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Columbus, Ohio

For example, when I first found this series I loved it and promptly set about perusing many of your old blog posts where you talked about the books and/or your writing. I did a virtual blog tour last March, but Im not sure how much good that did and it took a lot of time to write all those posts. The posts are infrequent, but where else are you going to learn about history vending machines? I also have some other things going on. Thanks to Swift, Ive been able to let go that oppressive sense of, Oh, God, I should have cut back my roses by now! UPDATE: Still not finished, but I hope this looks okay to most of you now. And I still dont have a title for this one, not even a working title, which is somewhat disconcerting. The sleep and time-wasting are still a work in progress. Im back at work on my next Sebastian book (tentatively entitled Why Kill the Innocent), and the end is finally, finally within sight. You can click on the creators web links to see bigger versions of their pictures and to find out about their other work. It is feasible to do so on the Web. I usually make a book video for my books, even though I doubt anyone has ever watched one and bought the book because of it. And then, eventually, Ill be putting up the ebook of a novel I wrote several years ago but was never able to sell to New York because, even though lots of editors liked it, in the end they couldnt figure out how to market it. 2, we see a rerun of three years back, with Larry West versus Darold R. Stroud. Then we disappeared and headed back to the rescue ranch, while Kinky went off to run some errands before leaving tomorrow morning for his fifteen cities West Coast Tour with Little Jewford and Washington Ratso. A little after 11:00, my dear friend Maribeth, from Utopia, who we knew was coming out to visit us, arrived and after introductions to Kris and The Mineral Man, it was like we had been old friends who have known each other forever and there was a lot of laughter. My little Peanut is now just fine. I am in the process of revamping my website, but that is more because after eight years Im tired of looking at it myself, and because Google is being a pain (swallowing another rant here; if you dont have a special page for mobile devises, your sites ranking is now knocked way down on a Google search). I actually do eat healthily most days (the result of some twenty years of making the same resolution), and I exercise when my aching joints allow. I usually do make them, and theyre typically the same ones every year: eat healthily, exercise more, get more sleep, stop wasting time. Eat More. No, that doesnt sound right. You can click on the lower right corner to make it full screen. I have asked them to drop the price on What Angels Fear and run a Book Bub Ad right before the next books release. Im also looking forward to the release of WHERE THE DEAD LIE, coming in April. Its called Confessions of a Dead Romance Writer and Ill be the first to admit it is really . The first was an article in the Economist on the topic, arguing that investors are expecting misreading the past and expecting higher returns from equities than they should. The best bloggers are trendsetters and have an eye for new ideas. The certificate is stored in the filesystem after the DNS entries have been successfully validated. The options are plenty - you just have to choose which business opportunities you would like to promote. There are a lot of things one can like about this game, but I think everybody agrees that the gameplay is lacking. I read the other day that one should call them intentions--the theory being that relabeling them might make them less intimidating and help us feel less of a failure when we inevitably stumble. One thing I learned from our vet is that runts of the litter, when they hit 7-8, usually start having health problems. Its almost time for the leaves to start falling again and I never finished picking up last years! Do you make New Years resolutions? Another of my resolutions this year is to be better at keeping this blog. So another of my resolutions is to spoil her. Because suddenly there were all these people who CARED about ideas and wanted to THINK about them, and quite often talk about them with me.

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