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Must-Visit Shopping Malls in Islamabad




Islamabad is known for its rich vegetation and exclusive requirements of living. It was worked with an arrangement that has supplanted Karachi to turn into the capital of Pakistan. The city is known for its woods, Margalla slopes, and shopping centers. The shopping centers are places that offer its clients the most loved food brands, outlets, and Movie Theater in one spot. There are many options of plots for sale in Rawalpindi. It very well may be astonishing for you that shopping centers in Islamabad are utilized for blended purposes. A few shopping centers have private condos and land workplaces. These are where you can spend time with your loved ones.




This place is as rich as they come when it comes to history attached to a place. The rule of Mughals and Hindus has provided the place with a lot of folklore and a very rich folk culture. Saidpur village was set up in the year 1530 AD by a certain Mirza Fateh Ali. The city was first known as Fatehpur Baoli, later during the Akbar era, this place was gifted to Said Khan Gakhar for his services against Sher Shah Suri, and with this, the name of the village also changed to Saidpur, and that is the name by which we know this place today. The mughal emperor Jahangir once, during his visit to Kabul and was so impressed by the serenity of the place that he decided to mention the serenity of the place in his own biography, Tuzk-e-Jahangiri.




If you ever happen to visit the place, it is most likely that you would come across some temples. Those temples are a symbol of the civilization that was built by a Hindu ruler by the name of Man Singh who converted this place into a place of Hindu worship during the era of Mughal weakness. The Hindus of the region left the place during partition and thus left the temples stranded. These temples are kept intact as heritage sites by the Government as an effort to boost tourism.



Giga Mall


Renowned as the foremost shopping endpoints in Islamabad, Giga Mall bids numerous sorts and amenities to its guests. One of my favorite places to visit at weekends to hang out with my friends is Giga Mall. I have been visiting this place most often as it is a mixture of branded outlets, a large and delicious food court, and exciting playing areas for children. A Five-storey shopping mall situated at the World Trade Centre DHA phase II, Islamabad. If you’re looking for a home near the mall, then you need to check for a DHA Islamabad house for sale, so that everything the mall offers becomes a doorstep away. It is a family mall with an outlet of Carrefour and exciting state of the art zones for shopping. After an exhausting episode of shopping, you can have a variety of delicious foodstuffs. To the mall can entertain almost all kinds of guests and visitors, including local and international visitors, the mall has international brands of clothing and other accessories other than escalators, Wi-Fi, and a safe environment.


Centaurus Mall


The huge real estate advance offices, housing apartments, and an enormous mall called Centaurus Mall are renowned as one of the finest shopping centers. Centaurus Mall is situated on Jinnah Avenue, which is one of the biggest and most beautiful roads that interconnects with other famous roads. Besides home to a very prominent movement area for kids called Fun City, also boastful for shopping and meetup, the manifestation of numerous branded outlets.


Cineplex Cinema, in the shopping mall, is known for its best movie theater in Islamabad that screened the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood movies to entertain people. Cineplex Cinema delight movie viewers and attract thousands of people at the time release of new movies. The mall has many other surprises like a tremendous and a large food court offering many food varieties serving a diversity of delicacies. The mall is supported by many other facilities, including an enthusiastic prayer zone, wheelchairs to help the old and disabled, Wi-Fi and elevators.


Safa Gold Mall


If you are new and planning to visit someplace for a week or two, then Islamabad is the best place to visit. Are you visiting Islamabad for the first time? Then head over to Safa Gold Mall to adore a brand named shopping binge! Fun-filled entertainment events are also offered in the mall that can engage your family members that you will forget every bad thing of your life. Additionally, Safa Gold Mall bids a safe atmosphere for your children and family.


An exceptional activity zone has been intended for young children and youths in the mall. Different kinds of indoor rides and bowling areas are also present in the mall. Particular top food types have manifest this shopping mall with the display of lots of delicious food items for kids and children in the form of a large food court. Several branded outlets to fascinate girls and women have also adorned the beauty of the mall present near Margalla hills. The mall is located in Jinnah Super near Hill View Hotel Islamabad.




Thinking as an international tourist, a remote village in a country with such a bad international reputation might not be on my bucket list. For this very reason, the place had to be reformed to provide efficient transport and life facilities. Accessing this, the Capital Development Authority of Pakistan initiated a project aiming to convert this village into a modern day tourist attraction with the provision of necessary facilities. The local community benefited a lot by this project as heavy investment came in due to the ever-increasing tourism potential of the region. This project was initiated in 2006 and completed in 2008. The city has become one of the tourism hotspots of the area since then. The development of several other housing societies nearby has helped in building the necessary infrastructure of the region to sustain the area. Development schemes like DHA Islamabad, which are known for their quality housings, have played their part in the development process. If you are looking for a DHA Islamabad house for sale, then Gharbaar is the place for you. Any details regarding the housing facilities and the relevant procedures can be seen at Gharbaar. The housing details and in person help that is provided by the people at Gharbaar is truly exceptional.




Islamabad has a lot of offers to all the shopping addicts out there. In case you're hoping to get yourself a house that is not far away from any of these shopping centers, you should visit the property entry of Gharbaar.com. You can check commercial properties for sale in Rawalpindi. The site is at present posting probably the best facilities in the city, and immediately became one of the main property destinations. Those hoping to get comfortable Islamabad can track down the best convenience with only a couple of snaps and without issue.



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