’s target audience?
  • Are there any pieces which have been done around the topic before?
  • Which previous pieces have performed well, earning links and social shares?

Of course, there are many more questions to ask than the above, but they’re just a selection of the type of question which should be asked. Looking at the final point in particular though, one of the easiest ways in looking at this is by using Buzzsumo’s content research facility, where you can enter a topic or domain in the search bar, select a particular date or time scale, and then look for the most socially shared pieces around that topic at that time.

For example, if we want to look for pieces based around football

As would be expected, there are a lot of articles from newspapers, the BBC, YouTube and well-known sites such as Goal.com. This is down to the fact that they have such wide audiences. It’s highly unlikely that you will get something mentioned on a website such as the BBC, however if you are clever with your ideas, then getting your content mentioned or linked back to by newspapers is actually easier than some people think.

Your best line of attack to earn links from publications, who typically have high domain authority and Trust Flow, is to give them something newsworthy or of interest to the reader. These could be based on data compiled from surveys or customer data, but this is another topic for another post!

This leads us nicely on to the next part about outreach. Outreaching content is all about maximising your audience. In order to earn those all-important links to your content, people have to be aware of it, and one of the best ways to do that is to target influencers around the topic your content is based on, and get them to share or post about it. 

Using Buzzsumo, we are able to identify influencers around any given topic, and analyse how effective they will be in sharing your content. In the example which follows, we’re going to continue our look at football.  

Buzzsumo gives us a number of options with regards with who we wish to target, which we can select on the left hand side.  In this instance we want to look for influencers, bloggers and journalists in the football sector, and so we ensure that these boxes are ticked before clicking the ‘search’ icon.

We’re then left with an extremely long list of people we could outreach to, including details around their followers. The best way to look at this data as a whole is to export it in csv format. 

What to keep in mind

What’s important when looking for influencers is not only the number of followers they have, but also what their retweet ratio is. This gives us an indication of how many shares a tweet from a particular influencer is likely to get. If this figure is low, then it probably isn’t worth targeting this influencer as it tells us the content we’re outreaching to them isn’t likely to be shared by their audience when they tweet about it. 

If a low reply and retweet ratio is combined with a high follower count, this could indicate that a number of the followers are fake or ‘bot’ accounts. Alternatively, the followers may have been bought, which means they’re almost definitely not going to interact with the influencer’s account, and therefore not share your content either.

So, when you’re looking for influencers, take note of these variables, and ensure the people you are targeting are genuine and have a good engagement rate with their followers, otherwise you will simply be wasting your time.

Aside from Twitter, Instagram has become an increasingly popular method for people to share content, as has Snapchat.  Whether brands have really cottoned on to the popularity of the latter just yet remains to be seen but the former is incredibly popular and has the highest engagement rate of any social media platform.

Of course there are many agencies who offer to find Instagram influencers for you, but hopefully Buzzsumo will offer an option to search these mediums in the future so you can search for them yourself as easily as Twitter influencers. 

With these being said, I believe your work efforts have received a boost of energy, so wlots of inspiration for your content!

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