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While their length made them less casual-friendly than dungeons in WoW are today, even a casual player should be able to make it at least into the occasional dungeon run. I was pointing him in the direction of quest objectives and even when he wasnt helping me kill the mobs, he was at least in the right area, looting and getting credit. 3 days is a bit short still for some schedules, but youre more likely to have at least a little while overlapping in that time period. As well, unlike DPS which has very little over-damage, healers can extend their mana bar by playing smarter and avoiding overheal. In other words, you will be playing the game without actually playing it. Make sure they have a working keyboard and 2-button mouse, a good monitor, and a machine that will run the game smoothly. Having a mouse that moves smoothly and provides both a right- and left-click can make all the difference between a pleasant experience and a frustrating one. Having you there to remind them and provide small, insightful tips will go a long way towards making their gaming experience an enjoyable one. Granted, this idea can backfire if all of a sudden your child is having more fun creating characters than playing the game, as has been the case with both kids when playing the Wii. While you may have dreams of one day swooping down and ganking the opposite faction with your youngling, put those dreams on the shelf for now and fashion an environment that allows your child to decide if they even like the game before they have to deal with being killed by other players. The game has the potential to frustrate easily if your child cant understand the objectives, or if they somehow get stuck behind some boxes and cant get out. For Tus, this changed the game completely. WoW is a huge game to begin with and its easy to get lost. Ranged attackers will have to take into account travel time for their attacks and make sure there isnt another target in the way that may get hit instead. They offer the best prices, the best tips and the easiest way to make gold. Im not talking about gold or heirloom gear (not bad things to do necessarily, though heirlooms can trivialize what may be an important part of the leveling process for a young, new player). WoW shares many wow gold of its features with previously launched games. Earlier Id mentioned it might be advantageous to repeatedly remind them about the map and quest tracker features. Basically, its up to you as a parent or guardian when you think your children are mature enough to handle some of the things they might see in group/general chat. Simply right-click the chat pane tab and select Settings. That said, places like Scarlet Monastery and Dire Maul already pulled this off very well in the past, so I have faith in Blizzard being able to get this right. Though this suggestion may seem like an obvious one, I feel it is worth mentioning. Q: (Alex Kalinauckas - Autosport) Max, you said at the start of Q3 that that first lap didnt feel amazing, this was all about getting the references back and obviously you went quite a lot faster on the second lap, so what did you do differently once youd got your eye back in? Ones built later seem to exhibit a lot more craftsmanship from the designers, which is nice. He stealthed through the next zone and into the one beyond where he encountered mobs more than twenty levels his senior. The fact he could go completely invisible and hide from hostile mobs was the coolest thing ever, and this became his sole focus. I suggest a two-button mouse because of the fact Ive seen how difficult using a MagicMouse or trackpad can be for a first-time player. Let them ask you what that other player is doing standing behind three pets, one of which seems to be fighting another pet. Thats why I suggest letting them ask you how that other player was able to pull out a mining pick and extract the chunk of metal that was sticking out from the side of the cliff. If youre not an active player, it can be hard to figure out whether or not right now is a good time to return. Herbalism gives you a way to rapidly regain health, which is good for all players, especially those who have a hard time surviving. But that raises a question: when is a good time to allow them access to in-game communication channels?

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