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6 Tricks To Make Your Homemade Bag Amazing


If you are investing your energy and time into some sewing project as a beginner then the first outcome you want from that project is to make it last longer. The project must be strong enough and neat enough to show your skills to the sewing community. Your best basic sewing machine must be up to the mark and the stitching quality should not bother you.


We are going to tell you about some of the tricks which can help you with sewing a bag that can last for a long time and you will be proud of this project.


Thick Thread:


If your fabric is up to the mark and even if you are using quality hardware but the thread is weak then your project is going to be weak no matter what you use. The thread is responsible for gathering the material of the project at one place and if the thread is not strong then after sometime you will be able to see the loosing of thread and how things can start unwinding.


If you are sewing with heavy duty fabric then thick thread must be your first choice. You can also move towards the synthetic fiber which can take stress over itself. Always check out the content of the thread before you choose any thread for the project. This factor can play an important role in giving you suitable results out of the bag project.


Heavy Interfacing:


When you are sewing a strong bag for the long use then interfacing is one of the most important things to add up in the project. Interfacing is one of the most amazing and supportive parts of the project which can give long-term support to the fabric. At the time of sewing bag, you are required to attach heavy interfacing directly into the fabric to strengthen the thread and fabric at the same time.


If your fabric is not able to take heavy interfacing then you can try sew-in layers interfacing. This layer will be fixed in between the inner and outer layer of the fabric and it will provide the proper amount of thickness to the bag. You have to use sturdy thickness interfacing as well at the bottom of the bag to make sure that bag is able to handle the burden of the items inside it without damaging the fabric.


Heavy-Duty Fabric:


To prepare one of the classy bags and to make sure that this bag is going to survive for years, you need a strong nature fabric. The question of how you can identify which fabric is strong and which fabric is weak? First, you need to analyze the durability of the fabric based on the weight and fiber of it. You can go for the denim fabric in order to create the strongest bag possible.


When it comes to preparing the bag then I always prefer sewers to go for the synthetic fiber as compared to the natural one. Natural fiber fabric is not going to survive for a long time so you have to go for the strong and hard synthetic fabric for the great support and to create something durable for the long term use.




When you are using top rated sewing machines for beginners then always check out the needles according to the requirement of the project. You can’t use universal needles all the time as they are not suitable for the heavy and hard project. So while you are shopping for the material which may be required to prepare the high-quality handbag, you should always buy the pack of needles as well.


Check the needles before sewing


A lightweight needle is going to get the break in the middle of the stitching and it can create weak stitches for your project. To prepare the bag, you may need to choose the leather needles with a point. The point must be sharp enough to pierce through the leather and heavy-duty material as well as coated fabrics.


Stitching and Seams:


Another factor you should always look for while sewing a bag is to analyze the weak points of the project. For example, when you are sewing a bag from the heavy-duty material then seams are the most important part. In every project, seams are the most important thing to focus to make sure that every corner is connected strongly and at this point, fabric needs to be treated with love.


While sewing a seam, you should always go for the French seam, bound seam and flat fell seam while constructing a strong and heavy product. If stitching and seam are on point and you can feel that bag can handle the pressure then try by putting some things in it. Also, use different patterns like a triangle or square to make the seam and to strengthen the straps of the bag.




In order to maintain the quality standard of the bag, instead of going towards the cheap hardware, you need to choose the high-quality hardware. Never use thin and cheap hardware as it can mess with the quality stitching and after sometimes things will start losing their space.


When it comes to attaching the zippers and buttons then high-quality are preferred. Always go for the metal instead of choosing disposable and plastic zipper as it can’t survive for a long time in the heavy bags. If you are going to use the high-quality products then the stuff, stitching and every detail of the bag are going to look professional and it can boost up your career due to the skills.




This must be a challenge for every sewer to stitch a high-quality bag when they are just a beginner. You can complete this challenge if you are going to use all the high-quality stuff. You can read Which Are The Best Rated Sewing Machines For Beginners On The Market Today for more information on the sewing machines. Choosing the right project and then completing them successfully can boost the confidence and it can push you one step forward in loving your work.

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