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Controversial Topics for next Argumentative Essay Assignment - 2021


Wanna stir up a little bit of controversy? Only a little bit, I assure you. 

There are many cheap paper writing service are available on the internet.

See, that is the fun in argumentative essays. You can write about controversial topics and take whichever side that you want. No one can stop you as long as your arguments are valid.

But, the thing here is that you need the best topic to write the best essay. Argumentative essay topics are easy enough to find. But, you need to search a lot for the good ones.

So, I decided to do just that so that I could bring you the best topics at hand. I, for one, had to beg others to write essays for me. But you can try to write one on your own with these topics.

Here they are.



Topic #1: Animals in Zoos

Zoos are seen as a place of fun by many. You take kids there and they enjoy watching caged animals. Cool. Or is it?

Maybe it is not cool. Maybe it is not harmless fun. Maybe it is barbaric to keep those animals locked up in there. Remember, quarantine? Imagine how bad it is for those animals.


Topic #2: A New Subject

Ok, so imagine this.

Your school wants to teach a new mandatory subject and they want the students to decide.

Which subject will you choose and why? You can make a fun choice like pop culture movies or an interesting one like financial literacy.

You just need to have enough points to defend it.


Topic #3: Actors Payment

Actors are paid a lot. Like a lot. Like Robert Downey Jr. getting $20 million for his role and another $55 million from the film.

Now, the question is that maybe this is TOO MUCH. I mean people are starving and we have homeless people and no healthcare and student loans.

So, should RDJ get $75 million? 

You can also take help from the essay writer service.


Topic #4: Nuclear Weapons

Ah! To be or not to be, that is the question. Are these weapons a blessing or a curse?

On one hand, we don’t have World Wars anymore. On the other hand, so many countries in the world are at war. It’s just that they are using traditional weapons that we sell them.

Then we also have incidents like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Topic #5: Wealthy Nations

In this world, we have wealthy nations like us and then we have poor nations who cannot afford a lot of things that we can.

We have developed countries and underdeveloped countries.

Now, we all talk about the rich sharing their money with the poor so does that mean that wealthy nations should share their money with the poorer nations too?


Topic #6: Space Exploration

Elon Musk is all for it. But is it wise?

Can we ever find a planet that is as sustainable as the one we have right here?

Are we making a good effort or are we wasting our resources on a project that is not likely to bring us any results?

These are the questions that you need to answer. 

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Topic #7: Taxes on Junk Food

Yeah! We have a lot of taxes. But you know what we also have in plenty? Obesity.

Because of the very inexpensive junk food that is available EVERYWHERE. Healthy food is costly and unhealthy food isn’t and that is a crisis.

So, should we tax unhealthy food to improve the lives of our people?


Here are your topics.

These topics can help you get started on your controversy. And if they don’t get you started then an essay writing service will. Here is what you will have to do. 

Find such a service. Make sure that they are legit. Contact their customer support to get information.

Place an order and wait for your paper. That’s all. There is many essay writer service are available on the internet.







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