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A Golf Sand Wedge For the Amateur Golfer

Whether you're new to the game or an experienced pro, one of the most important factors in determining your success is your golf sand wedge. Wedges and putters are normally brought out of the box less often than a full wedge but don't make the same mistake of assuming they're a seldom called for utility tool. In a typical competitive golf game, the wedge could account for well over half of all long shots. For that reason, having a good wedges setup is one of the keys to success with this great game.


To break it down to simple terms, a lob wedge starts with an over-the-top loft (high strike angle) and ends with a lower arc (low swing rate). A lob wedge should have decent height, high spin, and a relatively high bounce angle. The main problem is that these characteristics don't always come together very well. If you have the proper wedge type clubs and setup, you'll be able to generate some very nice distance, high spin, and solid contact.


But the best clubs in the world won't help you if you're not comfortable with your shot. One way to work on getting more comfortable with your shot is to focus on the feel of the club head as it makes contact with the ball. It's common for new golfers to focus on wrist set when approaching the ball. While wrist set is a good idea, most golfers who aren't used to hitting the ball at the correct angles will be doing things that cause their hands to rotate at the improper moment. A more traditional golf swing would result in the hands staying fairly still while the club head is rising toward the ball.


Most golfers get comfortable with chip shots and pitching wedges as they're already comfortable with their swing. But you should always mix up your shots. If you pitch your drives a lot, try to get a wedge to go about half the distance between your starting position and the fairway bunker. Doing this will give you different kinds of shots and keep you from getting too comfortable with one kind of stroke.


One way to start to mix up your shots is by changing the grip on your chipping wedge. A chipping wedge can have a very different feel than a pitching or paring wedge, so try switching back and forth between a traditional grip and a grip wedge. Some golfers use a lighter grip on their chipping wedge to add a bit of distance, while other golfers feel like they have more control over the ball with a lighter grip on their chipping wedge. Try switching back and forth as often as possible, and you might be surprised at how different your chipping shots can become.


Another way to experiment with new approaches is to change up the type of sand wedge you have in your bag. You can easily change up the grip by switching out your current fairway wood with a different type of wedge. There are many different types of wedges, including a high-loft, low-loft, and a half-moon or even a medallion sand wedge, so there's bound to be one that you enjoy more than the others.


You can also experiment with a few different types of sand wedges, including the following options: the double-side, half-moon, and milled wedge. The double-side sand wedge has two grooves that run parallel to each other. Half-moon and milled wedges have one grove running parallel to each other. The most common type of sand wedge used for the short game is the medallion, which features four grooves of varying heights.


All of these aspects are important for the amateur to familiarize him or herself with the game. The first step, then, is to find out which of these is the best for you and to practice with the various types of wedges until you find one you like. Once you know what type of sand wedge works best for you, it will be easier to focus on the mechanics of the swing itself. While most players agree that a good swing combines power with control, it is the swing itself that tends to be the issue, and it helps to know what makes a great swing, from a technical standpoint, before you try one out on the course. The right golf sand wedge can help your game in several ways, so it is important to find one you like and feel comfortable with as well.

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