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Some Questions That Are Asked By Random People to Gamers

Gaming is an activity where you spend your time trying to complete some tasks inside a virtual world. The gaming community has more than 2.5 million players all around the world and today we are going to answering some of the most common questions that many non-gamers have for gamers, so without further ado let’s get started.


Have You Ever Pretended To Be Sick To Get Out Of Something So You Could Play A Game?

 This is quite a funny question but it is worth it, as being a gamer, this is our signature move or you can say endgame move for getting out of something like our studies mostly or house chores or any other such things like that. If I talk about myself then I’ve been using that trick which is pretending to be sick since my childhood till now as they say never lose the kid in you. So I took it so seriously that I do it till now.

If we take a real-life game example like chess or some DOS Games, we have chess as a game that is related to life and known as a game of life which consists of playing moves and playing those moves carefully is the real deal. So talking about it for a purpose like getting out of something is the move you’re going to play and if you give any lame reasons for getting sick then it’s a check.

Try getting yourself out from that check by giving possible reasons that are valid or if not then make it valid. Make sure it’s only a check, not a checkmate. Chess is the game of tricks and moves use your tricks more precisely the more you use it the more you’ll have your advantage.

It was not just the answer to the question, it consisted of knowledge as well because what you’re doing in your life relates to chess and it’s a game.


If You Had To Marry The Video Game Character, Who Would It Be?

Well if that’s the case then we must be up for every game that cast a beautiful woman. Yes, it’s kind of a crazy question but asking such a question is not that bad it’s for fun right? Absolutely yeah. If we take any game as an example, not for any promotional purposes but as an example like The Last of Us which is one of the most demanding games today.

That game includes two female characters one is Ellie and the other is Abby. Ellie is the daughter of Joel and she’s also the most important character of that game and I would say yeah she’s pretty cool right? Getting married to a video game character is like planning to build a mansion while your wallet has zero bucks in it.

So this doesn’t make any sense but it is just a thought that comes to every person’s mind and it’s completely okay to ask such questions. We all have gone through this phase from our childhood and till now such thoughts come to our mind.


What Are The Events That Are Organized For Revealing The Game?

E3 is the world’s premier event for computer and video games and related products. Just like an exhibition for cars and other such events. E3 is organized every year for three consecutive and exciting days.   

Platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo reveal their games, for example, exclusive games for a specific console or revealing the games that are meant to be becoming the masterpiece in the coming years. E3 connects us all with both new and existing partners, industry executives, gamers, and social influencers.

 The last E3 happened in the year 2019. In 2020 it somehow canceled it was scheduled but was canceled later for some reason.

The E3 showcased the following games I am mentioning a few games which were revealed to the audience and won the hearts of them and are believed as the best games are following.

·         Cyberpunk 2077

·         Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

·         Halo infinite

·         Watch Dogs Legion

·         Blair Witch

·         Final Fantasy VII REMASTERED


What Is The Longest Amount Of Time You Have Sat Playing Games Non-Stop?

When you talk about playing games then there’s no limit for time or play count. The more you die the more you re-spawn that’s the slogan for us. There’s a record of a person playing games 135 hours straight. A sales manager from Sydney has broken the record for the longest videogame marathon by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for more than 135 hours.

If I talk about myself then I’m too young to die as doing something like that can harm you in such a way that it could cause death as well. There was an incident that happened, a man who died of excessive gaming. A 23-year guy tragically died in an internet cafe in Taiwan after playing the video game, for 23 hours straight. Police states that the man, whose family has a history of heart trouble, was probably exhausted by the cold weather and remaining seated for so long.

 Now there must be a question raised in your mind that how could he die by playing 23 hours straight while others made a world record by playing 135 hours straight then the answer is few people have that much capability to bear such radiations or if they have no disease at all. The person we’ve talked about who died, his family had a history of a disease and it all happened due to sitting in the same position for a very long time.


Have You Ever Wanted To Live In A World From A Game?  

Absolutely Yes, I’ve played few games from Disney and who doesn’t want to live in Disney World? I know even if in decades it’s not going to be possible so living in a regular life assuming like one day, I’ll be living in a world from a game is some sort of a new Hypothesis that every child does. And assuming you getting lost into your virtual world is the best experience one can ever have.

 So, buckle up we’re going to have a ride on a Lamborghini from Need for Speed, and yeah don’t forget to wear your seat belts.

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