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It's important to take into account the role of managers and how they fit within a company. In most organisations, there are at least two managers, often more. These can be positioned in various locations within the company or on a particular team. But in all cases, their main task is to execute the day-to-day administration functions needed by the company. To be successful, these managers will need to exhibit a good leadership style - one that ensures effective communication, effective supervision and effective direction. Some people have what they perceive as"soft" skills - qualities such as courtesy, patience and self-control. Others, however, have "hard" skills. These include the ability to make tough decisions, delegate responsibility and the ability to handle complex projects. Many people would like to enhance their hard skills but lack the training to bring them to the fore. There's no better time than now to examine what managers need to learn and get additional training. As the head of a large company, you're probably responsible for the daily running of your department. You probably also have a number of employees under your care. Some of them are in an upper management position, some in a lower management position and some are part-time staff. Some managers are full-time, some are part-time. The number of hours they work is dependent upon their level of employment and their workload. Whatever the role, you'll need to provide excellent management and supervisory skills to keep your department running smoothly. Having attended both casual and formal training classes in the past, I know what companies are searching for. In my experience, the candidates that emerge are usually those that have a fantastic knowledge of what employers are looking for, as well as having the ability to convey that knowledge effectively. But what about those who do not possess these skills? How can they improve their standing in the workplace? What can they do to get the career training that will increase their employability? The solution is simple. Supervisors need to have a course to enhance their abilities. This training should address communication and leadership skills. These two are the most important skills needed in a supervisor's job description. Communication ensures that everyone in an organisation understands what exactly is expected of them, what's required of them and how to attain it. Leadership encompasses having a vision for the company and its direction and creating an atmosphere where those inside it are motivated to achieve this vision. Supervisors need to be able to instill this in their employees so that they become willing and able to take responsibility for their own futures. If you as a manager do not have a vision for your own career, then why do other supervisors take the leap of responsibility for their own futures? By making yourself visible by attending seminars, conferences and training classes, you're making yourself much more sought-after. People are going to want to work with you because you're a leader. Communication and leadership can also be taught in an online or in the classroom training environment. Online learning is becoming more and more popular because it is flexible, convenient and very economical. Many internet training courses provide modules on leadership and communication as part of the program. When taking a class through a bricks and mortar establishment, you'll be forced to sit through lectures, participate in discussion groups and write articles. This all becomes very tedious and boring to the person trying to learn and absorb information. Lastly, supervisors need to know themselves well first before they could assess others. It's been noted in studies that the top leaders are self-assessing and self-prepared. There's absolutely not any doubt that self-awareness and preparation are the best way to be prepared for any challenge. The sooner supervisors can begin with their training, the better chance there is of them leading a team full of confidence and competence when they're called upon to be of service at some time or another.

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